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Baby Diapers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Since the birth of a baby is expected, or during its first 2 or 3 years of life, it is common for parents to feel concerned about the type of diaper that their child will use. And there are several fundamental aspects that must be assessed: size, quality of materials, support, level of absorption and comfort for the baby. Obviously, not all brands and models work the same for each child, therefore, it is better to have different options and thus validate which is the most convenient in each case. Among the ones that stand out the most on the market is  Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive  , which are comfortable, soft diapers with good absorption technology. In the same way, there are the  Bambo Nature that have a good weight range and efficient support that facilitates the baby’s movements, in addition to promoting the protection of the planet by being ecological.

Opinions on the best baby diapers

Although there are a wide variety of brands and models of baby diapers on the market, we have selected some of the most popular in the user community to describe their characteristics so that you can define if they are the right ones for the care of your little one.

dodot diapers

Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive

Among the cheapest diapers is this Dodot version that starts with size 0 for newborns until they reach 2.5 kg and after your baby completes his newborn stage he can use Dodot size 1 diapers.

One of the biggest concerns at this stage is the delicate navel area, which is why its design includes a specific cut to prevent damage. In turn, it contains a specific indicator to alert when the baby has peed and you can know when it is necessary to change the diaper.

On the other hand, you can choose between the different presentations of 48 Dodot diapers for size 0 and more than 200 units in other sizes, so you won’t have to make purchases every so often. For all this and other reasons, many users consider it the  best baby diaper.

Choosing among the cheapest models in a category does not have to be synonymous with using low-quality products. On this occasion, Dodot presents diapers with high absorption and good performance at the best price, according to the opinion of its most frequent users.


Absorption:  Internally it contains a soft absorbent layer that allows better control over bowel movements and keeps babies dry for longer.

Softness:  Its silky effect fabric gives the baby the softness that he needs in his most delicate areas.

Quality:  These diapers have been manufactured following high quality standards to ensure confidence and comfort for your baby.

Dirty diaper warning band:  It has a yellow warning band that changes to blue when the diaper is dirty and it is time to change it.


Design:  A user states that the design of the diaper should be improved so as not to cover the drawing with the Velcro tape, but this aspect does not affect its functionality.

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Ecological diapers

Bamboo Nature

Considered by several users as the best baby diapers of 2022, these ecological Bambo diapers have an innovative design that facilitates air circulation in the back area, which prevents moisture and irritation of this part of the skin. Similarly, its side bands are elastic, giving it greater freedom of movement and comfort to investigate and play.

They have a Maxi size suitable for children from 9 to 18 kg, allowing a long period of use. It is also a good investment, since it maintains a presentation of 60 units, giving you a respectable amount of product.

On the other hand, these ecological diapers are 75% biodegradable, taking only 7 years to decompose as opposed to the 300 years it takes for conventional disposable diapers. In addition, they have been manufactured with cellulose from Scandinavian forests that have responsible forest management.

Considered by some users as the best baby diaper of the moment, this Bambo model has some pros and cons that may catch your attention.


Smell: It has protection against odors, preventing it from being unpleasant after bowel movements.

Touch: They are very soft with the skin, delicately protecting the infant’s skin.

Fit: They fit properly to enhance and encourage your child’s mobility at every stage.


Thickness: For some people, this diaper is much thinner than normal, so they may worry about its efficiency.

Price increase: A user comments that this product has had a repeated price increase, which causes dissatisfaction.

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reusable diapers

Juicy Bumbles BAB-SET-001

If you are looking for the best baby diaper, it is best to take a look at this Juicy Bumbles model, since it is made up of a very complete kit of reusable diapers that will make your life easier.

To get you started there are 6 reusable cloth diapers, 6 bamboo inserts, 1 roll of 100 flushable bamboo liners, and a diaper carry bag with a convenient front pocket. This last element is designed to place dirty diapers, so that you can change them anywhere without problems.

In addition, it has the advantage of staying dry for a long time, since it has a 4-layer padding, keeping two of them on the outside made of bamboo and another two on the inside made of microfiber, which improves the absorption of moisture. diaper. They are hypoallergenic and soft on the skin of the little ones.

The pros and cons are an essential part of a product. For this reason, we have added the most interesting ones about this model below so that you can study them.


Adjustable: The size of the diaper is adjustable, so you can use it on both small and larger babies.

Design: They have a very striking and beautiful exterior design, making your child look good.

Savings: Being reusable, these diapers represent significant savings, because you will not spend as much money on this cleaning material.


Accidents: You should be careful when putting on this diaper, because if you don’t do it the right way, unpleasant accidents could happen.

Materials: The fabric of the diaper is made of synthetic materials, 100% polyester, and some parents believe that this material is not very soft.

