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Baby Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Shoes are an important part of a person’s wardrobe, so several aspects should be considered when deciding which one to buy. But, talking about baby shoes can get a bit complicated, since you must verify the age and motor skills of the infant. There are a large number of alternatives on the market for children who do not yet know how to walk or who are in the process of learning to do so. However, the best thing is that, if you are thinking of buying shoes for your baby, make your choice wisely and analyze the best options for you and, obviously, the little one. That is why, in order to help you decide, we have created this comparison of the best shoes for babies, with models such as the Biomecanics 151157that has a flexible sole designed to facilitate the mobility of your child in each step. Or the Auxma Sneakers, being a shoe that is very easy to combine for different occasions due to its sporty design and available in different colors and sizes.



Opinions on the best baby shoes

Although it is true that many paediatricians and studies recommend that the baby spend more time barefoot to increase his sensory and exploratory capacity when he does not yet know how to walk, and that during learning walking barefoot improves motor skills and prevents flat feet, many parents consider the use of necessary shoes to go out, take a walk, combine clothes, among others. For this reason, we have selected several products that are among the best baby shoes of 2022 with functional designs according to the child’s age and motor development to explain their characteristics and help you in your purchase.

Biomechanics 151157

This product could well be considered as the best baby shoes due to the good user feedback and its specific features. To begin with, they have a striking appearance, with well-defined colors that facilitate their combination with clothing, so that it is very easy for you to dress your child. In addition, the external details show that it has a simple but stylish design, improving the image of your little one.

Likewise, its structure with a flexible rubber sole favors the movement of the foot, while giving it stability when walking, convenient for children to take their first steps with confidence and support.

These shoes also offer an extra 1 centimeter of height, keeping the heel flat to prevent tripping or twisting. It should be noted that this Biomecanics model has a velcro opening and closing system, which speeds up its placement.

With a sporty and totally unisex design coupled with the good comments from users, this product can be considered the best baby shoes of the moment, so we leave you its characteristics below.


Support: The shoe has a very good fit to the foot of the little ones, favoring that they can move freely.

Sole: It has a flexible sole, but it gives the shoe a lot of stability, so that the child can walk without problems.

Design: The shoe has a very nice and versatile design that can be easily combined, allowing your child to be comfortable at all times.

Insole: This product has an antibacterial and breathable insole that you can remove to facilitate the measurement of the baby’s shoe, since it is shaped like a foot to indicate the appropriate size.


Size: A user states that the size of the shoe is a bit small, so he ensures that if your child has a wide foot and a high instep, he will not be able to use this model.

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Auxma Sneakers

Being the best value for money baby shoes according to user comments, this product has some features that make it the occupant of our comparison. First of all, you should know that this shoe without a sole is suitable for babies who do not walk, as well as for those who are taking their first steps.

Similarly, the sneaker design favors its versatility for daily use, no matter what you wear, as they are very easy to combine for your comfort.

It should be noted that these shoes are covered in canvas, which makes cleaning with a damp cloth admissible without further care. For its part, the fastening system is by means of laces, allowing you to control the force with which the shoe is placed, improving the fit; which in turn prevents the infant from easily removing it.

This shoe could be the answer to which baby shoes to buy, as it has very good features that improve the appearance of your child, while providing comfort. So that you can analyze its specifications carefully, we will leave you some details below.


Presentation: The model maintains a very nice presentation, available in 5 colors, which makes it suitable for any baby, regardless of gender.

Price: This product has a fairly accessible market cost, facilitating its acquisition without needing a large budget.

Versatility: The design of the shoe makes it easy to combine with any casual or sports outfit that you put on the baby.


Size: These shoes have a large size, so you must be careful when choosing the size you want to purchase.

Use: Since they are soft-soled, these shoes are inappropriate for infants to walk outside the home, making their use somewhat limited.

