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Baby Hats – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The hats for babies, more than being an accessory to make them look pretty or cute at all times, represent a tool to protect their little heads from the cold. At birth they are mandatory, this is due to the change in temperature they experience when leaving the mother’s womb. But, they are also often used on the coldest days of fall and winter. That is why there are millions of models available in the market, so you have to carefully consider which one to choose. These must be soft, with anti-allergic and light fabric. It will also be necessary to consider the sizes and adaptability to their little heads. Here are a few options, starting with the Bestknit Chunky model., a very striking version for girls, handmade with thick cotton yarn. Likewise, the Xinantime Unisex, which is a hat and scarf set, soft and warm pieces that are capable of protecting the baby from the cold winter or when the air conditioning temperatures in any place are very low.



Opinions on the best baby hats

To keep your baby warm in autumn and winter, we suggest the following products that stand out in the category of baby hats for their beautiful designs and thick fabrics that conserve heat, and to be able to go out with the little one on cold days.

Bestknit Chunky

On this occasion, we will deal with this crochet model for girls presented by Bestknit, a very pretty version that includes a pair of ears at the top of the hat, a fold at the bottom with a horizontal knit, contrary to the vertical of the structure to give contrast, and a bow on one ear that gives it a very delicate and feminine touch. The bow is held up with a small sparkly rhinestone.

Many users are already cataloging it as the best baby hat because its fabric is very soft in contact with the skin and, being made of thick fabric, it protects a lot from the cold.

The shape of the hat also has a small level of stretch that makes it useful as the girl grows, achieving a natural fit without being tight. However, you can take advantage of the different sizes available from the manufacturer.

As a strategy to validate that this is the best baby hat of the moment, as announced by some users, we will review below a list of positive and negative aspects that were identified about this product.


Various colors: The color of the hat can be chosen according to the buyer’s taste, taking into consideration the 7 available options.

Ears: The ears placed on the hat for decorative purposes are shaped like pompoms, which gives the hat a more striking touch.

Gift: The utility of this hat makes it a good option to give as a gift.

Resistance: Thanks to the fact that the fabric is made by hand and the thread is thick, the piece can have a good period of useful life.


It is not unisex: The details of the hat only give possibilities to use it with girls.

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Xiantime Unisex

The comments of several users position this model as one of the best baby hats of 2022. One of the main reasons is that it is a set, which includes a comfortable hat and scarf to keep your baby warm on winter days.

The method used to make both articles is knitted, which makes them softer and has a better finish. This, obviously, will influence its durability and resistance over time.

As for the design used, there is the face of a friendly feline on the front of the hat, with little ears on both sides and a trim at the bottom that is done in a darker tone to increase the contrast of the garment. In the same way, the scarf is presented with a lighter color in the middle area and two darker color trims at the ends.

In addition to the above, many users also consider this to be the best brand of baby hats, so it will be better to back up that information with the following selection of pros and cons.


Protection: Babies will not only have coverage on their heads, but also on their necks, which can help prevent colds.

Unisex: The design of the hat and scarf allows it to be used by both males and females.

Colours: There is the possibility of choosing between 4 different types of colours.


Scarf: A user assures that the measurements given by the manufacturer are incorrect in the scarf, since it is much narrower.

Washing: It is necessary to do it by hand to prevent the fabric from being affected by the force that the washing machine prints in each cycle.

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Scrox Cotton

For the smallest of the house there are these Scrox hats that qualify among the cheapest models of those presented in our comparison. This fact is quite significant to help protect the economy of new parents.

Its measurements are suitable for use with a baby from when it is newborn until it reaches approximately 8 months. Due to this reason, it becomes useful for a good period of life of the baby.

As for the design, it is a version with horizontal stripes in which a base color alternates with white, achieving a very nice balance that makes it easy to use with various outfits.

In the upper part, it has a detail of two small ears and, in the lower part, it has a fold that adjusts to facilitate placement and fastening on children’s heads.

And, although it is in the category of the cheapest, it is worth identifying the characteristics that make this model stand out. For this reason, we present the following summary that is based on the comments that some users have issued about the product.


Thickness: The cotton fabric has the right thickness to be used on cold days, without suffering from excessive heat.

Gender: The variety of colors gives the possibility of using both boys and girls.

Details: In one corner, the hat has a small bear and a duck that give it a touch of tenderness.


Casual: The simplicity in the design makes it suitable for daily use only and not for special occasions.

Size: The manufacturer does not offer the possibility of choosing between a variety of sizes, it only refers to dimensions of 36 x 16 x 1 cm.

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TFXWERWS Christmas Design

For the most beautiful time of the year, this hat with a Christmas design stands out. Users who have purchased it emphasize that it is a good option to answer the question of which is the best baby hat.

This Christmas hat has been made entirely by hand, taking care that its details are pleasing to the eye and that it looks dedicated to the season, but also that they are made comfortable so that the baby can use it without any discomfort. At the top, a long braid is released that ends in a white wool pompom to give a more fun and original touch.

The colors chosen are the classic red and white, so it could be combined with the most colorful outfits of these dates and make a unique photo session, for example.

Another aspect that may be of interest is that the hat is warm enough to keep the baby well protected, especially when temperatures tend to drop at night.

If you still haven’t decided which baby hat to buy, a good option is to take the seasonal alternatives offered by manufacturers. For this reason, we will study below all the pros and cons of this beautiful Christmas model.


Elasticity: Without being excessive, the hat has an elastic band that allows it to fit snugly against the baby’s head without being too tight.

Washing: Can be done by hand or machine without worrying about the fabric shrinking.

Fabric: For a better finish, the manufacturer applies a crochet technique that makes the product more resistant and looks more beautiful with its classic design.


Age: The hat is only available for use with babies from 0 to 3 months of age, which reduces its versatility.

Humidity: A user has stated that the product arrived with a bit of a musty smell, however, she was able to solve it with a wash before the first use.

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Xinan time 1769

This model has been considered by users to be the best price-quality baby hat, since its structure is made of wool, knitted by hand, with very nice details that make it a good accessory for cold days, and its price it is totally affordable.

The hat, in terms of design, has a series of strips that are opposed to its base to give a representation in relief, which makes it more striking. In addition, in the highest part, it culminates in a wool pomp that gives it a very nice touch.

In relation to the measurements, it has the possibility of covering a diameter of between 40 and 50 cm, which gives babies more time to use as they grow. In the same way, there will be no worry that the hat will be too heavy for the little one’s head, since it barely reaches 28 g.

In any case, when choosing it is better to be able to count on all the positive and negative elements in order to carry out a more balanced selection and have the possibility of making a comparison with other models. Here is a summary for this product.


Adjustment: It can be placed on the baby’s head according to the measurements indicated by the manufacturer, without tightening it.

Colors: The user will have the possibility to choose between a variety of 6 colors, according to their preference.

Warm: The hat will keep the child’s head well protected on the coldest days.


Washing: Due to its delicate shape, it is best to wash it by hand with a mild detergent.

Snagging: Care must be taken that the thread openings on the hat do not get caught on any sharp objects.

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