Ball games

One way to improve psychomotricity in children, foster camaraderie and team participation is through ball games; not only because they are diverse, but also because they adapt to the area where you organize them and the age of the infants. The main thing is to arouse interest and make your practice fun.

The child’s social interaction begins in his games, of course, games where he shares with other little ones and can consolidate bonds of companionship and friendship. You might think that the most effective and popular way to get several children together in an instant is to bounce the ball, as they appear by magic. But, it’s up to our creativity to really grab their attention or let that initial excitement wear off.

A children’s ball is a good start to awaken in them the desire to participate in an afternoon of fun that allows them to discharge their energy. In addition, it is an entertaining way to improve your physical condition and reduce hours of television and video games, since practicing ball sports could be just as entertaining or more entertaining than sitting in front of a console.

Among the interesting proposals that can be made by children four years and older, we can find:

1. Catch the ball

For this game, if the participants are not very big, you should look for a light plastic ball. The execution is simple, you have to draw a circle on the ground and make all the players enter it. Afterwards, one must get out of the circle and run around it. Then he will have to shout the name of another participant and throw the ball as high as he can; the aforementioned boy must catch it before it hits the ground, otherwise he is eliminated in that round. The last one who has the ball and is inside the circle wins.

2. Ball relay

This is one of the easiest outdoor games to play. To do this, form the children in two rows of the same number and place them at a starting point. Also, you must establish another point where they should go and return bouncing the ball. The first in line start who must make the route and deliver the ball to the next participant. The team that completes the route first will win.

3. Pass the ball game

You can do this game at home, since it does not require a large space for its execution. For which, you must place all the participants in a row standing with their legs open. The first in line must pass the ball to the second below the legs, and so on until the ball reaches the last, at which point everyone must crouch down and the one with the ball must pass over everyone by opening their legs and stepping on both sides.

4. Run, run

It is another easy game for young children, as it only requires a small ball, such as tennis, and some ties or straps to hold. First, prepare a free route or with obstacles, depending on the degree of difficulty you want to implement. Then, you will have to separate the children two by two, place them on their backs holding each pair by the waist. You place the ball between the backs of each pair, in the small indentation at the end of the back. This way they will have to follow the traced route, without dropping the ball. If it falls they must start over. The couple that completes the course first wins.

5. Chase ping pong balls

A good alternative to excite children are colored ball games. For this effect, you can paint ping pong balls. Also, to put it into practice you should give each participant a small plastic cup and a bag. Take the ping pong balls, as many as you can gather in your hands, and put them to bounce at the same time, the goal is for the children to catch the balls with the glass. Thus, whoever takes them with their hands will be disqualified. Whoever has the most balls in the bag at the end wins. On the other hand, if you want to increase the degree of difficulty, you can ask that colors not be repeated.

A variant is to spread the ping pong balls on the ground and blindfold the children to make them pick up the balls and take them to a container established for each one. Whoever collects the most balls in their container wins. In this game there is no limit of participants, since it is one of the games for 3 people or more; even to entertain adults.

6. Hoop shooting

With this game you will be able to improve the pulse, the aim and the strength of the children. Necessary aspects for the practice of future sports activities . You will need a hoop larger than the ball or ball to use. If you don’t have a hoop, a cardboard box can do the same thing. You place the hoop or hold it at a safe distance depending on the age and strength of the children. Then, you form them in a line and each one makes a throw. You must previously establish the number of opportunities. Whoever hits the most times wins.

With the same box you can create other ball games, for example, giving the box to one of the children and throwing a ball into the air, if he catches it in the box without letting it fall he will win a prize.

Finally, it remains to be mentioned that there are multiple benefits that these games bring to children from an early age, since a ball is one of the most appropriate toys for 4-year -old children, since it not only promotes motor and cognitive development, but also positively influences their interaction and communication with other individuals, improving their social skills and, therefore, the formation of their self-esteem.

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