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Bibs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Keeping babies clean at all times is an arduous but not impossible task. Especially at mealtimes, we are very interested in not making a mess of your clothes. To avoid this, bibs have been created. These products, in previous times, were designed only with a fabric base, however, today manufacturers have innovated to present different versions that perform their function better and better, for example, plastic or silicone. The adjustment they give to the baby’s neck will also be very important so as not to bother the little ones, they can be found with buttons, velcro closure, among others. In this category stands out the interesting proposal of BabyBjörn 046203, whose bibs have a concave bottom to collect all food debris, come in different colors and are made of silicone for greater resistance. Likewise, we have considered including the Lictin 8-piece model, which is a pack of 8 bibs made of EVA, with very colorful designs that are very easy to clean by hand.



Opinions on the best bibs

To maintain order and cleanliness while your baby is eating, we recommend reviewing the characteristics of the following products, rated by users as the best bibs of 2022.

BabyBjörn 046203

These bibs make a good impression from the first moment they are seen or touched. Its structure made of silicone provides numerous advantages to the overall performance of the product. Firstly, because it is very easy and convenient to clean the entire surface and, secondly, because it dries very quickly, giving it the opportunity to be used whenever it is needed. Another important detail at this point is that it does not contain BPA.

As for the closure, it is held on the baby’s neck in a very comfortable way, also allowing it to be adjusted as they grow and their diameter is greater. And, as it is a fairly light product, it will not cause any damage to your cervical structure even if you use it several times a day.

All these benefits have made many users rate it as the best bib that is available in the market today.

To consider a product as the best bib of the moment, it is quite useful to review its pros and cons in detail. For this reason, we offer you this complete selection so that you can draw your own conclusions.


Dishwasher: The bib can not only be cleaned with a damp cloth, it can also be put in a dishwasher.

Design: The product comes in a pack of two bibs with very bright and assorted colors.

Age: The manufacturer recommends that it be used from 4 months, giving the possibility of using it for longer as the child grows.

Safety: If the bib gets caught somewhere, the grip on the baby’s neck is automatically released to avoid any inconvenience.


Rigid plastic: Although the product fulfills its function very well, some users are affected by the fact that the plastic is quite rigid.

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lictin 8 pieces

Another innovative proposal in this category are the Lictin bibs, made of EVA, a material that gives them strength and softness. Also, the fabric is waterproof and cleans very easily, which will always be highly valued by the people who take care of babies.

A good number of users have agreed that it is one of the best bibs of 2022. This responds, mainly, to the high security measures placed at the time of its manufacture, attesting that they do not have any type of harmful substances for your health, such as BPA, lead, PVC or vinyl.

As for the dimensions, these are 45 x 29 cm, which makes the bibs useful enough to put on children from 6 months to 6 years of age, approximately.

Another aspect that is also valued positively is that the pack includes 8 units, with very striking colors and designs that adapt to any gender.

For all the characteristics exposed above, and taking into account the summary of pros and cons that we present below, many people consider that Lictin can be classified as the best brand of bibs.


Coverage: By the time the baby is younger, which is the time when they are likely to get dirty the most, bibs are capable of covering the entire chest.

Thickness: The fabric has a good thickness, which gives it strength to withstand the constant and careless use of babies.

Closure: It is made of velcro, which facilitates its placement and also adjusts them to the appropriate size.


Dishwasher: The manufacturer advises that washing should be with cold water, so obviously it does not support being included in the dishwasher.

Hand wash: On the other hand, the product does not accept to be included in a washing machine cycle either, so cleaning must be exclusively by hand.

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HBF 3 pieces

Unlike the models presented so far, which are arranged as a small accessory to be placed over clothing, this version for babies arranged by HBF is evidenced as a kind of sweatshirt, with sleeves, although it only has the front part.

As for its construction, the bib is made of a material known as TPU that is very strong. The sleeves, meanwhile, are made of waterproof fabric and are easy to clean. Also, since the packaging includes three bib variants, you will always have one available to use.

The users who have purchased it do not hesitate to say that it is the best value for money bib, so they have been satisfied with the purchase.

As for the closing mechanism, it is adjustable and quite easy to use. It consists of two pairs of ribbons that are tied, one pair in the upper part that is held around the neck and the other at the height of the back.

When you ask yourself which bib to buy, the recommendation would be to study all the characteristics of the product well, as well as its pros and cons. In this case, we present a summary of the HBF model that will surely be very useful to you.


Design: Each bib includes a front drawing in very bright and striking colors oriented to friendly representation animals.

Sleeves: They include an elastic band at the wrist that helps children keep their hands clear even if the sleeves are very large.

Pocket: Although it is common to use it on the front, the pocket is reversible, so you can place it as you prefer.


Stains: The fabric tends to stain very easily, so it is necessary to wash the bib carefully enough to prevent dirt from lasting over time.

Neck: For younger babies, it can be a bit tricky to get the neck loop attached correctly.

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Yoofoss BB9001

These bandana bibs are made with double fabric for better performance. The first, placed in the front, is made of cotton that gives it a lot of softness, while the back is made of polyester that helps to better absorb any spilled liquid.

Although they can be used for mealtimes, these bibs are more oriented towards keeping the baby’s clothes dry when teeth start to come in and their drooling is more constant, for example. Since they have nice designs, they can be worn all day without much trouble.

Another question that should be answered to clarify which is the best bib is the shape of the closure. In this case, a product is presented with snaps made of plastic that are easily adjusted and strong enough to prevent children from pulling them out whenever they want, in addition, it has two snaps placed at a considerable distance to make the change as babies they grow.

Another good idea to know the characteristics of a product, both positive and negative, is to check its pros and cons. For this reason, we present below a summary with the most relevant of this particular model.


Age Range: These bibs are suitable for use with babies from 0 months to 3 years of age.

Pack: So that you always have one available and you can combine it with all your clothes, the pack includes 8 bibs with different colors and designs.

Cleaning: It can be done by hand or with very gentle washer and dryer cycles to prevent them from losing their shape.


Design: The designs that the manufacturer has available at the moment are more masculine. However, for many parents they can be considered unisex prints.

Color: Apparently after several washes, the bibs start to gradually lose color.

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Magideal STK0112002400

For occasions when you need a bib with an elegant presence, you have this option for babies from Magideal, which also stands out for being among the cheapest available on the market.

Its preparation has been made under three layers of textile material to give it better absorption and firmness. The front and back are made of cotton, while the interior is waterproof. The seams, on the other hand, are well finished and hold the whole structure together.

There is a good variety of designs to choose from, highlighting those that have the shape of a tuxedo, which is capable of giving an original and distinguished touch to your baby’s outfit. At the same time, you will have it clean of any remaining food.

The closure of the bib is done through a velcro strip covered with the print design to prevent it from being noticed on the outside.

On many occasions it can be thought that the cheapest products are necessarily of the lowest quality. Therefore, it is better to consult all the pros and cons, in order to get a clearer idea about it. Thus, we point out the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Fun: It is an unconventional design that can also be used to give babies a fun touch and take a photo to remember.

Color: If a dark color is chosen, it will be quite difficult to notice any dirt that has been generated by some food, at a certain time.

Cleaning: It can be kept very clean by doing a simple hand wash.


Only one bib: This product includes only this bib, so you will still need to complement it with others for daily use.

Combination: Due to its front design, it can be very difficult to combine the bib with the clothes used by the baby on a daily basis.

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