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Clothing Labels – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Personal items are important to their owners, so it is necessary to have a way to prevent their loss, especially clothing or items for personal use. To do this, you can take into account the use of labels that facilitate placing the name, surname and, sometimes, the corresponding telephone number, so that they can be returned. If you are thinking of buying some labels, we recommend you review our comparison with the best clothing labels. In it we present products such as Haberdashery 7 x 1 cm labels, made with 80% cotton, which makes them soft and suitable for any surface. You also have as an option the Stikets Pv77, with which you can easily customize the clothes of the little ones, just by placing the adhesive piece on the textile and rubbing it with the iron for no more than 15 seconds.


Opinions on the best clothing labels

To identify your child’s clothes, especially if they go to kindergarten or school, we recommend looking at the best clothing labels. These are some of the products valued for their high quality and, below, you will be able to know their qualities, both positive and negative.

Iron-on labels for clothing

Haberdashery 7 x 1 cm

Among the options in our current comparison, these are positioned as the best labels for clothing, thanks to the good comments from users. In general, they are thermo-adhesive labels for clothing made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester with an adhesion system that works with a heat source, as its name indicates. That is why you should iron them for at least 15 seconds on the garment in which you want them to stay.

In the same way, its typography is unique, being possible that you choose between lowercase or uppercase letters according to your preference. In addition, they use a sophisticated ink transfer system, convenient to guarantee their long durability. On the other hand, its design is predefined in white fabric and black letters, which favors its visualization.

In addition to this, the product is presented in a package of 100 labels of 1 x 7 cm in length and are recommended to mark any type of garment regardless of their use.

When you analyze this product, you can realize that it is considered by users to be the best label for clothing at the moment, so we detail some of its most outstanding features below.


Letter: The labels are written with a beautiful and easy to read letter, giving you comfort when identifying the garments.

Space: They have an extra blank space, designed so that you can write or make some detail to the label, allowing you to customize it if you wish.

Placement : They are very comfortable to use, since you only have to have an iron, placing the label on the garment and ironing it for about 10 or 20 seconds.

Instructions: They include simple instructions to follow in Spanish to promote their proper use.


Glue: From some comments, we can say that the glue may be compromised after a long time of use or several washes, so the gluing process must be carried out again.

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Haberdashery White Star

These thermo-adhesive labels for clothing are one of the most sought after by various people for children’s clothing, because, just by passing the iron for 15 seconds, the label will be adhered. These are personalized with the child’s name and also come with a star icon as a decorative detail.

Each of them is made with polyester and cotton, for greater durability. The high-quality materials mean that the product can go in the washing machine and dryer without problems, therefore, it will not be necessary to pay special attention to the clothes when washing them. The labels can be used on any fabric, which gives them practicality and versatility, as it is possible to adhere them to the school uniform, jackets, underwear, etc. The purchase brings the complete roll of labels, a total of about 100 units, so that you always have one on hand to use.

Made of quality materials and a versatile design, these labels are useful for all types of clothing and for children of all ages.


Ironing: It only takes 15 seconds to properly adhere one of the labels to the garment.

Resistance: The clothes that have a label will not need any unusual washing or drying process.

Roll: The roll comes with 100 units so you always have a label ready to use on your child’s clothes.


White: Due to children’s sweat and constant friction, the white color of the label may get dirty.

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Custom clothing labels

Stickers Pv77

Personalized clothing labels are the best alternative for children to become familiar with their clothing, even if they cannot read, since figures can be used on them. Similarly, these stickers usually have color, which is also convenient for the child.

For example, this set of clothing labels offers a total of 48 units in assorted colours, made of thermo-adhesive vinyl, which is a BPA-free material, for greater safety when in contact with the child’s skin. In addition, this is a type of highly resistant polymer, which will melt into the textile after being rubbed with a hot iron and without steam, for a maximum of 15 seconds.

Afterwards, said label will be permanently affixed to the textile, so you can wash and dry the garment in a machine, at a maximum temperature of up to 60°C, without fear of the label deteriorating.

Know right away the pros and cons of this set of clothing labels.


Set: This is a profitable set, because it incorporates 48 units.

Resistance: You can wash and dry the garments in the machine without the labels deteriorating, since they withstand 60°C.

Ironing: The ironing time of the label is 15 seconds, so its placement is fast.

Fixation: Thanks to the thermo-adhesive vinyl, you will achieve a complete integration of the label in the fabric.


Icons: Animal icons cannot be selected assorted. So, all the labels have the same image.

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Haberdashery EC-100-ES

This product can be considered as one of the best label rolls if you are looking for an item that offers a unique design for children. By purchasing this pack of 100 personalized clothing labels, you will not only have the right to choose the name that will be placed, but also the decorative icon that will accompany the name and the font used. That way, you can choose the model closest to the child’s tastes.

This product is versatile and quite practical, since it can be adhered to different types of clothing in the same way, by ironing it for 15 seconds on the fabric. Being thermo-adhesive labels, they will be completely adhered and with the ink transfer system you will be able to enjoy long-lasting. Made of polyester and cotton, each label is resistant to use in the washer and dryer. The dimensions of the labels are 1 x 7 centimeters long.

