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What is the best Antonio Juan doll?

Since 1958, the family business Antonio Juan Dolls has established itself in the Spanish toy market as a benchmark in the production of dolls by hand, but always innovating to adapt to new trends. All this, maintaining the quality of its products and committed to the sustainability of resources. So, if you are looking for a national toy, made with the highest quality standards, we invite you to discover our selection of the best Antonio Juan dolls, a special gift for any child or collector.

1. Antonio Juan dolls 3369 Pipo Paseo

Precautions: Due to its size and weight, it is a doll recommended for play by girls over 4 years of age, always under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Main characteristics: If you want to make an online purchase to acquire the perfect gift for your daughter, Antonio Juan dolls, made in Spain, are one of the favorites thanks to their realistic features. La Pipo Paseo is a model that has blushing cheeks, painted eyebrows, eyelashes, black hair, brown eyes and has a body made of soft padding. His limbs and head have been designed in vinyl, which provides softness to the touch. The doll is 40 cm tall and weighs 1.44 kg. In addition, she comes equipped with an intricate outfit including a hat with a white pom-pom, booties and a matching coat, all knitted and matched. It also has a pacifier clip and you will receive it in its attractive original box.

Functionality: To maximize the play experience, the doll has joints in the legs, shoulders and head. He also babbles when his tummy is squeezed. The girl will be able to sleep with her, take her for a walk and spend many hours entertaining.

Educational value: It is an appropriate doll for games that involve role-playing, where girls can share the experiences of their family environment. In addition, it encourages the development of imagination and creativity.

Maintenance: You should avoid getting the doll’s body wet, as its filling could deteriorate with moisture.

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2. Antonio Juan Luna dolls lying down 3348

Precautions: It is not a toy recommended for children under 3 years of age, adult supervision is advisable.

Main features: The Luna doll has been made with realistic details in the vinyl skin, facial expressions and folds in the limbs to achieve a special, beautiful toy with an excellent value for money. Its size of 40 cm is manageable for children, as is its weight of 800 g. For its part, the soft and smooth body invites you to hug the doll to feel as if it were a real baby.

The included accessories enhance the play experience with clothes, a cushion and a scarf that baby Luna holds while sleeping.

Functionality: This toy can be the ideal birthday gift for a reborn doll collector, due to its physical characteristics. It is also a special toy for little ones who want to take care of a toy baby, change its clothes, cradle it and invent many fun games.

Educational value: With this doll, affection is promoted in children who create a special bond with Luna, at the same time that they develop skills such as socialization, responsibility for taking care of their belongings and knowing how to care for a delicate toy like this one.

Maintenance: It is advisable to wear light-colored clothes on the doll that do not fade, since the skin can absorb these pigments. To clean the body, it is recommended to use a soft and slightly damp cloth, avoiding the use of soaps, creams or wet wipes.

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3. Antonio Juan Dolls Rn Child Doll

Cautions: Parents should note that rubber bands, ties, and tags must be removed and disposed of before giving the toy to the child.

Main characteristics: One of the most interesting and attractive dolls to give away this Christmas is the 5063 model presented by this prestigious Spanish brand. It is a male doll with a size of 42 cm high and designed with all the realistic details so that it resembles a real child. Its entire body is made of high quality vinyl and is very soft to the touch. Likewise, he comes dressed in a set of blue clothes, suitable for a child, which includes: mittens, bootees, hat and dress. It also has a white blanket and a pacifier clip; all pieces are knitted and easy to wash.

Functionality: Thanks to its unstuffed body, the girl will be able to play freely with this doll. Also, since she has flexible joints, she will be able to move and dress him with ease, not only with the included clothes, but also with other clothes suitable for a newborn.

Educational value: This traditional toy encourages girls to imagine and play the role of mother or caregiver. It also helps foster the development of principles and values ​​in the home.

Maintenance: Although it is a doll that does not have padding or soft parts, care must be taken when cleaning it not to use strong or abrasive products.

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4. Antonio Juan Doll Baby Born Pipa 5036

Precautions: Its design is appropriate for children over 3 years of age.

