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Dodot Diapers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

A baby uses, on average, thousands of diapers from birth to the first 3 or 4 years of life. This represents an expense in the family budget that directly affects the well-being of the child, so they must be chosen wisely to improve the user experience. In this sense, it is important that you carefully read the specifications of each brand and carefully choose the size that corresponds to your baby. To help you with your choice and provide you with the appropriate information, we have created this comparison of Dodot diapers, a brand with a long history and recognition that offers several options with different sizes and styles, designed for the comfort and proper fit of your baby. Such is the case of the Dodot dry baby size 2 model., a diaper equipped with absorbent microbeads and air channels that keep the baby’s skin dry. Another product recommended by many is the Dodot dry baby size 3, a practical pack of 280 units that provides you with diapers for a month.

Opinions on the best Dodot diapers

In order for your baby to stay dry and protected, you must provide him with good quality and highly absorbent diapers. These characteristics describe a large part of Dodot’s products, which is why we have made a selection of the best diapers of this brand to present them in this complete summary.

Dodot diapers size 2

Dodot dry baby size 2

When it comes to the comfort and hygiene of our little one, nothing better than having a diaper that provides protection and safety for their delicate skin. In this sense, Dodot has designed this product especially designed to be used at night, as it provides excellent breathability and a high level of absorption. Because of this, the child can keep his skin dry for up to 12 hours.

Technology has been present in these size 2 Dodot diapers, since they have air channels that favor a ventilated flow inside and thanks to their absorbent micro-pearls, pee is encapsulated, so moisture is kept away from the baby skin. It also offers a layer of express dryness, soft to the touch and delicate as cotton. On the other hand, in order to avoid accidental leaks, it has elastic sides that fit comfortably to the child’s thighs.

If you want your baby to spend the night peacefully and without the need for diaper changes, this product could be what you are looking for. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of it.


Absorption: It is a diaper that has hundreds of thousands of microbeads that efficiently absorb pee and its soft outer layer keeps the baby’s skin dry.

Users: This model is size 2 and is designed for children from 4 to 8 kilos in weight.

Units: You will receive a package containing 78 units and you can also choose the new version of the model with 40 diapers.


Size: One or another user comments that the diaper has fallen short in the child’s bottom area, so it is important to verify the baby’s weight before purchase.

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Diapers Dodot size 3

Dodot dry baby x 280

Given the large number of diapers that a child needs during his growth, we must take precautions to acquire high quality products, without this significantly affecting our budget. For this reason, in order to help you with savings, we present you this pack of cheap Dodot diapers, according to buyers, given the number of units it offers at an affordable cost.

It is a saver pack of Dodot size 3 diapers, containing 280 units and thanks to the qualities of the dry baby range, your child will be away from moisture for longer and will be able to sleep peacefully, crawl and move freely, without irritations and more comfortable.

It has air channels that allow adequate perspiration and its microbeads are capable of absorbing urine and liquid stools. In addition, it offers an effective anti-leak system, since it has elastic sides that prevent the escape of body fluids.

If you are looking for a pack of diapers that covers your child’s needs for a month, this model is an excellent option to save. Get to know the product in detail by reading its pros and cons.


Freedom of movement: Since it has elastic sides that fit comfortably to the baby, you can move freely.

Pack: It is a model that offers you a pack of 280 diapers, enough to cover a month or more.

Ventilation: Thanks to its design with air channels, the inside of the diaper offers adequate breathability.



Bad smell: According to some reviews left by parents, once the diaper has concentrated enough pee, it lets the bad smell inside escape.

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Diapers Dodot Sensitive size 1

Dodot Sensitive Size 1

One of the main qualities of Dodot Sensitive size 1 diapers is that they are specially designed for babies with a weight range from approximately 2.5 to 5 kilos. For this reason, they can be used from the moment of birth and until the child reaches the first weeks of life.

They are diapers that offer an absorbent layer of great softness, designed for the delicate skin of the little one. It also has a humidity indicator: the yellow color changes to blue signaling that it is time to make the change. This saves you from having to open the diaper to check.

