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What is the best Bellies doll?

The Bellyville Bellies are dolls that have revolutionized the world of toys, as they have unique designs, interactive features and many accessories to play for hours. For that reason, and because of their popularity among children, it is worth knowing them in order to choose the best gift for the little ones.

1. The Bellies Muak-Muak Interactive doll for children

Precautions: As it has electronic components, this toy is recommended for children 3 years and older, as children under this age tend to be more careless.

Main characteristics: Giving a Belly for a birthday can be a good idea for young children who enjoy playing with dolls. In this case, the Muak-Muak model is suitable for them, since it has an approximate size of 17 centimeters and a weight of 300 grams to be easy and comfortable to use. When you open the package, you will find a Belly with a very striking design, a bottle, a pacifier, a blanket and a “poopypedia”. The little ones will be able to interact with the toy and have fun with it for many hours.

Functionality: After placing the necessary batteries, you can then begin to explore each function that the Belly has. To start, you must remove the umbilical cord and, from that moment, a unique interactive experience begins, determined by the personality of the doll. You will hear its heartbeat, its babbling and if you bring another Belly close to Muak-Muak, the toys will be able to interact with each other. By consulting the “poopypedia” you can find all the care that the doll needs, such as the correct diaper change, for example. All these will be interesting aspects for children.

Educational value: By caring for the doll, little ones will be able to develop their empathy and cognitive skills such as better problem solving and better communication skills.

Maintenance: This doll does not require more maintenance than changing the batteries.

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2. The Bellies Mini Muak Color Pee Surprise

Precautions: Although the brand recommends its use from the age of 3, as long as there is parental supervision, younger children could use this model.

Main features: Those looking for a cheap but original gift could help themselves with this Belly Mini Muak, as it is quite similar to the large version of this model, but it has a lower price and works without the need for batteries. Unlike the large Bellies dolls, this product has a smaller size of approximately 12 centimeters. This, together with its lightness, makes it a suitable doll for small hands. Despite the difference in measurements, the toy still looks very similar to the original Muak-Muak model, as it has the same purple hair, along with its distinctive expression and freckles. To complement, the Belly comes with a small blue potty for babies to play with.

Functionality: Without the need for batteries, this toy can be used by unscrewing its head, filling the body with water and then, by squeezing its head, the Belly will have peed in colours.

Educational value: In addition to helping children develop their emotional intelligence, this doll can serve as an educational method for parents to teach their little ones to go to the bathroom.

Maintenance: It is not necessary to maintain this doll. You just need to keep it clean.

New Edition: Mini editions, like this one, are smaller versions of a larger model. In this case, the mini Muak is the “little sister”, as the brand says, of the Muak-Muak model.

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3. The Bellies From Bellyville Bibi-Buah Afro

Precautions: For a completely safe game, the use of this doll is recommended from 3 years old.

Main features: This offer from The Bellies is one of the most outstanding and this is probably due to its abundant mane. The doll has an adorable appearance, with freckles, a big smile and pink eyes, which contrast with her purple afro. Unlike other models of the brand, this one has enough hair to make hairstyles with the hair tie or simply place the comb included in the purchase. The product has dimensions of 7 x 11 x 17 cm and weighs 540 grams, so your little one’s new friend will be easy to hold and comfortable to play with.

Functionality: To start having fun, Bibi-Buah needs to have the required batteries to work. At the moment of removing the umbilical cord, you will begin to hear the heartbeat; an aspect that characterizes the Bellies dolls. Bibi-Buah will begin to interact with the child, speaking and showing her personality each time, which is unique and does not share with other models in the collection.

Educational value: By playing with a doll, children will begin to develop their social, cognitive and emotional skills. Empathy, the concept of self-image and communication are just some aspects that can be improved by playing this way.

Maintenance: To keep the toy in good condition, you should only clean it occasionally to avoid dust accumulation.

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4. The Bellies Bellie Beth Doll for Boys and Girls

Precautions: It is recommended that this toy be used by children from the age of 3 and with parental supervision, if possible.