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Moltex Diapers

Moltex Nature Snoopy

For years, Moltex diapers have been a quality benchmark for millions of parents, since their designs are capable of providing the absorption and perspiration necessary for the child to feel comfortable at any time of the day. Therefore, the position acquired by this model, made with a 100% ecological membrane, dermatologically approved and free of artificial aromas, is not surprising. 

In this sense, you will not have to worry about the generation of an allergic reaction or irritation in the baby’s delicate skin. The product has been put on sale in a presentation of 126 units, aimed at children weighing between three and six kilograms, which is considered ideal for newborns. 

The nappy has an elasticated waist and legs to provide a fully anatomical fit, which is complemented by the pair of side bands for quick and secure closure. In addition, aesthetically it incorporates the image of Snoopy, the character from the Charlie Brown comic strip, resulting attractive.

This is a product aimed at those who are looking for a comfortable, anatomical and highly absorbent diaper. More details below.


Size: This is a size two diaper, suitable for children between three and six kilograms, making it ideal for newborns.

Membrane: Ecological materials free of additives and completely sustainable were used for its manufacture.

Closure: On the sides you will find a pair of quick and secure adjustment bands, which facilitates its placement.

Content: With this product you will enjoy 126 diapers, so it is a very profitable presentation.


Fit: It is important that you check the leg area, as depending on the baby’s build, it could be a bit baggy or tight.

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Huggie Diapers

Huggies Ultra Comfort

For your baby who is already bigger, Huggies diapers make this line available in size 3 that covers from 4 to 9 Kg. In addition, as it is a monthly use package, you will have 168 diapers available, so you will not have to worry about having to make constant purchases.

It is worth noting that its design is anatomical, since it includes an elastic waist and greater slack in the legs. The latter is very important since at this stage the baby begins a process of greater energy and mobility, and the idea is to keep him protected and comfortable.

So far, users who have commented on their experience rate it as the best value for money baby diaper. Obviously, this occurs because it is a package with numerous units whose value reflects clear savings in the pockets of parents without diminishing quality.

One of the aspects that parents value is cost, and Huggies has clearly understood this, offering products with an efficient value for money, which is why many customers rate it as the best brand of baby diapers.


Absorption technology:  Thanks to the fact that Huggies specialists have incorporated Dry Touch technology, the diaper is capable of absorbing the liquid a few seconds after detecting it.

Comfort:  The anatomical design of this diaper offers greater comfort between the legs, since it is narrower in this area so that the baby can move better.

Colours:  The baby will be attracted to these diapers thanks to their beautiful engraved drawings that invite them to differentiate colors and shapes.


Thickness:  Some users believe that the diapers are a little thicker than other similar ones and, therefore, when dressing the baby, the bulk of the diaper is very noticeable.

Size:  Although it indicates that they are suitable for children up to 9 Kg, it is best to try the next size when your baby is close to that weight.

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diapers size 1

Pingo Newborn

Newborn babies are very sensitive to agents present in the environment, so you have to be very careful what products they are exposed to. In this case, these size 1 diapers are anti-allergic and fragrance-free, since they do not contain chlorine, PVC or added odors, allowing your child to use them without inconvenience.

In addition, its softness and absorption mean that you can say goodbye to the irritations and humidity of your child’s bottom, which will remain dry and protected for a long time.

Similarly, they are ecological diapers with 3 ecological quality certification seals, so you can use them without worrying about the environmental impact they will have. They also have a humidity indicator, which tells you when is the best time to change the diaper.

On the other hand, they come in two batches of 27 diapers, making you buy 54 diapers at the same time.

Praised by many users, these diapers have positive and negative aspects that you should know before deciding to buy.


Irritation: This product does not cause irritation to the baby’s skin, preventing it from staying moist and protecting it from any residue present in its diaper.

Aroma: It does not give off an unpleasant aroma, so you can use it without problems.

Comfort: Being so soft, these diapers allow your little one to be comfortable in their first stage of life.


Size: For some babies this diaper can be a little big, so you should have a slightly smaller size.

Quantity: A user comments that they are very good for when the child pees or poops a little, but when the quantity is increased, leaks begin to exist.

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Other products

Mama Bear Ultra Dry

Getting a diaper that adapts to the baby’s anatomy without sacrificing comfort or mobility is the main objective of Mama Bear, which is an Amazon brand.

It is a product made with a thin fabric, but with a high level of absorption. In addition, it has a pleasant touch and a convenient perspiration system through channels. In this way, the child will be cool, dry and protected 12 hours a day.

On the other hand, the presentation of the product consists of two packs of 80 diapers each, which gives a total of 160 units that have an approximate yield of 40 days. Each diaper is size six and is intended for children weighing 10 to 16 kilograms. However, this will depend on your anatomy as the leg and waist area may be a bit loose or tight.

