Best Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

There is no doubt that bottles are one of those essential elements during the first years of our children and that is that they are the ones that you will use to give them their milk or their first mashed foods when the time is right. There are many models for each stage of our children, these must have various properties such as capacity, anti-colic system, among others. Thus, it is worth searching among the best brands on the market and Dr. Brown’s is one of them, recognized for its products that promote good health and optimal nutrition for children. From this manufacturer we highlight the Dr. Brown’s Options WB815-ES model, a 270 ml bottle with a wide mouth and a ventilation tube system that helps reduce our baby’s colic. On the other hand, there is Dr. Brown’s Options Cristal WB9100P4which is made of glass and polypropylene free of BPA, PVC and other toxic elements.



Opinions on the best Dr. Brown’s baby bottles

Due to its extensive experience and innovation in the design of products for the care and feeding of babies, we present the best Dr. Brown’s bottles, valued by users to help you make an assertive purchase.

Dr. Brown’s Options WB815-ES

With a capacity of 270 ml, this model is considered by many users to be the best Dr. Brown’s bottle, as it also belongs to the line of anti-colic baby bottles that includes a ventilation system made up of a tube, which prevents the newborn from swallow air when drinking your milk, so it reduces colic, helps prevent otitis and maintains vitamins A, C and E from milk.

Additionally, the bottle has the versatility to be used with or without the ventilation system to adapt to your baby’s growth stages, and for this it incorporates a standard level 1 teat, as well as a small cleaning brush that will help you keep it always clean. clean for next use.

This model is also available in a nice purple color and in a wide mouth presentation and can be used with other nipples of the brand.

There is no doubt that for many customers this model is the best Dr. Brown’s bottle at the moment, as it has different characteristics that make it a good investment, some of which are summarized below.


Anti-colic: The bottle includes the ventilation system patented by Dr. Brown’s and that many users recognize for its effectiveness in reducing colic in babies.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 270 ml, so it is suitable for newborns, helping you to give your child the necessary amount of milk every time it is time to eat.

Color: This bottle is available in a nice purple color that users like a lot, it also includes a measurement indicator.

Nipple: This model includes a standard level 1 silicone nipple. However, you can use other larger size nipples as your little one grows.


Hygiene: Several users comment that, due to their system, the task of cleaning it completely is a bit laborious. However, it incorporates a small brush to help you leave it without residue.

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Dr. Brown’s Options Crystal WB9100P4

This bottle shares some features of the previous model. However, it is distinguished by being made of glass and polypropylene free of BPA, Phthalates, lead and PVC. For this reason it is among the best Dr. Brown’s bottles of 2022, also belonging to the Options line that helps reduce colic through a ventilation system that prevents otitis, hiccups and maintains the main vitamins of milk so that your newborn is fed efficiently.

The bottle also includes a standard level 1 silicone nipple that can be swapped out for the brand’s different size nipples and a small cleaning brush. Also, it stands out for having an ergonomic design that favors the grip, both of the caregiver and the baby, so that he can hold it by himself when he develops this ability.

Founded by a doctor and recommended by specialists and users as the best bottle brand, Dr. Brown’s stands out for its specialized baby bottles and the Options Cristal model is one of them, that’s why we summarize its pros and cons below.


Materials: The bottle is made of glass and polypropylene that do not contain elements that are harmful to health. Likewise, its teat is made of free silicone, also of toxic elements for your baby.

Ventilation system: This model, like others in the Options line, includes a ventilation system that reduces colic in babies, helps prevent otitis, hiccups and maintains vitamins A, C and E.

Cleaning: Its cleaning is easier, since the bottle is suitable for microwave sterilizers and direct contact with hot water, and over time it will not turn yellow.


Weight: Some users claim that this model is heavier than other plastic options of the brand, so it can be a bit uncomfortable for the baby when holding it.

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Dr. Brown’s DRBOPT-WB03005

For those parents who are looking for the best Dr. Brown’s bottle for their children, many users and specialists recommend this model, a set of 2 bottles of 150 ml and 1 of 270 ml, each with standard level 1 teats, in addition to a pair of level 2 nipples, one pair level 3 and 2 small cleaning brushes.