Your child will be able to choose and customize the labels until they have the design that they like the most. Thus, he will not have complaints in using them and you will be calmer.


Personalization: These labels can be personalized in various aspects to have an exclusive design.

Roll: With this purchase you can buy 100 labels so you don’t need them when you need them.

Dimensions: Being small, the labels are not inconvenient due to their size.


Iron: Leaving the iron on the clothes for a long time can cause burns on it, therefore, it is necessary to be careful when doing it to avoid inconveniences.

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fabric labels for clothing

Haberdashery COSER-100-EN

If you are looking for fabric labels for clothing, this roll of 100 labels from Haberdashery is a very good alternative. Made of 100% cotton, each of them seeks to offer comfort to those who use them, not only because of the material, but also because of its specialized design for sensitive skin.

They have good thickness, a characteristic that prevents irritation and discomfort. Its ink transfer system makes the labels long-lasting and, in addition to that, they adequately resist the dryer and the washing machine, without fraying, even at a maximum temperature of 60°. That is, none of these processes will erase the writing.

Ironing, fortunately, won’t damage the label either, so this won’t affect the way you care for your garments. The white background makes the black letters stand out and the printed name quite noticeable. For more customization, you can choose between an uppercase or lowercase font.

Lovers of classic designs will enjoy this roll of labels. Comfortable, easy to use and suitable for all types of garments.


Skin: A great advantage is that the labels are made for sensitive skin, so there is not much risk of irritation.

Quality: These labels are long-lasting so they can be used for a long time, no matter what type of clothing they are sewn on.

Resistant: This product supports, without problems, the washing machine, dryer and constant ironing.


Typography: It is not possible to choose the typography model, it can only be selected if the letters will be uppercase or lowercase.

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Labels for clothing to sew

Personal Labels RPS-100

Sew-on clothing labels are not only suitable for children, as adults can also benefit from them in various occasions, for example, elderly in residences and even university students who live in shared places where clothes can get lost. In this case, this model has the advantage of offering a very serious design in black and white, adapted to all ages, with an elegant cursive letter for the name of the person.

The measurements are 1.5 x 7.5 centimeters to have space for full names and the printing is of the best quality to avoid rapid deterioration with the use of a washing machine or constant ironing. This roll with 100 units included is made entirely of sateen, a type of cotton known for its shine and softness. Therefore, you will be sure that you will always feel comfortable when sewing each label to the garments.

This pack of 100 stylish labels is a good buy for anyone who wants to identify their garments to prevent theft or loss.


Design: The black and white design. Added to the cursive letters, they give the labels an elegant look. Ideal for all types of people, adults or children.

Materials: Satin is not only a strong material, but it is also a fairly soft material, so you will be comfortable and confident at the same time.

Size: The dimensions of the labels offer enough space to write the full name.


Sewing: Sewing them takes a bit of time, so fitting them to each garment can be a tedious process.

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Labels to mark clothes

Edding 141-1-01

Due to their functionality and ease of use, these labels to mark clothes are very popular among users, since you only need to use the iron to fix them on clothing, so it is not necessary to know how to sew.

With rounded corners so as not to bother children, these can be considered the best labels for clothing because they do not cause itching or irritation on the skin, the most common complaint of children regarding this type of accessories. 

Regarding its dimensions, each unit of the kit measures 4.5 x 1.25 cm, enough space to write the child’s name, and there are a total of 25 labels that are included plus the marker. According to the opinions of the users, this product is functional and resistant to washing, as well as being easy to put on thanks to the very explicit instructions of the manufacturer. 

Due to its characteristics, this model can be considered the best clothing label of the moment, and for this reason we summarize its pros and cons below. 


Adherence: The adhesion system with the use of heat is very practical and easy to apply, since step-by-step instructions are included to do it in a short time.

Resistance: Both the labels and the marker show an efficient resistance to washing.

Kit: The set includes 25 labels and the marker for an affordable price, and is also available in presentations of 50 and 100 labels.

Design: The labels measure 4.5 x 1.25 cm and have rounded edges so as not to disturb children.


Washing: If you use a very strong washing cycle, some labels may come off.

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Labels for children’s clothing

Juste Collar ETJS – 120

Among the best clothing labels of 2022 is this model, which owes its inclusion in our list to the good opinion of users. Their main attraction is that they are very easy to use, you just have to remove the label from the sheet on which it is placed and stick it in the place you want to use it. It is important that you do it following the manufacturer’s instructions so that the adhesive surface can be fixed correctly.

In this sense, we can tell you that these labels for children’s clothing work both on garments and on all kinds of objects (boots, containers, toys…), which makes them very versatile and suitable for use in nursing homes, schools, day care centers, and even workplaces. In addition, they resist the use of the dishwasher and the microwave.

In the same way, your impression is well protected to extend its usefulness, since they have a protection sheet. You can also freely choose the color and decoration of the stickers, making them more personalized.