With this diaper you will provide the child with protection and comfort for 12 consecutive hours. Next, we present its pros and cons.


Content: The package is made up of two packs of 80 diapers for a total of 160 units, so you don’t have to buy more for a while.

Absorption: You will not have to worry about spills, since the membrane used is absorbent enough.

Size: The diaper last has a size six cut for the 10 to 16 kilogram category, adapting to a wide group of children.

Perspiration: Thanks to the interior channel system, the child will stay cool at all times.


Fit: If the diaper is too tight, it could cause irritation, so you should keep an eye on its placement and size.

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Merries New Born

When the arrival of a new baby in the family is approaching, it is important to know which is the best diaper for your baby’s first days, because his skin is so delicate that protecting it will be your main priority.

In this case, we present the Japanese brand Merries, whose diapers from the New Born line are suitable for meeting the needs of children up to 5 Kg. Their preparation is aimed at offering a comfortable, lightweight product with good mobility so that the baby does not feel confined and restless. In turn, the interior is soft and delicate, with a gel cover that keeps the skin separated from pee, avoiding irritation.

It is worth noting that most of the raw material in this product is formulated based on natural products that offer better benefits such as cotton and a plant extract that protects the child’s skin.

Products can always have pros and cons that demonstrate their efficiency for some things and other aspects, which without being bad, are taken into account to determine your purchase. Next we will look at some of the Merries New Born diaper.


Inner cover: It is made of cotton, a highly recommended material for use in babies due to its high level of perspiration and delicacy.

Anatomy: The cuts and edges are made with the idea of ​​adapting to the shape of the baby’s body, thus allowing greater comfort and mobility.

Wetness indicator: Thanks to this, parents and caregivers will know when it is the right time to change the diaper and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Price: A user affirms that these diapers are expensive compared to other models, but they also recognize that the quality compensates the price.

Origin: Since it is a Japanese brand, many people may feel mistrust towards the product.

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baby diaper accessories

diaper container

Tomme Tippee Sangenic Tec

Being a very practical and easy-to-use item, this Tomme Tippee diaper container holds 28 diapers. Its closure system allows the smell to be sealed in seconds.

In addition, it favors that you do not have to get your hands dirty or make cumbersome movements, since the plunger on its lid helps you to insert the diaper into the container.

On the other hand, it is compact, so you can move it from one place to another without problems, allowing you to get rid of diapers without having to take them out inside your home.

It is also made with an antibacterial film that gets rid of germs properly.

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save diapers

Hooligans Bear

Once we acquire the baby’s diapers, it is important to store them in a safe and clean place, which allows us to quickly access them whenever we need them. In this sense, diaper guards are the best ally.

Proof of this is this product from the Gamberritos house, made with pink polyester fabric, which gives the piece a pleasantly soft touch.

In addition, it has a very attractive bear-shaped design, so it will also serve as a decorative element in the child’s room.

In the upper part it incorporates a hanger, the inner bag is spacious and in the front area you will have a couple of extra pockets.

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How to choose the best baby diaper

When you are expecting or already have a baby, one of the things that parents most worry about is having the right diapers for when the baby is born. And it is that, these articles are of first necessity, because they not only contain the waste of the little one, but also sanitize and avoid contamination around him. Likewise, these protect the child’s skin, since it is very delicate and there is even a risk of irritation and burns due to constant contact with liquid. If you need more information, we recommend reading the following guide to buying the best baby diaper, in which we summarize the aspects that you should consider before investing money in this type of product.

Shopping guide


In any comparison of baby diapers we have to evaluate the materials with which they are made, since it will depend on these that the child does not suffer from allergies, rashes or any other skin complication. Previously, it was common to only find cloth diapers that guaranteed economy and few health risks, but since the appearance of disposable diapers in 1940 there has been a radical change in this aspect.

Disposable diapers are made with several layers of cellulose, some are made of polyester or sodium polyacrylate and the level of absorption depends on these materials. They also have a fabric exterior, usually polyethylene that allows better air circulation.

We must also be aware of the material of the elastics and the form of fastening, as this can also be a reason for skin injuries if they are not the most suitable. Nowadays, there are many options that include elements to take care of your baby, such as diapers with aloe vera, adjustable closures and even to use them as a swimsuit.

Size and fit

Another basic point to consider when choosing diapers for your baby is the size that he should use and the different variations that he has depending on the brand. When your child is born you should have several size 0 or newborn packages, but you should not buy an excessive amount because children grow very quickly.

You have to know that the size of the diaper is given by the weight of the child, and therefore you will have to buy them as your child gains kilos. Also, these items are designed to prevent leaks and therefore have elastics in the absorbent area and on the outside of it.

Not all diapers are properly attached to the child and the comfort and freedom that your child has to move depends a lot on this, in addition to avoiding leaks. If you do not know the size of your little one, it is best to try until you get the right one for him.


