Benefits and inconveniences of Muncas Reborn

Reborn dolls are not only used to play, but also to accompany therapeutic processes. With the help of a professional, these dolls can bring great benefits, but their incorrect use could also come with negative consequences. For that reason it is important to be informed and maximize the positive qualities of these products.

Despite being called dolls, Reborns are not like the models you can find in a toy store. In fact, they are not really considered toys, but works of art, due to all the effort involved in making them.

It is possible that you have never heard of them and this may be due to the fact that they are made for a very specific audience, however, although it could be said that Reborn dolls are not very famous, they have a great importance.

Currently, these dolls are used in different types of therapies to help parents whose children have already left home, patients with Alzheimer’s, autism and also parents who have lost their babies. However, they are also collector’s items for many fans who are looking for the best Reborn doll in the world.

Although they are therapeutic products and have received numerous positive reviews due to their effectiveness, these types of toys, like all things, have some negative aspects that should also be taken into account, especially if you want to purchase one of these dolls.

The good

As mentioned before, Reborn dolls are suitable toys to help many people psychologically, especially when they are going through a difficult time in their lives. 

parenting therapy

Many mental health professionals encourage their patients to incorporate these dolls in their grieving process for the death of a child and also when suffering from “empty nest syndrome”, a condition that many parents suffer when their children leave home. home definitely.

Dealing with the loneliness that either of these two situations brings can be difficult, but taking care of a Reborn baby can mitigate these feelings of sadness and pain. Through monitoring and studies, psychologists have been able to visualize how these types of patients have a simpler process when they have to overcome these experiences. Thanks to Reborn dolls, patients can have a baby very similar to a real one to care for, dress and bathe, which will not get sick or go away. This certainty that patients feel is one of the reasons why the use of these dolls is so successful.

Therapy for the elderly and people with Alzheimer’s

Having Alzheimer’s is a very lonely disease, as the patient begins to forget everything around him, to the point where he can erase his family and friends from his memory.

Those who suffer from this pathology will be able to find peace in a Reborn doll, as they will be able to form emotional bonds with these hyperreal toys as if they were real babies. Focusing on the care of the dolls could improve their symptoms, as they train their memory by taking care of the baby and, at the same time, they can feel useful without putting the real little ones at risk.

On top of that, Alzheimer’s patients tend to become more and more childlike as the disease progresses, so even if they don’t care for the doll like a real baby, they will be able to entertain themselves with the toy, which will undoubtedly help them emotionally.

Even the elderly who don’t have Alzheimer’s or senile dementia could benefit from these dolls, as they can more easily cope with loneliness, relive times spent with their children, or finally have the baby they didn’t have in their youth.

The bad

Nobody can deny that Reborn dolls inspire tenderness, as their hyper-realistic appearance is designed to look almost the same as a real baby. However, although they are quite adorable, it is necessary to take into account that their use can have negative consequences if it is given incorrectly.

Finding relief in the midst of grief is a rewarding feeling that the patient may become obsessed with obtaining; Therefore, if people use Reborn dolls without professional guidance, it is possible that they may become addicted to them. If this happens, patients will stop seeing these toys as a way to overcome their problems and will begin to depend on them in order to stay emotionally and psychologically stable.

The emotional stagnation derived from this addiction can plunge patients into a world of false happiness that can harm their reality. Also, it can make the duel that much more painful at the time of being forced to let go of the dolls.

What to take into account?

The fact that there may be negative consequences for the incorrect use of the dolls does not mean that they should be stopped. This only implies that it is necessary to inform yourself before acquiring one, in order to use them properly and avoid all unfavorable aspects.

1) It is a temporary process:

Those who use the dolls to deal with the loss of a child should keep in mind that although these dolls provide relief, they are designed for temporary therapeutic use. These should never replace the people who left, but help minimize the pain of grief.

2) Must be used under professional supervision:

Psychologists and psychiatrists will be the ones to decide that Reborn dolls are suitable for use therapeutically in certain clinical cases. This choice should not be made by anyone else, as using it without supervision could cause the risk of addiction.

3) They should not replace real interaction:

Dolls should never replace social interaction with real people, therefore it is necessary for patients to accompany the use of dolls with effective socialization.

Keeping these things in mind, it will be possible to obtain the benefits that Reborn dolls offer, since you will be able to use them correctly to avoid the negative aspects.

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