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Baby Towels – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When you have to acquire the elements for your baby’s bath, there are many things that you must take into account, for example, a soft and comfortable towel to dry your baby. In this sense, the Clevamama 2923 is a towel with an apron design that allows you to keep your hands free to properly carry your little one, available in 4 colours. On the other hand, you could also consider the Elli & Raff BIT164125 option, a baby towel that stands out among other products thanks to its unisex design. It comes in a set of two units and has a small hood integrated, while its size makes it comfortable to wear, presenting dimensions of 75 x 75 centimeters.


Opinions on the best baby towels

To dry your baby after the bath, we recommend you choose one of the towels that we present below in the comparison that we prepared, based on the opinions of other users who have rated the best baby towels of 2022.

Clevamama 2923

The towel is an important element when bathing your child, so you must have an option that protects him from the cold, allowing you to dry him properly and without being aggressive with his skin.

In this sense, we present this Clevamama model, rated by users as the best baby towel. Its 100% cotton composition makes it a smart choice, as it is delicate and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin from birth.

In addition, it can help you carry the little one comfortably because it works like an apron that you put on, keeping your hands free to attend to it. Likewise, this product is manufactured to prevent the cold from creeping in, so it has a hood at one of its ends, with a delicate bear embroidery on the outside of it, being beautiful and safe.

Also, it is important to mention that it has a size designed to efficiently cover from small babies to 4-year-olds, giving more value to your investment over time.

Taking into account the opinion of the users, this could well be the best baby towel of the moment, since it has some convenient features for the care of your little one, which we present to you below.


Fit: The neckbands feature a pair of snap buttons to improve grip and fit securely, allowing you to keep your hands free.

Cover: To adequately cover the baby, this towel incorporates a hood, designed to protect him from the cold, preventing him from catching a cold.

Drying: Thanks to the fact that it is made of a very absorbent material, it dries quickly and gently on your little one’s skin.

Colors: This model has a uniform combination and comes in different colors so you can choose the one you like best, depending on the sex of your child.


Thickness: A user states that the thickness of the towel is not what he expected. However, it is an isolated opinion and the rest of the clients highlight its absorption capacity.

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Elli & Raff BIT164125

From the Elli & Raff brand we present this set of baby towels with which you can dry your little one after bathing. They have a size of 75 x 75 centimeters and have a small hood, which will serve to support it by better wrapping the child. Also, by including two towels, it will allow you to always have one clean in case the other one gets dirty.

Evaluating their construction, both towels are made of 100% cotton fabric to better absorb water, as well as being able to be washed at home. They are white with a gray star print border. Thanks to this, they are unisex so you can use them or give them to boys and girls.

As for their maintenance at home, you should know that they can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of up to 40°C, allowing you to use hot water to get rid of germs and bacteria that can accumulate in the fabrics.

Having good towels at hand to dry your baby after the bath is something you could enjoy with this Elli & Raff product given its advantages:


Design: Elli & Raff baby towels are attractive, ergonomic and practical thanks to their hooded design.

Materials: They are made of cotton, so they will be able to absorb water easily.

Edge: The reinforced and stamped edge adds robustness so you can use them for a long time.

Washing: They can be machine washed at high temperatures, so it will be possible to clean them thoroughly.



Touch: The cotton finish can be a bit rough for some buyers’ taste, compared to other types of fibers. However, it fulfills its purpose properly as it is a thermal and absorbent material.

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BelleStyle Y-Hooded Towel

If you are looking for a practical and eye-catching towel for your baby that has a unisex style, the Y-Hooded Towel model from BelleStyle could interest you.

It is a product that stands out for its design, since it has an integrated hood with bear ears to give the towel a fun look. It has dimensions of 90 x 90 centimeters so that you can easily wrap the child and your purchase includes a practical smaller 20 x 20 centimeter towel with which you can dry your hands, feet and face.

Regarding the clothing, both pieces are made 100% with fibers obtained from organic bamboo, offering a high absorption rate to dry quickly after each bath session. In addition, they can be machine washed, so you can keep them clean and thus avoid stains and bad odors.

In case you have been interested in this option in baby towels, here we present its most relevant pros and cons:


Design: The design of the set is childish, fun, attractive and unisex to be enjoyed by boys and girls.

Confection: Its manufacture stands out for using 100% organic bamboo fibers, being pleasant to the touch and highly absorbent.

Towels: The purchase of the product includes two towels: one large and one small for the care of your baby.

Washing: Both towels can be machine washed, so you can maintain them at home.



Lint: Keep in mind that it can leave traces of lint that will go away little by little with the first washing sessions.

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Vston Shark Poncho

Trips to the beach will no longer be the same for your child with this Vston model, since, despite being one of the cheapest options, it has high quality that will leave you satisfied with your purchase.

First of all, its print maintains very bright colors, which makes it attract attention and be a lot of fun for your little one. In the same way, the hood in the shape of a shark’s head creates the illusion of coming out from within the animal, favoring your child’s imagination and fun.

On the other hand, its texture is soft and quickly absorbed, easily drying your little one’s body. In addition, its breathable microfiber fabric improves the drying time of the product once used or after washing.

This towel is recommended for children from 3 years of age, being possible to maintain its use until a long time later due to its high durability and its correct operation.

When you buy a product, the first thing you look for is that it has quality and a good price. That is why this model may be suitable for you, since it is one of the cheapest towels in this comparison and at the same time it has characteristics that enhance its quality; some of them you can see below.