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Amlaiworld Getting Started

When choosing shoes for your baby’s first steps, you should always look for the best ones, also taking care of your budget. Specifically, we can say that these Amlaiworld shoes are cheap and eye-catching, allowing a small investment to be made that improves the baby’s image by combining it with any type of clothing.

This shoe has a soft but warm sole, made with the same textile coating as the shoe, which helps protect your child from the cold while also providing a lot of comfort. As for the closure, it has laces that you can adapt to the size of the baby’s foot, controlling at all times the pressure exerted to hold the product.

In the same way, you can find sizes from 0 months to 2 years, so you can buy them according to the age of your baby. Likewise, they are shoes of good presence and with varied colors, making them an appropriate shoe for a girl or boy.

Among the cheapest products in this comparison you can find this Amlaiworld model, highlighted by different features that we summarize below for your analysis.


Temperature: It is a very warm shoe thanks to the soft lining material, with which you can keep your little one’s feet protected from the cold at any time.

Appearance: Its design is nice and casual, favoring your child’s wardrobe every time you put them on.

Colors: This model comes in different colors, so you can choose the color that suits you best to combine with your clothes.


Fabric: A user indicates that the fabric of the footwear can be rough and not pleasant to the touch, but for the rest of the users this is not a problem.

Sole: Being a shoe without a sole, it is not suitable for children who already walk, limiting its use to babies.

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Chicco TAGO

Chicco is a brand of baby products characterized by making children feel comfortable and parents happy. That is why, among the best baby shoes of 2022, a model of this brand could not be missing.

Their specifications position them as a convenient option, since they do not have an uncomfortable sole, adapting to the little ones who still do not walk or are in the initiation period.

Similarly, its fabric design makes it comfortable and warm shoes, designed to be at home, improving its protection. In addition, it has two presentations, a red checkered one with the image of a dog on the front and a blue one without details of another color and with a koala on the toecap, both of unisex designs.

Due to the trust and good feedback from users, Chicco could be considered as the best brand of baby shoes, improving the comfort and appearance of your child’s delicate feet. So that you can analyze this alternative, we leave you its characteristics below.


Sizing: This footwear has a wide variety of sizes, so you can purchase the one that best suits your needs.

Manufacturing: It is made of fabric, which makes it a very comfortable and warm shoe to protect your little one from the cold.

Motif: It features an eye-catching embroidery of an animal on the front of the shoe that children are sure to like and adds a distinctive touch to the shoe.


Fastening: This product maintains a velcro fastening system, making it possible for children to easily remove the shoe.

Price: Its market price is somewhat high, making its acquisition cost a little more than the investment that some people are willing to make.

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Yeahibaby Crochet

There are many options on the market that can make you wonder what are the best shoes for babies. However, you must consider that it will depend exclusively on what you are looking for in footwear for the comfort of your baby.

In the case of this Yeahibaby model, it is a shoe that is made by hand with crochet stitch, having a very simple, beautiful and very delicate finish that will make your baby stand out wherever he goes. In addition, its manufacturing material is wool thread, which is appropriate for children from birth, since it prevents allergies and is soft on the sensitive skin of babies.

Similarly, as they are made with knit, they are elastic ankle boots, so your little one will have plenty of room to move their feet, while keeping them away from the cold. Another important aspect is that their availability in different colors makes them suitable for girls and boys, adapting well and being easy to combine.

Woven shoes are a good option so that your baby can have freedom when moving their feet without being exposed to the cold outside, so we will leave you the details of this model so that you can view them carefully.


Material: These shoes are woven by hand with wool thread, which avoids any risk of allergies.

Protection: It is suitable footwear to protect your child’s feet, helping them to stay warm at all times.

Versatility: In addition to protecting you from the cold, this shoe is highly elastic and breathable, making it suitable for warmer climates as well.


Sole length: This product has a sole length of 10 cm, which is invariable, so you must take into account the measurement of your baby’s foot before deciding to buy it.

Color: The manufacturer does not specify the range of colors it has, apparently you have to contact him to find out what colors are available.

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