Main characteristics: If you are looking for a reborn baby with a modern and very pretty outfit, the Pipa doll can be very original in this regard. His facial features as well as the appearance of his brown hair and dark eyes add to the realism in this toy. Therefore, it is more attractive to children and captivates the attention of people who are close to it.

This doll measures 42 cm and weighs 950 g, so it is more suitable for children over 3 years old who have more balance to carry it. Similarly, her entire body is made of silicone to give her postures more realism, so she can be seated and change the position of her limbs.

Functionality: It is a doll that can be collectible or become the inseparable companion of children. With a manageable weight and cute appearance, it is suitable for pretend play. In addition, its presentation inside a box, accommodated on the soft cushion, can also be used as a cradle or as a storage space to keep the doll in the best conditions.

Educational value: Role-playing and imitation games are the order of the day with this toy, reinforcing in the little ones their daily routine and everything around them, developing their imagination at all times.

Maintenance: The body of the doll can be washed with a cloth moistened with soapy water, avoiding rubbing the face vigorously because its features may be damaged.

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5. Antonio Juan dolls aj3378 nica Winter Flowers

Precautions: Adult supervision is advised during use, being appropriate for children over 3 years.

Main characteristics: It is a 40 cm doll with a soft body, handcrafted to take care of all the details that provide realism to its expressions. The outfit is very attractive and contemporary in design. In this sense, it consists of winter clothing with a flower print that combines pink with gray, a hat with a bow and matching booties.

Functionality: Not your typical hard toy baby doll that smells like rubber. It is a soft baby with a pleasant aroma that invites you to pamper it, offering a new way of playing with dolls. Therefore, the purchase of this model will be an investment in the childhood of the little ones, since it will allow them to play in a traditional way with a toy that looks like a real baby.

Educational value: With toys like this, children can imitate their family dynamics, strengthen emotional ties and learn to take care of their belongings. Similarly, they can develop social skills to play with other children by involving them in caring for their baby.

Maintenance: The movement of the arms and legs should not be forced, as they could tear, nor the head, because it can affect the seams that join it to the body of the doll.

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6. Antonio Juan Toneta Lullaby Realistic Doll Model AJ7030

Precautions: It is an appropriate toy for children over 3 years of age, with the restriction that it cannot get wet so as not to damage its mechanism.

Main characteristics: Toneta is a reborn doll, handcrafted with unique and realistic features to resemble a real baby, highlighting the shine in her eyes and lips. In addition to its well-detailed appearance, cute clothing and lullaby, this model features a 3-battery-powered voice mechanism for more interaction in games.

On the other hand, this is one of the cheapest models in our selection, representing an offer for all its qualities, professional finish and original design by Antonio Juan, a national company with export quality.

Functionality: The doll is sized and weighted for small children’s hands. Additionally, it has a pacifier that matches the doll’s pink outfit and when removed activates the voice mechanism to hear the toy baby’s babble.

Educational value: Using this doll encourages children’s creativity and imagination, in the development of imitation games and role-playing. These games are important for the emotional evolution of little ones who can express themselves through daily situations with the help of dolls like this one.

Maintenance: The doll should be kept away from direct sources of heat or cold, as they can deform the vinyl. Likewise, it is advisable not to apply perfume to the skin of the dolls, but you can perfume your clothes.

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7. Antonio Juan Newborn Blanket 5935044

Precautions: Its use is recommended for children over 3 years of age due to its weight and the details that deserve special care so as not to damage the doll.

Main characteristics: This doll measures 42 cm and weighs 950 g, aspects that define its maneuverability for the little ones. For its part, the detail of the facial expression and the texture of its skin improve the experience of use, since it resembles a real baby: soft and cuddly.

Regarding the clothes, we can say that she has a nice overalls, with a flower print and lace on the edges. On the other hand, the hair headband complements the outfit along with the decorated socks. The doll also comes with a pacifier and a soft blanket. In conclusion, it is a doll with good quality finishes and a delicate work on the eyelashes, eyebrows and glitter in the eyes.

Functionality: Some may find it old-fashioned to give a baby doll as a gift in the year 2022, but the reality is that children need to get rid of electronic devices and enjoy their childhood with traditional toys, but with a modern design. This is what the Antonio Juan brand offers: a nice toy that shows little ones that they are capable of taking care of a doll, changing her clothes, rocking her and much more.

