Amigurumi: a special gift for babies

The birth of a baby is a very special moment where everyone thinks of entertaining the infant with gifts. Many people spend hours in front of shop windows or computers trying to find the perfect gift for the occasion.

However, it is not necessary to invest too much time or money in the acquisition of the gift, since, to give it greater value, you can make it yourself at home.

Certainly, this idea may not be good for you at first, but after seeing what you are capable of, you will be able to carry out any birth without problems and just using threads and needles.

knitted gifts

Weaving can be carried out in different ways, depending on the technique used. One of the most popular is crochet or crochet, which can be used to make different pieces, both for clothing and toys.

From yokes to cute booties, baby knit never goes out of style, perfect for making kids look prettier in their knit clothing. However, as we have mentioned before, toys can be created with the same technique.

Such is the case of amigurumis, a Japanese trend that focuses on weaving small dolls. Their shape can change depending on what you want to do, although they tend to be in the shape of animals such as bears, rabbits, cats or dogs. In the same way, you can also create some shapes such as food or plants.

Used materials

Because most of the time these little friends are knitted as gifts for children, the use of wool or cotton thread is maintained. Depending on the age of the infant, it is recommended that it be anti-allergic, avoiding possible problems with its proximity.

On the other hand, the thickness, color and texture are aspects that can vary depending on the type of material and the taste of each person. Also, it is important that you keep in mind that if the gift is not for a very young baby, you can use materials of different compositions such as acrylic or spandex.

Also, you should pay attention to the label of the thread that you are going to use, since it will be the one that tells you the number of the appropriate crochet needle to make the fabric. It is essential that you have the correct type of needle, to avoid holes between the stitches, which can be annoying and unsightly.

As for the filling, the amigurumis can carry almost anything, such as foam or silicone fiber, being similar to what any plush doll would carry. Likewise, the use of recycled fillings has begun to spread, although these may not be entirely suitable for the smallest and most sensitive children, making it necessary to take these aspects into account before using them. The weight and flexibility of the piece will depend on the filling.

Once all the parts have been woven, they are joined, taking into account that a wool needle, preferably a blunt point, and the thread used in the fabric will be used.

Similarly, weaving is traditionally done with spiral crochet, although it can be done with the two-needle technique or the use of chopsticks.

gift with meaning

The “Do it yourself” trend has spread a lot for several years, thanks to the fact that people value more the care placed in their own elaboration than in the prefabricated. It is well known that what is made by hand integrates elements such as effort, affection and emotion, so it could be a very appreciated gift.

On the other hand, other added values ​​are attributed to amigurumis. For the kawaii culture, to which they belong, amigurumis have a special meaning, because they believe that these little ones contain a soul and that being full of good wishes, they can become the most faithful companions for any baby.

In addition, this culture affirms that the small dolls keep in mind the values ​​of unconditional support, friendship and complicity that facilitate the connection of the baby with the toy, quickly making it his best friend.

Creation of the amigurumi

Many may think that these little dolls are difficult to make, but nothing is further from the truth. In general, you just have to learn to make the right turns with the needle, since the same stitch is repeated over and over again, except in the places where you have to increase or decrease, which are not a big problem either.

The instructions are very easy to follow, making the pieces of the doll one by one and then putting them together with the help of the wool needle. They are basic knowledge and you can put the color you want, being a gift that shows all the love and good wishes you have for the baby you are giving it to.

Also, on the Internet you can get all kinds of patterns, to make basic works such as a bear or a toad, medium works such as dolls or owls and more complicated figures and with details such as movie characters, animated series and children’s favorite characters..

Truth be told, this technique can be used for virtually any character, object, or food item, giving you plenty of room to work and let your imagination run wild with the gift you’re giving your child.

Do it yourself

Having the ability to create items isn’t something that happens overnight, so you can start practicing by doing small things first so you can level up little by little. Also, being gifts for babies, an amigurumi is original, charming and cheap.

Its composition does not make it dangerous for children from newborns, giving the little one a companion that can last for many years with good care.

On the other hand, it can be an easy toy to fix if it breaks, with just a few stitches it will be ready to continue playing. So show your love with this cute craft and surprise everyone with a very personal and special gift for the baby.

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