Similarly, it has an anatomical design that provides a special cut around the navel. This avoids, especially in the first days, any friction in that delicate area. In addition, thinking of your comfort and savings, Dodot offers you this presentation with 276 diapers, an adequate quantity for up to one month.

They are recommended diapers for their absorption and softness. Next, analyze its strengths and possible disadvantages.


Breathable straps: They have breathable and soft straps that adapt comfortably to the baby.

Cora Soft Layer: Thanks to the softness and absorption offered by this layer, your child will be clean and comfortable.

Wetness indicator: You do not need to open the diaper to check the wetness, since its blue indicator indicates the moment of change.

Package: The package includes 276 diapers, which provides refills for up to a month.



Thin babies: If the baby is very thin, unexpected leaks could occur.

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Dodot diapers size 4

Dodot Pants

If you are looking for a novel design to quickly change the baby, it is convenient to know which is the best Dodot diaper for these cases. And it is that as a way to help you in the process of changing diapers, Dodot created this line of Dodot Pants that you can buy in different sizes such as size 4, 5 and 6. Its adjustment system no longer has bands that can cause problems or rosettes your baby, but a comfortable elastic band, which improves mobility and attachment to the body, favoring the absence of leaks.

Putting on these size 4 Dodot diapers is as simple as putting on a common panty, and their removal is done by simply breaking the sides. In addition, it has a sticker on the back, designed to close the diaper once used, when throwing it away. This sticker does not come into contact with the baby’s skin, nor does it represent any problem during use.

If you are still undecided about which Dodot diaper to buy, we recommend you carefully analyze the characteristics of this model, convenient for your satisfaction and the care of your baby.


Softness: They are very soft and delicate diapers with the baby’s skin, allowing them to feel comfortable with their use, giving you peace of mind.

Control: Thanks to its absorbent micro beads, this diaper does a good job of controlling moisture, both from urine and stool, keeping the baby dry and fresh at all times.

Presentation: This model can be found in different sizes, so that you can use it with your baby from 6 kg, facilitating the process of changing it.



Use: These diapers are made for slightly larger babies, so they are not available in sizes smaller than 3.

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Diapers Dodot Sensitive size 3

Dodot Sensitive 

Dodot is a highly valued diaper brand in Spain, belonging to the multinational Procter & Gamble and with a long history, beginning in 1971. Its line of diapers has undergone a great evolution thanks to the research work of its developers and applied technologies Proof of this are the Dodot Sensitive size 3 diapers, which have been made with a completely anatomical design for a correct fit to the baby’s small body.

The navel area incorporates a special cut for the umbilical cord, while the leg area adjusts without limiting movement and the side bands allow a quick and secure closure.

The product has been provided with a front indicator that changes color when the child has peed, so that you can identify the right moment for its replacement. In addition, on the inside there are a series of channels for better perspiration and the Cora-soft membrane gives the diaper maximum absorption.

With these Dodot diapers you will provide the baby’s skin with a high level of absorption and perspiration. Learn more details below.


Size: Its size three is suitable for children from 6 to 10 kilograms, being a wide range of use. 

Content: It is a fairly profitable product, since it incorporates 224 diapers.

Absorption: The Cora–soft fabric used provides a high level of absorption for skin without irritation. 

Indicator: You will be able to know when the little one has peed due to the built-in color indicator.


Fit: You will need to be careful about the fit of the diaper to prevent the bands from opening and unexpected spills from occurring.

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Diapers Dodot sensitive size 2

Dodot Sensitive size 2

When we are in the parenting stage, spending on diapers is inevitable and even more so if our baby is in his first months of life, since at this stage it is when it becomes necessary to change him more frequently. For this reason, we present you the pack of Dodot Sensitive size 2 diapers, which offers you a total of 238 units in order to cover a month’s needs for children with an average weight of 4 to 8 kilos.