Size: Although its presentation has a unique size, it is quite large so that it can be used for a long time.

Transfer: It is easy to handle and light weight, which allows it to be carried from one place to another without problems.

Appearance: The print and shape of the hood is shark, which is fun and eye-catching for little ones.


Material: This towel is made of 100% polyester and not cotton as indicated in the advertisement, according to some users.

Use: Although its use is recommended for children over 3 years of age, it is a remarkable option for use with babies.

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Cuddledry Apron

This product has a good number of positive comments from users who included it in the list of the best baby towels of 2022.

Among its most outstanding features is the design in the shape of an apron towel, which allows you to fit it well around the neck to be able to have your hands free and properly attend to your baby. In addition, it has a double layer system with a cap, to conveniently cover the infant’s head and prevent the passage of drafts.

On the other hand, and thanks to its manufacture in unbleached organic cotton and natural bamboo fiber, this product has a suitable softness to be delicate to the touch, improving treatment on sensitive skin such as that of a newborn. Likewise, these manufacturing elements provide natural antibacterial properties, preventing bacteria or fungi from adhering, giving you peace of mind by elevating the care of your child.

A practical and durable option is this towel from Cuddledry, created especially to help you bathe your baby even when you do not have support. Next, we present some of its most important features according to the comments of the users who have purchased it.


Dimensions: This towel is the right size to cover the baby’s entire body, which prevents the baby from being cold after bathing.

Durability: Being a high quality product, you can use it for years, being convenient to justify the investment.

Drying: It has an absorbent surface, which makes it easy to dry the skin without too much effort.


Softness: From user comments we can say that this product can lose softness as the washes go by, so care must be taken when doing them.

Price: This towel has a higher price in this comparison, which may affect its acquisition by users looking for a cheaper product.

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Little Tinkers World Elefante 3D

Entre las opciones más llamativas y comentadas por los usuarios tenemos este modelo Elefante 3D, el cual ha sido definido como la mejor toalla para bebé de relación calidad precio.

Su fabricación de 100% algodón permite tener un tacto grueso pero no pesado, además de la suavidad adecuada para tratar con la piel sensible de tu hijo. Aunado a ello, este producto presenta un diseño en la capucha de elefante en 3D, el cual hace que la hora del baño sea divertida y permitirá a tu pequeño entretenerse mientras lo secas.

Del mismo modo, esta toalla es muy absorbente, cuidando a tu bebé con cada uso, para que su piel no sufra daños o fricciones innecesarias. Otro detalle importante es que su tamaño es conveniente para seguir utilizándola por un buen tiempo, ya que es duradera y puede adaptarse a niños pequeños.

Little Tinkers World ha sido denominada por los usuarios como la mejor marca de toallas para bebé, especialmente por este modelo Elefante 3D, el cual posee particularidades especiales que definiremos a continuación.


Diseño: Presenta una capucha con diseño de elefante en 3D, permitiéndole diferenciarse de otras toallas de diseño básico.

Tejido: Se encuentra fabricada con un tejido de algodón que no se deshila ni forma pelusas, para que puedas utilizarla sin ninguna molestia.

Limpieza: Facilita el proceso de aseo, ya que puede introducirse en la lavadora y secadora sin perder su suavidad, ni deformar su tejido.


Superficie: A pesar de ser un producto fabricado en 100% algodón, no cuenta con la suavidad esperada por algunos usuarios, siendo un poco rugoso.

Color: Un usuario comenta que el gris de la toalla es un poco opaco y serio para ser un diseño infantil, recomendando que se utilice un color más llamativo.

Just Born 51325L

Al realizar un análisis específico de todas las alternativas que te da el mercado para conocer cuál es la mejor toalla para bebé, te recomendamos tomar en cuenta este modelo de Just Born, ya que presenta un conjunto de características adecuadas para su uso con los pequeños desde su nacimiento. Una de ellas es la facilidad que te dará para que puedas cubrir a tu bebé después de que tome su baño o cuando vayan a la piscina. Esto se debe a que presenta unas dimensiones adecuadas que son de fácil manejo.

Por otra parte, el diseño de su capucha en forma de cangrejo en 3D lucirá muy bien en la cabeza de tu hijo, mientras lo protege de las corrientes de aire y los resfriados. Además, su fabricación en tejido de rizo de algodón suave hace que su tacto no sea demasiado áspero ni incómodo para el bebé, por lo que se sentirá protegido y feliz.

Este modelo no puede faltar entre las opciones que debes considerar a la hora de decidir qué toalla para bebé comprar, ya que cuenta con varias características que te presentamos a continuación.


Apariencia: La capucha de esta toalla para bebé cuenta con un diseño de cangrejo en 3D, lo que hace que sea bonita, además de útil.

Tiempo de uso: Es adecuada para su uso desde el nacimiento del bebé en adelante, manteniendo su forma con el paso del tiempo.

Medida: Posee un tamaño apropiado para cubrir completamente al bebé después del baño, lo que evita que llegue a tener frío.


Coste: Para algunos usuarios, esta toalla cuenta con un precio elevado, por lo que puede que sea una inversión que se deba analizar con detenimiento.

Forma: Durante el empaquetado, para mantener la forma de la toalla, le agregan una buena cantidad de soportes de plástico, los cuales deben retirarse con cuidado antes de utilizar el producto.

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