Educational value: The symbolic games with this doll will help the child to strengthen his social knowledge, his learning about family dynamics and reflect the upbringing he receives at home, as well as the love and care that his parents give him.

Maintenance: It is advisable to moderate the use of the pacifier, since excessive abuse can cause wear on the lip gloss.

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8. Antonio Juan Daniela Reborn Doll with Toquilla 8155

Precautions: Adult supervision is recommended and that the toy is used by children over 3 years of age.

Main characteristics: The idea of ​​having a doll with characteristics so similar to those of a real baby has become a reality, thanks to a team of artisans who make Antonio Juan dolls by hand. In this case, the Daniela model has a manicure and pedicure very similar to those of a newborn, likewise the weight and measurements of the doll have been specially taken care of so that it resembles a baby. In this way, we have a reborn doll that measures 52 cm and weighs 1 kg 680 g.

Daniela is dressed in a pink knit outfit, combined with the hat and blanket, ready to receive all the care and pampering she needs.

Functionality: The Daniela doll can be a nice detail for a collector or the ideal gift for girls or boys who want to have a delicate baby in their hands, without running the risk of hurting it. Thus, their limbs can move to change position and adapt to different postures.

Educational value: Both girls and boys need symbolic games with dolls, to represent what they see at home, the way they are cared for or when they observe the care for their younger brother. For this reason, reborn dolls, such as Daniela, allow these social skills to be fostered in children through representative games.

Maintenance: Because it has a cloth body, it is not recommended to submerge the doll in water, so to clean it you can use a damp cloth and let it dry.

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9. Antonio Juan Doll RN Pipo W/Hair with Special Touch 5035

Precautions: This toy can be used by children from 3 years of age, since it must be treated with care so as not to damage their limbs or facial features.

Main features: Pipo is a doll with a realistic facial expression, measuring 42 cm and weighing 950 g. His clothes in blue are a nice outfit that matches the socks and hat. In addition, Pipo also comes with a pacifier and a soft blanket on which you can lie down. Another standout feature is that he has hair, which looks natural and thick. Similarly, the doll’s skin, made of vinyl, retains a texture very similar to a baby’s skin, with folds at the ends to increase realism.

Functionality: The size of the doll is manageable and its appearance is ideal to give a gift to a child who enjoys symbolic games, so you can play at changing his clothes, put him to bed or take him for a walk in the park. The doll can change its position and can also be bathed, since its body is all vinyl and has no mechanisms that can be damaged by contact with water.

Educational value: Playing with dolls helps children develop their language through imitation games, teaching them the words, repeating the songs they know are some of the activities that they can represent with this toy. We cannot fail to mention the importance of these games for the development of social skills in children, as well as the knowledge of their emotions.

Maintenance: Abrasive soaps or wet towels should not be used to clean the doll’s face. If desired, it can be washed with soapy water, remove excess water without rubbing and let dry.

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10. Antonio Juan dolls 4073 Luni doll

Precautions: It is a toy recommended for children over 2 years of age.

Main characteristics: Luni is a small and delicate doll, barely 26 cm long and weighing 320 g. Its skin has a special texture, since it is made of vinyl, so it closely resembles the real touch of a baby. Luni comes with her eyes closed to simulate a sleeping newborn baby, plus she’s only wearing a diaper and covered in a soft pink swaddle.

This model highlights all the realistic details in the body and facial expression, such as eyelashes and lip gloss, increasing its appeal to reborn doll collectors.

Functionality: It is a sleeping baby toy, with particular features of a newborn, whose size and weight make it appropriate for children two years and older. With the lullaby, the doll is covered to carry it and play with it as if it were a real baby.

Educational value: Symbolic games with dolls improve children’s social and emotional skills, practice their language and expand their vocabulary, as well as develop a sense of responsibility and empathy to care for the sleeping baby.

Maintenance: It is advisable to use a damp cloth to clean the doll’s face, if it gets dirty, avoiding rubbing or using wet towels, since the alcohol in these can damage the face paint.

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