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Baby Blankets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The blankets are one of those elements that cannot be missing among the things of the babies. Well, little ones are used to the comfortable environment they have inside their mothers, and exposure to environmental changes can be difficult to manage. For this reason, having a good blanket, soft, delicate and made with resistant materials will always be a suitable idea. In addition, it will be necessary to verify how many you will need, since there are times when one will not be enough. Due to this, there are packages that include more than one, in order to offer greater versatility. To help you, we have considered the opinion of users to present several outstanding models, among which it is worth mentioning the CuddleBug Swaddle-Safarithat comes in a pack of 4 units with fun jungle animal prints and is made of cotton muslin to offer maximum softness and comfort. On the other hand, there is the RegalPrix REGP-MNT120 that you can customize with photos of the little one or any special design to have a totally unique blanket to keep your baby warm.



Opinions on the best baby blankets

To help you choose the best blanket for your baby, we have made a comparison with the most popular products among customers, highlighting their main features, along with a summary of their pros and cons. All this in order for you to make a smart investment.

CuddleBug Swaddle-Safari

To start our list we have what users consider to be the best baby blanket: it is a pack of 4 blankets made with cotton muslin that is very soft and delicate in contact with the baby’s skin. It is also very breathable, which allows you to rest peacefully for longer. In addition, it does not contain any type of chemical compound in its manufacture that could harm the baby.

On the other hand, these types of blankets allow them to be moved from one place to another very easily, thus increasing their versatility of use. For example, you can keep them in the stroller, cover the baby at night if you have an outing, among others, because it has a functional size of 120 x 120 cm. In addition, they stand out for their beautiful design of jungle animals, totally unisex and versatile.

Some users claim that this model is the best baby blanket of the moment, so we detail below the aspects that distinguish it in its category.


Softness: It is a very soft blanket and, according to the manufacturer, as it is washed it becomes even softer.

Warranty: In order to avoid any type of non-conformity with the product, the manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty period.

Packaging: The blanket is factory-stored in a natural packaging that, at the same time, is recyclable.

Unisex: The print is completely unisex, so you can buy it for your baby regardless of gender.


Cold: Because they are so thin, they are perhaps not the most suitable blankets for when winter arrives and you need to leave the house.

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RegalPrix REGP-MNT120

The blanket devised by RegalPrix could be among the best baby blankets of 2022 for its remarkable personalized presentation. The manufacturer’s idea is that you can enjoy a product made for you with a unique design with the photographs you want.

This fleece blanket made of 100% polyester has approximate dimensions of 120 x 190 cm. As for the cleaning system, the manufacturer recommends that it be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30º.

In addition, it can be used at different times of the day for the protection of the baby, giving a close view of images that are characteristic of the family and with which, from an early age, they can feel identified.

Due to all these characteristics, it could be considered a gift of great emotional value for anyone, since it is an original and definitely functional option.

To find out if this is the blanket you need for your baby, there are very relevant aspects that can be compared through a summary of pros and cons, such as the one presented below.


Collage: It is possible to do it through the use of a free editor that the company makes available to its customers and in which they can add the photos they want to be printed on the blanket.

Temperature: The blanket provides adequate warmth for the baby, in order to always feel very comfortable.

Measurements: It has dimensions of 190 x 120 cm that make it suitable for different uses and become the child’s favorite blanket until they grow up.


Image quality: For good results, the image used must have a high resolution, otherwise it will look fuzzy.

Thickness: Although it is very soft, it seems to have little thickness for the preferences of some users.

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Zollner Hope

These muslin blankets are made of 100% cotton, the most appropriate material for any baby, especially a newborn. Its packaging includes 5 models with different designs for greater versatility: two with pretty star prints and the remaining three in sober colors such as white, blue and beige.

For greater resistance, each blanket is made with a weight of 135 g/m 2 and double fabric that supports daily use and constant washing, which represents a very relevant aspect when it comes to small children offering a longer lifespan. On the other hand, they are light and fresh, and can be used during the summer as a blanket, a delicate protector on any outing or as a cover for the seat of the stroller.

The number of blankets included and the quality of each one, as well as the price at which the entire pack is offered, make it stand out as the best value for money baby blanket for several customers who have opted for this product.

We know that it is not easy to decide which baby blanket to buy. Well, in this case we present this model that has several positive aspects, although we also list some negatives so that you can decide more easily and objectively.


Cleaning: They are resistant to the use of a washing machine with a temperature of up to 60º and, also, they admit a cycle in the dryer.

No harmful substances: The structure of the pieces does not include any type of substance that could cause harm to the baby.

Size: Their measurements of 70 x 70 cm make them suitable for all the uses you want to give them.


Smell: The factory smell can cause allergies in some babies, so it is recommended to wash them before using them.

Stains: Because the base color of three of the five blankets is white, they could become stained more easily than the rest of the colors.

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Playshoes 301700-2

In this case, it is a thick blanket, specific to keep babies warm and protected in cold weather. It is made of 100% polyester fabric that does not detract from the quality and softness of its structure.

One of the most relevant aspects is its price, since this model is one of the cheapest blankets of those presented in this comparison so far, making it possible to purchase it, both for personal use and as a gift.

The blanket has dimensions of 75 x 100 cm that make it suitable for covering the baby’s body from the very day it is born, giving it the ability to accompany it as it grows.

As for cleaning, it is capable of withstanding machine washing, as long as it is not carried out at a temperature higher than 30º. On the other hand, it will be better not to iron or subject it to the use of the dryer so as not to affect the structure or the softness of the fabric.

Within all the offer that the market presents, knowing the cheapest blankets will always be an action that will be appropriate to protect your budget. For this reason, we present the pros and cons of this model.


Design: The blanket includes an elegantly and delicately embroidered teddy bear to give the product a unique touch.

Finish: It is a blanket made with good materials and a first class finish that gives it more functional and aesthetic value.

Does not shed hair: Even if it is machine washed, the blanket does not expel the annoying hair that can occur with other brands.


Thickness: Although it keeps the baby warm, some people find it too thin.

Colors: It is only available in three different colors, which reduces the decision options.

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Lulando Minky

If you are looking for the best baby blanket, you can review Lulando’s proposal that innovates with this model. It is a reversible blanket that includes one side made of 100% cotton, while the other is made of very soft plush based on Minky fabric. In both cases, they are completely anti-allergic materials and suitable for contact with the baby’s delicate skin.

With this blanket you will have the possibility of simplifying the time you invest in cleaning it, since it can be machine washed and, in addition, it can be placed in the dryer without exceeding 800 revolutions per minute. You can also iron it, but only on the side that is made of cotton and at a maximum temperature of 110º.

All these characteristics give the possibility of using it in different places, such as the crib and the car. To preserve its design and quality it is best to keep it off the ground.

Know first-hand all the pros and cons of this blanket presented by Lulando, so that you can make an adequate comparison with other competing models and select the one that best suits your needs, since this manufacturer is emerging as the best brand of baby blankets, according to the opinion of users.


Measurements: It has dimensions of 80 x 100 cm that make it suitable for protecting babies.

Gift: The presentation of the product in its box is appropriate for a gift that will surely be highly valued.

Design: The manufacturer makes 21 different blanket designs available to the public so that you can select the one that best suits your tastes.


First wash: It is necessary to carry out a first wash before using it, as this will improve its softness and combat any strange odour.

Weight: It is a somewhat heavy blanket that is inconvenient to carry from one place to another.

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