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Baby Bath Seats – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Baby bath time can be the most fun time of the day, but it can also be one of the most insecure if you don’t have the necessary supplies to keep your baby in one place. For this reason, there are bathtub seats for babies, chairs that adhere to the surface of the traditional bathtub with suction cups or anatomical seats that can be placed in the bathtub for babies, reducing the risk of tipping over. In this category we have selected several products, among them the Rotho Babydesign 20429022001 stands out, whose structure made of BPA-free polypropylene has been provided with a system of suction cups and non-slip areas, to enhance safety in the bathroom. On the other hand, there is the Safety 1st model 32110141which has an ergonomic backrest, swivel design and is suitable for babies from 6 months to 1 year or have a maximum weight of 10 kg.



Opinions on the best baby bath seats

You should know that each type of seat is indicated for a specific stage of the baby, anatomical seats are recommended for newborn babies, while chairs with suction cups are indicated for babies who already sit and maintain that position, so you will probably need to purchase more than one. That is why we have prepared this comparison with several products rated as the best baby bath seats of 2022, as we believe that one or more of these models will be a good investment for you.

Rotho Babydesign 20429022001

This is a baby bath seat designed with the purpose of giving children from 7 to 16 months a comfortable and safe support, in which they can sit while being bathed, without unexpectedly tipping over. This is due to the ergonomic design line of the structure, which highlights a spacious backrest and a pair of convenient armrests. Likewise, there is the system of suction cups arranged on the back of the base, which adhere to the tile or surface of the bathtub, to keep the seat in the same place.

With respect to the raw material used, the manufacturer used polypropylene with a robust body, a rigid, non-deformable plastic with a pleasant soft touch. In addition, this polymer is free of toxic substances such as BPA, being suitable for being in contact with the delicate skin of the infant. In this sense, there will be no risk of irritation.

Here, more details of an ergonomically designed and resistant baby bath seat.


Suction Cups: You won’t have to worry about unexpected slipping as suction cups are built into the base.

Supports: The child will be able to support his body comfortably, thanks to the armrests and the spacious backrest.

Cleaning: It is possible to wash the structure under the tap without damaging it, because it is a synthetic product.

BPA free: Its polypropylene body is safe to contact, because it is a BPA free material.


Storage: Being a robust and non-folding product, it will take up more space when stored.

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Safety 1st 32110141

With a swivel design and made of resistant plastic, this Safety 1st chair is a functional product that will be very useful for bathing your baby, reinforcing their safety by keeping them seated.

The seat has four independent suction cups at its base that adhere it firmly to the surface of the bathtub, and in the front part it has a ball that rotates to distract the little one during the bath.

Additionally, the ergonomic design of the backrest of the chair favors a correct posture in the child, making it easy to place and remove from the top. It should be noted that this model is available in different colors to choose the one you like best and its use is indicated for babies from 6 months and until they reach an approximate weight of 10 kg.

The 360° design of this product and the solidity of its structure are some of the reasons why several users consider it the best baby bath seat of the moment. Here we describe other of its main characteristics.


Design: The seat can rotate 360° on its own axis, so the baby can have fun spinning around safely.

Colours: Safety 1st offers this product in different colors so that you can choose the one that you consider according to the decoration of your bathroom or the gender of the baby.

Adherence: The four suction cups on the base of the chair allow a firm grip on the surface of the bathtub to give the seat greater stability.


Weight range: Some users claim that, although the manufacturer allows a maximum weight of 10 kg for this product, the seat is very fair for children who are below this range.

Grip: Another user says that the suction cups don’t hold on to plastic tubs, so they can’t use the seat in the baby’s tub, but in the family’s.

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Thermobaby 2195352

If you are looking for the best baby bath seat, it is likely that this product will be one of the first results, as it stands out for its fixed and spacious design to place babies without hurting them, and it is also in the cheapest category.

Due to its dimensions of 33 x 24 x 33 cm, this seat is recommended for babies from 7 months and until they reach a maximum weight of 13kg, since the resistant structure of this seat gives it the ability to be used for a long period of time. of extensive time.

To fix it, there are suction cups at the base of the seat that give it the necessary stability for the baby to sit safely, and to detach it you just have to pull the side bands provided for that purpose. In addition, in the front part it has three toys that serve as distraction elements.

Although it may seem easy to decide which baby bath seat to buy, it is always useful to know the pros and cons that characterize a particular model. Consequently, here we summarize the positive and negative aspects of the Thermobaby chair.


Suction cups: The suction cups at the base of the chair offer a firm and stable hold of the seat inside the bathtub and can then be removed by pulling the side bands that it incorporates.

Opening: The upper opening and the spaces for the legs of the babies are large, so there will be no risk of hurting the little one when sitting in or getting out of the chair.

Capacity: The resistant plastic construction gives the chair the capacity to support a maximum weight of 13 kg, thus extending its useful life.


Toys: The lack of mobility in the front pieces makes children less interested in playing with them.

Space: This model is not foldable, so a space must be provided for its storage.

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OKT Kids Anatomical Lounger

This seat with a lounger design is one of the most suitable for newborn babies, since its anatomical shape allows the baby to be bathed in a comfortable and safe position for both him and the caregiver.

The lounger can be placed in the baby’s bathtub or the family bathtub and it will be fixed very well because it has non-slip rubbers on its ends and suction cups that ensure its adherence to different surfaces, in this way it will not slip even when the floor of the bathtub is wet.

Regarding the size, this seat measures 52 x 18.5 x 21.5 cm so it can be used inside the bathtub, leaving enough space to bathe another child, in case you have more than one at home, always under adult supervision.