It has the latest technology in terms of skin care, as it includes a very soft coating, the Cora-soft layer, which at the same time effectively absorbs liquid poop and pee, in order to keep the child clean, dry and happy. Likewise, they offer a special design for the umbilical area, which favors comfort in babies with the navel in the process of healing.

The Sensitive range of nappies has earned the trust of many parents, so this product could be what you are looking for for your little one. Learn a little more about this diaper below.


Breathability: Thanks to its air channels, the child’s skin remains ventilated and fresh.

Timely change: It is a diaper equipped with the technology that tells you the right time to change, since it has an indicator that changes color when wet.

Comfort: Thinking of the little ones, it offers a cut line that provides comfort and avoids rubbing against the navel.


Quantity: As it is a diaper for children from 1 to 3 months of age, you should analyze the quantity you need, since some parents have bought several packages and think that the entire product is not used.

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Diapers Dodot size 5

Dodot Activity

Now that your child has grown up and is already walking, playing and doing mischief like all children, they need a diaper that supports the rhythm and energy of your little one, for which we present Dodot Activity diapers. This particular model is recommended for children who have reached a weight between 11 and 16 kilos.

Likewise, like all the diapers of this brand, it has a great absorption capacity and air channels that allow optimal perspiration. Likewise, it has a Cora-soft layer, which also offers softness and keeps the skin away from moisture.

On the other hand, thanks to its fun design with children’s drawings, it is a product that improves the user experience, especially at this age when the child is entertained with colors and shapes. You will receive a practical package containing 162 Dodot size 5 diapers, although you can also select other versions with different units.

Designed to offer freedom of movement, hygiene and comfort, these diapers could be the best option for your growing child. Continue reading a little more about this model.


Units: The package offers you 162 size 5 diapers, recommended for children weighing 11 to 16 kilos.

Design: They offer a very attractive design for children, since it has full color children’s figures.

Cora-soft layer: Thanks to this soft absorbent layer, both liquid poop and pee will not irritate the baby’s skin.


Leaks: There have been some specific cases of leaks, especially at night after several hours of use. However, it could be due to misuse of the diaper.

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Dodot diapers size 6

Dodot Activity 

The protection of the skin of the little ones is essential for any parent, so when selecting their diapers it is important that they are absorbent, breathable and comfortable.

Dodot Activity can bring together all these qualities in its Activity model, since it is a size six diaper, aimed at children weighing from 13 kilograms. Its design is completely anatomical and has a pleasant aesthetic, with some quite colorful cartoons standing out on the surface.

These size 6 Dodot diapers incorporate Cora-soft technology, which is a highly absorbent membrane with a pleasant soft touch. In addition, the manufacturer, thinking about the issue of skin perspiration, added a system of vertical ventilation channels. This way, you won’t have to worry about irritation caused by urine or stool during the night, as your baby could stay cool until you do the next diaper change.

If you are looking for anatomical, breathable and absorbent diapers that take care of your baby’s skin, we invite you to review the pros and cons of this model.


Design: The diapers have a colorful design with animal drawings and an anatomical adjustment system to prevent spills. 

Contents: Each package has 117 diapers, for maximum savings.

Absorption: The incorporation of the Cora-soft membrane allows better absorption of urine and feces.

Perspiration: Thanks to the built-in channel system, the child’s skin can always be kept fresh and free from irritation.


Size: It is likely that the shape of the diaper is a bit large, so you should check its dimensions and contrast them with the child’s body.

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Diapers Dodot size 0

Dodot Protection Plus Sensitive size 0

Regardless of the sizes of Dodot diapers you choose, you can rest easy when it comes to safety, especially with Dodot diapers for newborns, soft as silk and designed for the sensitive skin of your child at this age. These diapers, like the rest of the line, have been dermatologically tested and designed in collaboration with paediatricians and toxicologists, so they are allergen-free products.

