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Crib Bumpers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Pregnancy arrives and with it, thousands of things to think about. Babies, perhaps because of their delicacy and little possibility of defense, lead us to seek their comfort in all possible angles, especially when it comes to their rest time. Cribs are the ideal places for this activity, however, they can develop some concern in parents due to the possibility that children may hit against one of their sides. To do this, cushions or protectors have been designed that are placed around the entire contour and are known as crib bumpers. We will study, then, the model presented by Cambrass Liso E, which is resistant and very soft, provides a total covering for cots of 60 x 120 and is available in various colors. In the same way, theJulius Zöllner 8250040100 which has a suitable thickness, is pleasant when in contact with the skin and can be cleaned by machine.



Opinions on the best crib bumpers

To protect your baby during rest, we recommend you review our selection of the best crib bumpers for 2022 in which we have identified their main characteristics based on the experience of other users and help you make a smart purchase.

Cambrass Smooth E

As is the expected function, this bumper is capable of covering all the edges of the crib, preventing any damage from being caused by the movements made by the baby, both asleep and awake, since it has a good thickness of padding and the necessary softness, being cataloged by several users as the best crib bumper.

On the other hand, this coating also allows to keep the baby protected from the cold that can accumulate on the surface of the bars of the crib, whether it is made of wood or another material.

Due to its measurements, it is suitable for placing in 60 x 120 cm cribs in which it occupies the entire space without leaving any visible gap, that is, 360º protection.

And, as you might expect, this product is ideal for use with babies from the very day of their birth until parents deem it no longer necessary.

If you are looking to know why many users think that this is the best crib bumper of the moment, we invite you to detail the pros and cons that it has so far and thus get a clearer idea.


Material: The bumper is made of 100% polyester of good quality and with the necessary softness for contact with the baby’s skin.

Colours: You can choose between the three available colours: beige, pink or light blue, with very soft tones.

Washing: The material admits that it can be washed in a normal washing machine cycle without deforming.

Thickness: It is thick enough to keep the baby protected without taking up much space from the inside of the crib.


Height: Some users think that it would need to have more height for when the babies grow a little more and can get up.

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Julius Zöllner 8250040100

In this case, it is a bumper that is filled with foam on the inside and ends with a 100% cotton lining that is suitable for contact with the environment due to its robustness and pleasant to the touch due to its softness. This aspect, added to those that will be seen later in this description, has resulted in users valuing it as the best value for money crib bumper.

The thickness is approximately 1 cm, which gives enough support to prevent the baby from colliding with the bars without excessively restricting their space inside the crib.

Regarding its dimensions, it occupies a space of 180 x 25 cm that will always be possible to adapt to smaller measures, if necessary. And, weighing 259g, it can be easily put on and taken off as needed.

When you don’t know which crib bumper to buy, our recommendation will be aimed at assessing all the pros and cons of the products and, based on this, establish a more accurate conclusion. Here we point out the positive and negative aspects of this Julius Zöllner model.


No wrinkles: No matter how much the product is used, the fabric always remains firm and smooth.

Washable: To have your product always clean, you can include it in a normal washing machine cycle, whose temperature does not exceed 30º C.

Colors: You can choose between three types of colors: pink, beige and silver.


Height: The bumper has little height, an aspect that parents consider a deficiency in the design.

Tones: In some cases, the chosen color tone is not exactly what can be seen in the photo, according to some users.

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Lollipops 43300007

One of the most notable aspects of this model is that it offers the possibility of extracting the filling for more effective cleaning. It is also noteworthy that its fastening system is two-point, upper and lower, to give better fixation to the bars of the cradle.

As for its measurements, it is capable of occupying a space of 56 x 38 x 11 cm, a fact that you must take into account at the time of purchase, to ensure that it will be useful for your purposes.

Speaking now of the thickness, this one is quite padded, allowing the baby not only to be protected, but also that his possible shocks against the product are pleasant and do not cause him any pain.

All these aspects of this Pirulos model have made it occupy an important position among the best crib bumpers of 2022.

This model stands out for several reasons. However, it would be appropriate to carry out a more specific study regarding its pros and cons so that you can appreciate it more easily.


Reversible: Although it is the same color throughout, the fact that it is reversible prevents greater wear in a single area of ​​the product.

Decoration: Not only does it serve as a protector, but it also serves as a decorative accessory for the baby’s room.

Quality control: The manufacturer emphasizes that all its products follow strict quality control.


Weight: Unlike other larger bumpers, this one weighs 649g which might seem excessive.

Coverage: The bumper only covers half of the crib.

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Amilian FF-01-039

It is a chichonera presented in different sizes so that you can choose, exactly, the one you need. For the 140 x 70 cm cot there is the 30 x 420 cm model; for the 120 x 60 cm crib there is the 30 x 360 cm model; and for the 140 x 70 cm or 120 x 60 cm crib, there is the 30 x 180 cm model.

Another aspect that is worth noting is the clothing that has been taken to create the product. The textile materials are of good quality, with a silicone polyester filling and an outer lining of 100% cotton that offers quality and good finishes.

The best thing is that all these positive aspects result in a product of very good quality, without this influencing or affecting the price, since it is one of the cheapest bumpers that are proposed in this comparison.

When choosing any product, the price will always influence one way or another. For that reason, we always present you with one of the cheapest options so that you can make the decision yourself which is the ideal model for you.


Design: The model is made with a white background design with gray stars that can be used for all types of decoration.

Padding: With a thickness of 1 cm, it is a very suitable bumper for this purpose, since it is not too thick or too thin, providing adequate protection.

Washing: It can be done by machine without fear of losing color or damaging its seams.


L-shaped: The bumper does not occupy the bed in 360º, it is only enough to cover one long and one short side or, failing that, make a kind of U.

Shrinkage: Due to its cotton construction, it can shrink a little after each wash, so the manufacturer recommends that the drying process be carried out in a large area and with the bumper fully stretched.

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Vizaro 10004010

One of the aspects that is most relevant in the merchandise of the Vizaro brand is its concern when it comes to offering products that do not contain any type of harmful agent, which makes it very suitable for contact with babies.

On the other hand, this model does not only include the bumper, it also comes with the duvet and pillowcase with the same beautiful design that will allow you to have a complete and well-matched set, which could be very appropriate to answer which is the best. Crib bumper with unisex design.

The construction material is good quality cotton that helps protect the baby from the cold outside while giving him enough space for good perspiration. This also allows the cleaning of all the implements to be done easily by machine, knowing that the padding of the bumper is removable through its zipper.

Many users think that Vizaro could be cataloged as the best brand of crib bumpers due to the large number of positive aspects in the preparation of its products. However, we invite you to review all the pros and cons of this particular model and to make a personal evaluation of these claims.


Filling: It is made of silicone fiber of good quality and consistency that has the property of being anti-allergic so that it can be used with babies without worries.

Dimensions: This product is suitable for cots with a standard size of 60 x 120 cm.

Decoration: Vizaro offers several pieces that fit the same design so that a homogeneous decoration of the entire space of the baby’s room can be made.


Nordic padding: It can be adapted to both the bumper and the cover, but it must be purchased separately.

Tiebacks: The ribbons for the tiebacks can be a bit wide, but if properly tied, they will tie into the decoration.

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