In addition to these characteristics, the OKT Kids chair has other aspects that you should know about and for this reason we differentiate the positives from the negatives, providing you with useful information for your purchase.


Design: The lounger shape allows the baby to lie down to be able to handle it during the bath more safely.

Non- slip: The legs have a non-slip coating and suction cups that allow a firm hold of the seat in the bathtub.

Colors: This model is available in different colors and with pretty prints that will serve to entertain the baby.


Size: Due to its dimensions, a mother affirms that the chair can be very fair for babies who are corpulent.

Inclination: Another user indicates that, due to the degree of inclination of the lounger, it is necessary to fill almost the entire bathtub to wet the baby. However, this can be solved by using a container, without using excess water.

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Vtech Aquasilla 2 in 1

If you are looking for a functional baby bath seat, you will be interested in this Vtech model, which will not only support the infant when bathing, but will also help in their sensory and motor development, thanks to its educational values..

All this is due to the fact that the structure has been equipped with an activity panel, which incorporates a frog that throws water, with which the child can interact. Also, with the push of a button, you can activate a total of 70 melodies, phrases and songs. In this way, the infant will be able to learn by playing outside and inside the water, since said game piece is removable.

On the other hand, there is the issue of manufacturing the product, for which resistant polymer was used, in order to support the child’s weight without deforming and lower suction cups, which adhere to the bathtub, preventing tipping.

Here are the pros and cons of a Vtech-sealed baby bath seat.


Suction cups: The suction cups at the base allow a secure fixation, so that slippage does not occur.

Educational value: With this seat the child will develop their senses, due to the built-in activity panel.

Usage: This is a functional product, which can be used as a bath chair or an educational toy.

Safety: By complying with European safety regulations, it is a reliable bathtub seat for children.


Batteries: The battery compartment does not have protection against water, so you must be careful when handling it.

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Jané 040517 C01

Esta silla de seguridad para la hora del baño presentada por Jané es un producto reconocido por muchos usuarios com el mejor asiento de bañera para bebés, pues está fabricado en plástico sólido y resistente que refuerzan su durabilidad.

Para sujetarse, el asiento cuenta con varias ventosas que le dan la firmeza necesaria para adherirse a la bañera y evitar volcamientos si el bebé está muy inquieto. Además, en la barra frontal tiene dos elementos que servirán de entretenimiento para el pequeño. Esta misma barra es el sistema de apertura de la silla con el que es más fácil colocar y sacar a los niños sin lastimar sus piernas.

Por su parte, el almacenamiento de la silla es muy sencillo, ya que se puede plegar para ocupar menos espacio. De esta manera, podrás llevarte el asiento a tus viajes para mantener la seguridad durante el baño del bebé aún cuando estén fuera de casa.

Jané se ha especializado en productos de puericultura que hacen más sencilla la vida de los padres y los bebés, por esa razón muchos usuarios la valoran como la mejor marca de asientos de bañera para bebés y, en consecuencia, presentamos los pros y contras de este modelo.


Apertura: El sistema de apertura frontal se acciona fácilmente con dos botones y permite introducir o retirar al bebé sin lastimarlo.

Fijación: Las ventosas de la base se adhieren con firmeza a la superficie de la bañera para evitar volcamientos.

Entretenimiento: Las conchas en la barra frontal sirven como distracción para el pequeño mientras se baña. No obstante, esto se puede complementar con algunos de los sets de juguetes de baño que ofrece Jané.

Traslado: El diseño plegable de la silla permite que el almacenamiento y traslado sea mucho más sencillo, especialmente porque es un producto ligero que pesa menos de 2 kg.


Tamaño: Por el tamaño de la silla no se puede colocar dentro de una bañera de bebé, así que debe usarse directamente en la bañera convencional o en el plato de la ducha.

Tigex Evolutivo

Otro producto versátil pensado para bebés recién nacidos y cuya utilidad se puede ampliar hasta los 2 años de edad es este modelo de Tigex, un sillón ajustable en altura y longitud para adaptarse al tamaño del pequeño y sus etapas de crecimiento, por esta razón está valorado por muchos usuarios como el mejor asiento de bañeras para bebés de relación calidad precio.

Es necesario destacar que este asiento tiene el diseño de una hamaca o tumbona, con una superficie lisa que no lastima la piel del bebé. Asimismo, el diseño ajustable de este asiento está determinado por la inclinación que se puede adaptar a la edad del niño: posición tumbado para los recién nacidos y sentado para los más grandes.

Además, en la entrepierna se puede cambiar el reglaje para que se ajuste al tamaño del bebé mientras esté usando la posición de acostado. En cuanto al ancho de la silla, este es amplio para ofrecer libertad de movimiento al pequeño sin lastimarse.

Este modelo es uno de los más baratos en nuestra selección, así que es necesario que conozcas los pros y contras que los usuarios han identificado en este producto.


Espacio: El ancho del asiento brinda espacio suficiente para que el bebé pueda moverse con libertad, sin que la madre pierda el control sobre él.

Ajustes: Los ajustes en altura y la entrepierna permiten adaptar el asiento al tamaño y edad del bebé, al mismo tiempo que posee un indicador de nivel de agua seguro para saber hasta dónde llenar la bañera.

Utilidad: Este asiento puede usarse desde el nacimiento del bebé hasta que cumpla dos años de edad o tenga el conocimiento necesario para permanecer sentado y tranquilo en la bañera.


Diseño: Este modelo está disponible en colores vibrante, pero no posee un estampado o motivo infantil que adorne el producto.

Superficie: Algunos usuarios creen que la superficie donde se apoya el bebé debería ser antideslizante, y lo destacan como un aspecto a mejorar.

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