In this case, Dodot size 0 diapers from the Protection Plus Sensitive range are the most recommended for premature children or those weighing between 1.5 and 2.5 kilos. Because they are children who deserve greater protection and comfort at this stage, this diaper offers a design with a reduced size and with a special cut in the navel area that prevents rubbing against the skin. In addition, it has a soft fit and ultra-absorbent tubes that prevent moisture from irritating the newborn’s skin.

If your child has just been born with a low weight and you can’t find a suitable diaper for his delicate frame, this model with excellent user ratings could be the best option to care for a newborn. Here are its pros and cons.


Users: It is a diaper specially designed to provide comfort and hygiene to premature babies or newborns with little weight.

Presentation: You will receive two packages of 24 diapers each, for a total of 48 units.

Softness: It is categorized by the brand as Dodot’s softest diaper, thanks to its super comfortable layer.


Child’s weight: For children over 2.5 kilos, this diaper could be small.

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Dodot Panty Diapers

Dodot Happyjama

One of the things that your children should learn when they grow up is to go to the bathroom independently and leave the use of the diaper behind. To improve the experience during training, we present the Happyjama, a product belonging to the Dodot pant diaper range. They are comfortable diapers that provide protection at night, which is the time when they are most likely to have involuntary urination.

Based on the comments of several clients, we can establish that this is the best Dodot diaper in terms of value for money, favoring that many other people are encouraged to try it.

One of the main characteristics of these diapers is their discreet appearance, making it easier for the diaper not to be noticed under clothing like any other. In addition, its absorption system is very efficient, since with age the flow of urine is much greater. As for its design, it fits perfectly to the body, giving you freedom of movement, comfort and protection at every step.

To make the process of leaving diapers easier for your children, it is best to give them the opportunity to have protection at all times, thus reducing the pressure they may feel during the sphincter control phase. One of the best options for this is this Dodot Pants model.


Learning: They are convenient to use when you are starting to learn to go to the bathroom at night, since it has adequate protection for any escape.

Independence: It makes it easier for the child to put it on and take it off, improving the process of sphincter control, favoring their independence.

Comfort: They fit well to the body, improving sleeping comfort and leaving no irritation.


Filtering: This model can have some problems with filtering when it has been in use for a long time.

Sides: They can break if the child shakes too much.

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How to choose the best Dodot diaper?

We must try to keep our baby clean, comfortable and happy. Thinking about this, we present this guide to buying the best Dodot diaper, where we offer you important information about this manufacturer, its products and everything you need to know to choose the diaper that best suits the needs and growth stage of your baby. child.

Shopping guide


The quality of a child’s sleep hours are essential for their optimal physical and mental development and the way they wake up in the morning affects their response to the world around them; a night with interruptions could affect his cognitive process, his mood and his sociability. For this reason, as parents we must ensure that their sleep is calm and restful.

In this sense, the primary objective of a diaper is to ensure that the child wakes up with a dry bottom and without skin irritations due to humidity. An average baby can use the same diaper during the day for up to 4 hours and during the night, the use can last for 12 hours; It is at this time when the child’s rest can be disturbed if the sensation of humidity caused by the pee bothers him.

To avoid this situation, we must choose a diaper with the capacity to absorb an estimated 3 to 4 pee and keep the child’s skin dry, without disturbing his precious sleep.


The choice of diapers that your child will use is something that you should not leave to chance. For this reason, it is best to bet on a brand that gives you support, confidence and above all, high-quality diapers; Choosing a product that keeps you dry and comfortable is just as important as choosing your diet or clothing.

We have chosen the Dodot brand, a Spanish company of great prestige and recognition in the market. It is part of the multinational Procter & Gamble and is considered by the Spanish, according to a study, as one of the best diaper brands.

Since 1971 when Dodot designed and marketed its first diaper, it has been constantly growing; so today it offers you a wide variety of innovative models designed to cover the different stages of child growth and development. In addition, thinking about the comfort of parents and caregivers, as well as optimal hygiene for the child, this company manufactures other highly useful products, such as wet wipes; among which the Kandoo model stands out, an ideal product to teach the child to go to the bathroom.