Among the factors that you must evaluate to know if a cheap diaper is also good for your baby, is its absorption, since during the first months of your child his stools will be liquid and therefore, the diaper must have a good absorbency to protect the baby’s skin from contact with them.

Likewise, you should check how the waste is distributed through the diaper, because by knowing this, you will see if your little one is exposed to any infection on the skin or on his genitals, especially if it is a newborn. This point is important, because the higher the humidity, the greater the exposure of the skin.

The type of absorption is different from day or night diapers, because during the day the child can be awake, playing and you will know if he needs a change. On the contrary, for the nights, an absorption of more than 8 hours is needed so that he and you can rest, yes, it is recommended to change it before taking it to sleep.


This is a fundamental aspect when buying a diaper, and if the economy is an important point for your family and you have more than one child, you should know that you can spend a lot on these items, since it is estimated that a child uses approximately 6,000 diapers throughout his childhood.

It should also be noted that some studies have shown that parents only see how much the diaper costs when they first buy or if they need to change brands, so large corporations take advantage of this to increase prices on larger sizes.

Also, you should not buy a large number of diapers, as children grow at an incredible rate, so if you buy many packages of one size, you will lose them and you will have to look for options, such as giving them away or selling them. Ideally, you should wait until he is about to be born and you know his weight to start shopping.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: My baby will be born soon. What diapers do you recommend for a newborn baby?

When babies are newborns, their skin is much more delicate than at any other time in life. Therefore, the diapers used in this stage must be of very good quality, with superior absorption capacity and a soft touch that is easily palpable.

They must also have good elasticity. It is a time when the largest amount of waste is presented in a liquid state and it must be ensured that it is well protected from any spill. However, it must be considered that this elasticity does not mistreat them.

Finally, it should be assessed that they have the appropriate cut in the waist area to avoid friction with the navel that is about to fall.

Q2: When should I change the baby’s diaper?

Parents, more than all first-timers, feel very insecure when it comes to changing the baby’s diaper. It is a normal issue that can be resolved with a guide, more or less common, of what should be done.

Well, there are two wastes that the body makes normally: feces and urine. In case the baby poops, the change must be executed immediately. When it comes to the second case, perhaps up to 2 or 3 times more can be left, all depending on the absorption capacity of the diaper. There are some models that have a color indicator that warns when the diaper has absorbed liquids and it is time to change it.

The matter here is simpler than it seems. The baby’s skin is quite delicate and must be kept clean, dry and cool. Therefore, the changes must revolve around ensuring that these three requirements are met.

Q3: What are baby in-water diapers?

These are diapers designed with the specific objective of serving on days when they go out to spend some time at the beach or in the pool and you want the baby to also enjoy bathing.

Its technology is to prevent the absorption of water and ensure that a correct retention of feces is carried out. There are two kinds: disposable and reusable. In the first case, it is a single use, as its name indicates. In the second, they can be used, washed and stored for the next outing. They tend to have more advantages over the former in that they are adjustable, quick-drying and highly breathable.

Q4: I am a new parent and I don’t know what sizes of baby diapers exist

The sizes can be obtained with one or another name depending on the brand. But, at a general level, it is about almost the same types, although the weight range that is dealt with varies a little.

There are diapers for premature babies, which is the first tier, and it is a specific type that not all babies need to use. Next, there are newborn diapers which is where most start.

The sizes of the diaper are directly related to the weight of the child, being common in Spain that most products of this type are classified in numbers according to the kg of the baby, since in this way the approximate weight range is specified. baby to wear a certain size: size 1 ranges from 3-6 kg, size 3 from 4-10 kg, size 4 for babies weighing between 9 and 15 kg, and so on up to size 6 in some cases.

How to use a baby diaper

Diapers are essential when having a baby. Moreover, parents often spend a large sum of money on these small items intended for the bowel movements of an infant. In this sense, we must point out that there are many parents who do not know how diapers are used, so we will leave you with a small guide below.

Make the right purchase

To start putting a diaper to good use, you must buy the right one. This aspect depends primarily on the size, the level of absorption and other features that you want to add such as the design. Analyze the options present in the market well and take into account the opinions of other users. But remember, not all babies are the same, so not all react the same. Dare to try some new brands.

Packaging Review

To ensure that the diapers come in perfect condition, you need to carefully check the condition of the package. Check if it has breakages, marks or damage, all of which may indicate that the product could be contaminated.

order your diapers

Placing the diapers that are ready for immediate use in a diaper box is a good strategy to always have them at hand, since you do not know what can happen. If you have sealed packages, we advise you to stack them in a single place, where you can go and take another package when you need it, keeping the entire area organized.

diaper change technique

The first thing is that

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