Main Characteristics: Beth is an intellectual and that is why she has blue glasses that contrast with her hot pink hair, which is styled in a braid. In the same way, the green bottle, which is included with the product, also has a fun design of a smiley face with glasses. The toy has a height of 17 centimeters to be able to play comfortably and, additionally, it comes with a beautiful bow, a pacifier, her diaper and a purple outfit with her name. Her face has been made in great detail, so if you want to give a toy with excellent finishes as a Christmas gift, this could be a great option.

Functionality: Thanks to the “poopypedia” that comes with Beth you will be able to have a better idea of ​​how this cute toy works. With its batteries installed, this doll’s heart will begin to beat, so soon after, the child can start playing with her, listening to her babbles and interacting with the included accessories. If you have other Bellies nearby, Beth will be able to interact with them to add to the fun.

Educational value: Playing with dolls is one of the most beneficial activities for children, since taking care of them and taking on the role of a father figure allows children to develop their empathy and emotional intelligence, among other things.

Maintenance: It is only recommended to clean it occasionally and change its batteries when necessary.

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5. The Bellies Noni No Doll for Boys and Girls

Precautions: This toy is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Main features: When looking for a doll online to give away, you probably do not think that a grumpy baby is a good option. However, part of the charm of the Noni model is not exactly this. This doll’s adorable little face has pursed lips to complement her rosy cheeks and freckles. The product measures 17 centimeters, which is a good size for children and, in addition, it has two little bows on its head that make Noni No look very cute. Lastly, this model comes with a regular diaper and a special one with glitter, a lollipop and a pacifier.

Functionality: Like all the dolls in the Bellyville collection, this toy comes with a small operating guide that will guide the game effectively. Children, by removing the umbilical cord from this toy, will be able to hear Noni No babbling and hear her heartbeat. This product works with AAA batteries which, fortunately, are included in the package.

Educational value: In addition to learning the things that play with dolls brings, such as the development of communication and cognitive skills. Baby Noni’s expression There can be an opportunity for parents to teach about managing emotions, for example.

Maintenance: In addition to keeping the toy clean and with batteries, it is only necessary to keep the accessories organized.

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6. The Bellies Mimi-Miao interactive doll for children

Precautions: The brand suggests that the use of this doll is for children 3 years old or older up to approximately 8 years old.

Main characteristics: Mimi-Miao is a doll that could enchant any child who comes across it, as it is a very cute baby for little ones to play with. Her appearance is characterized by her reddish hair, her pink eyes and a beautiful smile with two protruding teeth. This 17-centimeter toy comes with a variety of accessories to play by interacting with different things, such as a green bottle, a blanket, the baby’s diaper and a purple glitter pacifier.

Functionality: The batteries of this toy are included in the purchase, therefore, the product will work from the moment it arrives home. Before playing, children will be able to see the “Poopypedia” and know what care the doll needs. As usual with Bellies, Mimi-Miao’s heartbeat can be heard when her umbilical cord is removed, and immediately afterward, the baby will start speaking her own language and displaying her personality.

Educational value: When playing with this doll, children will take on the role of a parent and that will allow them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and see everything from a new perspective. Emotional, social and cognitive development will benefit from this.

Maintenance: It is recommended to clean it occasionally so that it does not accumulate dust and, in addition, to change the batteries when needed.

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7. The Bellies Queen Girls Doll

Precautions: The brand recommends the use of this doll for children 3 years and older. However, considering the glitter play, it might be better used by older kids.

Main characteristics: This, in short, is one of the most striking dolls of 2022, since it is almost impossible not to notice its characteristics. Blinky Queen has been crowned the queen doll, so it is understandable that it is a totally unique model and different from the others. For that reason, this baby has pink skin and a completely shiny body. This shade is complemented by turquoise hair and a beautiful golden crown that demonstrates her reign. The toy comes with a blanket and also has a cute rattle.