When you review your Dodot diaper comparison, you will find that there is a wide variety of products designed for the comfort of the child, regardless of their age and weight. In this sense, Dodot has taken pains to market diapers designed to meet not only the demand of its small users, but also offers products adapted to all budgets; so you can find cheap diapers for babies from 0 months to 7 years old.

Among Dodot’s outstanding products, we first have the Activity diapers, a model designed for children up to two years old. We also have the Basic Dodot, a range of diapers with a more affordable cost, so you don’t have to worry about how much it costs. Likewise, there are the Sensitive, diapers recommended especially for newborns.

On the other hand, Dodot also offers you another range of diapers, the Liberty, there are also those that provide a comfortable panty format, you can also find the Babykini, a product designed to give the child freedom of movement while bathing on the beach or in the pool, since these are disposable swimsuits. Lastly, we have the Happyjama, a line of diapers designed for older children, from 4 to 7 years old, who experience involuntary loss of pee, particularly at night.


The size and weight of the child are the variables that determine the most suitable diaper size for your child. In this sense, Dodot offers you a wide variety of sizes to choose from according to the build and size of the baby. For this reason, you can find size 0 for newborn babies, size 1, 2 and 3 for children from 2.5 to 10 kilos; It also has size 4, 5 and 6 for children weighing from 9 to more than 13 kilos. Likewise, there are sizes 3+, 4+, 5+ and 6+ that offer a range of diapers with extra absorption.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Where are Dodot diapers manufactured?

Dodot diapers are manufactured at the Arbora & Ausonia plant, located in Jijona Alicante, from where all production is sold to the Iberian Peninsula. It is a plant of 59,000 square meters, with the largest industrial benchmark present in Alicante. There, 50% of the sales of this brand are produced and it has 40% of its total workforce, producing an annual volume of diapers estimated at 1,500 million units.

Q2: How to put on Dodot diapers?

First of all, you should look for the correct diaper according to the stage of growth and size of your child, the idea is that the diaper is tight and that it looks straight. If you’re a first-timer, you may find diapering difficult the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be adept at it.

If it is a newborn, you should make sure that the waist band is below his navel. It is also important that you adjust the straps symmetrically, on the color strip and in such a way that they are tight enough, but without causing discomfort to the baby. Finally, check and make sure that the sides are outside and that they wrap the child’s thighs perfectly, in order to avoid leaks or spills.

Q3: How to make a Dodot diaper cake?

For this job, you will need cardboard, cardboard, glue, scissors, two wooden rods, a pack of diapers, rubber bands, cellophane and any decorations you want to use.

Start by cutting three circles of different sizes out of card stock and join them with three cardboard circles for extra firmness. Then cut three strips of cardboard with a wavy effect (it can be of different colors) to glue to the edge of each circle and each one resembles a cake.

Continue the work by rolling and holding each diaper at one end with a rubber band; Once all are rolled up, proceed to fill the cake starting with the first floor. You will have to put the diapers vertically and tightly together, following the pattern of the circumference, until the entire first floor is full.

Continue with the second floor, for which you will have to put a wooden rod in the center of the cardboard base, so that it can be supported on the rolled diaper cake. Fill in this second floor and proceed with the third in the same way. To decorate, use cellophane paper and you can add a stuffed animal or any other decoration of your choice.

Q4: Which Dodot diapers are better?

The organization of consumers and users (OCU) carried out a market study in January 2022, where different brands were analyzed to establish the best 13 diapers of the moment. For this, specific parameters were taken into account, such as speed of absorption, sensation of dryness, leaks, breathability, irritation, ease of putting on and taking off, closure system, adjustment to the body, among others. Resulting as winners of this ranking with an excellent score, Dodot diapers. First place went to Protection Plus Activity Extra Absorption, followed by the Dodot Pants model and third place went to Protection Plus Activity.

How to use a Dodot diaper

For experienced mothers, changing a dia

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