This kit belongs to the Options line that incorporates a ventilation system that prevents the passage of air when the baby drinks his milk, maintains its vitamins, and reduces colic. Due to its interchangeable nipples and its ability to be used with or without the ventilation system, this kit will be useful during the different stages of your child’s growth.

If you still don’t know which Dr. Brown’s bottle to buy, this model is highly recommended by several users for being a complete kit, so we summarize its positive and negative aspects to help you in your decision.


Kit: This model is a set of three wide mouth bottles with level 1, 2 and 3 teats, and of different capacities: 2 of 150 ml and 1 of 270 ml. It also includes 2 small cleaning brushes.

Usability: The functional design of this set and its different elements allow you to use it to feed your baby during his growth, making it a long-lasting purchase.

Colic: The bottle set incorporates a ventilation system that prevents the passage of air, reducing colic and helping good digestion.


Price: This model is the most expensive in our summary, however, it is worth its price for being a set of bottles that you can use with your baby throughout his early childhood.

Leaks: Some users comment that when they tilt the bottles they have some milk leak. But, it could be from microwave sterilization.  

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Dr. Brown’s Standard 155-P4

Many users consider this to be the best value for money Dr. Brown’s bottle, as it is a functional bottle with its anti-colic system that incorporates a ventilation tube inside to minimize the amount of air that your little one ingests when he drinks his milk. In addition, it has a narrow mouth design that also includes a level 2 nipple, recommended for children over 3 months.

Likewise, and thanks to this ventilation system, patented by Dr. Brown’s, the appearance of otitis media, hiccups and the oxidation of vitamins A, C and E are prevented. This model is available in different presentations of capacity and design of neck, being the 120 ml suitable for the amount of milk that your child drinks during the first year of life.  

Although this is one of the cheapest bottles in the comparison, it has several characteristics that we describe in the next section so that you can learn more about this model and that corroborate its usefulness.


Capacity: This bottle has a capacity of 120 ml that is suitable for your newborn, being able to give him the exact amount of milk indicated by his pediatrician.

Anti-colic system: The bottle, like the other models on the list, incorporates a ventilation tube that minimizes the amount of air that the baby ingests and helps reduce colic, among other benefits.

Design: Being a narrow mouth model reduces the chances of leaks when bending over while the child drinks his milk.


Measurement: According to some users, the measurements are not printed, but are marked in relief on the body of the bottle, so it is a bit confusing to see them.

Slow intake: One user expresses that the intake is a bit slow due to the ventilation system. However, she highlights the reduction of colic in her daughter thanks to this system.

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Dr Brown’s WB9191-P2

Among the cheap bottles in this summary, there is the 2-in-1 Transition model that helps your child go from the bottle to the cup easily and quickly, removing the ventilation system that helps reduce colic and exchanging the silicone teat for a nozzle of the same material.

This bottle is suitable for children over 6 months, as it has a capacity of 270 ml, according to what is indicated for this age. Also, this model includes a level 3 silicone nipple, a silicone mouthpiece, the ventilation system and a small cleaning brush. This model is available in two pretty colors, blue and pink, as well as having fun designs for your child.

If you want your child to start using a glass soon, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of the WB9191-P2, a specialized bottle of the brand and that we describe below.


Transition: This model incorporates a level 3 silicone teat that can be changed for a mouthpiece made of the same material, thus making it a learning cup for your child over 6 months.

Complete: The bottle fulfills the function of a learning cup, but it also incorporates all the necessary elements for the ventilation system that reduces colic and prevents otitis, hiccups and the oxidation of the vitamins in the milk.

Price: It is the cheapest bottle on the list, being a complete model with beautiful colors.


Age range : This model is suitable for babies older than 6 months, so if you are looking for a bottle for newborns, the first options are the most suitable.

Bottle: When the silicone mouthpiece is used and it is completely filled, some users indicate that there may be some leakage of liquid. However, they emphasize that it is the best transition glass.

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