Functionality: Blinky Queen works just like all the Bellies dolls in this collection, that is, her heart beats after the umbilical cord is removed, she begins to speak in her own language and, when put together with other Bellies, this doll will be able to interact with them. However, something extra that this toy brings is a rattle that can be filled with glitter so that, when you shake it, everything fills with glitter.

Educational value: Children will be able to learn about colors, stimulate their senses, develop cognitive skills and begin to strengthen the foundations of their emotional development through affective play.

Maintenance: If you want to continue playing with glitter, it will be necessary to ensure that the rattle always has enough. Other than this, the doll will only need to be cleaned occasionally.

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8. The Bellies Sleepy Guzzz Famosa 700015316

Precautions: To avoid accidents, it is recommended that this doll be used by children 3 years and older, with the company of an adult.

Key Features: If you’re looking for an eye-catching toy, this might be the best choice. Unlike most Bellies, smiling and awake, Sleepy Guzzz has a sleepy expression that makes her stand out, as she is very cute. This baby has a height of 17 centimeters and, thanks to her light weight, playing with her will not be an effort. The toy comes with a green blanket with stars, a pacifier, a blue diaper and also has a striped sleeping hat with a pink pompom on the end.

Functionality: If you are an expert in Bellies dolls, then you will easily know what to do. Remove the umbilical cord, listen to its heartbeat through the speaker on its chest, and wait for the little toy to start yawning and babbling. If you’re not sure what to do, the included “Poopypedia” will serve as a guide to how to use the toy.

Educational value: Spending time with a doll like this could teach children things related to socialization and empathy.

Maintenance: To take care of your little one, it is recommended to clean the blanket and the hat from time to time, as the fabric could easily get dirty from handling.

New Edition: This product is a limited edition model, so it is worth considering if you want to have the complete collection of Bellies.

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9. The Bellies Mini Cute Sunsurprise Baby Doll

Precautions: For its use to be always safe and risk-free, it is a toy recommended for children 3 years and older.

Main Characteristics: Cute Sunsurprise is a baby who has a caring personality and loves kisses, so her cute face has her mouth in position to give a kiss. On her head, the little one has a pink and yellow bow that, if desired, can be covered with a striped beach hat. This piece has the name “The Bellies” next to a pineapple. However, the purchase comes with more accessories, as it also includes heart-shaped glasses, a pink diaper with glitter and a bottle. As it is a mini version, the toy has a height of only 12 centimeters, which makes it easy to carry.

Functionality: As it is not a doll that needs batteries, its operation is different from the large versions of the Bellies. In addition to being able to interact with her accessories, children will be able to take their baby out into the sun and, if she is not protected by the hat, lots of little red kisses will appear on her face. This is quite a special detail.

Educational value: The cognitive, social and emotional skills of any child will be working every time they play with this doll.

Maintenance: This toy, being made of plastic, does not require much maintenance, other than a little cleaning when necessary.

New Edition: This is a mini edition, which is offered as the little sister of one of the most well-known big dolls: “Kuki-Cute”

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10. The Bellies From Bellyville Beastie Frusty

Precautions: To play safely, the brand recommends that this toy be used by children 3 years and older.

Key Features: The Bellyville dolls might be kids’ best friends, but they also have friends in the form of pets. For that reason, this model features a little Beastie named Frusty. His appearance is quite striking, as it is completely multicolored and bright. In this case, the model combines the colors pink, yellow and turquoise in pastel shades. The 7-inch, lightweight doll comes with a necklace, a long, curved tail, bangs, two pink ears, a lollipop, and a yellow diaper. To learn more about this toy, the purchase includes the “Beastiepedia”, which brings information about the model.

Functionality: This toy has a different operation than the Bellies dolls and this makes it novel. To start using it, the child will have to look for the small bacteria that he has and remove it, and then shake it until there are no more. When you’re done, you can check the chip on the toy which will tell you what breed the doll is so you can give it a name.

Educational value: The little ones will be able to learn about colors, empathy, communication and much more when playing with this little character. These are the benefits that can be gained from playing with dolls.

Maintenance: To keep the toy in good condition, it is recommended to clean it from time to time to avoid dust.

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