We know that you can feel really indecisive about which clothing labels to buy, so we present this model, which is beautiful and has quite attractive qualities. Next, we make a summary of them.



Self- adhesive: They have the property of being able to be placed directly on clothing, without having to iron or sew them, making them easy to use.

Personalized: These labels have the possibility of choosing the color of the letter and placing a motif to decorate them, which makes them much more striking .

Protection: As a way to preserve the integrity of the label for longer, the printing is laminated, extending its useful life.


Fastening: There may be some problems with the product sticking, according to a user, which can cause the label to be damaged, especially during washing.

Price: These labels have a higher market cost than other options with a similar finish, so their acquisition should be carefully analyzed.

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Custom Fabric Labels for Clothing

Label Tissées ET1-72

These are some of the cheap clothing labels in our comparison, although this does not compromise their quality, which is supported by many users with their positive comments about them.

To begin with, we must say that they are hard and resistant fabric labels, so they can last a long time without being damaged or falling off easily as they are well sewn. In addition, they can be used in any garment, stuffed animals, personal hygiene and bedding such as cloths, quilts and sheets, preventing them from being easily lost.

You should also know that the height of the product is 8 mm, with the necessary length to place the name. However, it presents the maximum limitation of 30 characters counting the spaces, so as not to overload the label.

Additionally, the manufacturer gives you the option to customize the font and color with 6 preset options for each of these custom fabric clothing labels.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest options, we recommend that you analyze this product and its characteristics that we leave below so that you can take advantage of its benefits without spending a lot of money.


Information: In these labels you can add your contact information (phone number) next to the name, which is beneficial in the case of children, the elderly or clothing such as coats.

Reuse: Because they are made of fabric, they can be reused in other garments, they should only be carefully unstitched and placed in the new piece.

Presentation: The manufacturer has the distinction of letting you choose the font of the printing and the color of it. Also, so you can give it a touch of style, you can choose a motif such as a boat or butterfly.


Hardness: To sew the product, it is best to have a sewing machine, since it can be a bit hard to do it by hand.

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Embroidered Clothing Labels

Marel Qsweet

Embroidered clothing labels can be used to discreetly personalize garments or, on the contrary, to give them an original and decorative touch, depending on the design of the patch.

For example, this label made by Marel has a long-width format of 8.2 x 2.2 centimeters, irregular edges and embroidery, as well as the name of the person within said space. In this way, the patch is suitable for garments for both children and adults, so you can place them on shirts, pants, jackets, backpacks, aprons, caps, among others.

Regarding the fixing of the labels, you will have the traditional method by means of careful manual seams or through the thermo-welding technique, that is, placing the patch on the textile and over it a damp cloth. Afterwards, it is only necessary to press the iron at maximum heat for no more than 20 seconds.

Here are the pros and cons of these custom clothing labels.


Washing: You can wash the garment as you usually do, since the patch is highly resistant.

Personalized: It is possible to personalize the labels with the desired name and embroidery color.

Use: These are patches that combine well with any garment, due to their asymmetry and well-cared finishes.

Fixation: You have the option of fixing the label with the iron or by sewing it with a needle and thread.


Adhesion: If heat is not applied correctly, labels may not adhere completely.

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How to choose the best clothing labels?

You need to keep a few things in mind when shopping for clothing labels. Quality, durability, resistance, quantity and even colors… all of these are important aspects to which you must pay attention in order to obtain the best labels, whether for children or adults.

Shopping guide

Design and customization

The design can easily influence the final price of some labels, therefore, how much it costs is directly related, most of the time, to the type of design of these products. The cheapest model is usually the one that is black and white, but, even if it is cheaper, you must take into account several factors before buying it.

Kids tend to get dirty very quickly, and if they don’t, they’re likely to come home from school sweaty from running around. Both of these things can influence cleanliness and very light colored clothing labels may be affected by this, getting dirty quite easily. In addition to that, since children constantly complain about the inconvenience of labels, acquiring colorful ones can also be a good strategy to encourage children to  use them without inconvenience.

Personalization is the most important part of the purchase, as this is what will make the label as similar as possible to your tastes. Choosing the one that allows you more customization options is a good decision. In this way, you will be able to select what will be written on the label, if decorative details will be added, what will be the size, color and type of letters that will be used and, finally, what background will be used.

This can also make kids feel more included in the shopping process and more excited to use the labels as soon as they get home.

Materials and type of adhesion

The materials, like the clothes, can change from one model to another. Therefore, in your guide to buying the best clothing labels, you must take this into account in order to ensure the comfort and durability you need. People’s main complaint about labels is that they are itchy and uncomfortable, so buying products made of soft materials can prevent this from happening.

Cotton is usually a good and cheap alternative, so it should always be among your first options for its quality and the comfort it provides. This is especially important when the label is on the inside of the garment, as there will be constant friction between the label and the skin.

The type of adhesion differs between one model and another. For that reason, it is also advisable to pay close attention when making a comparison of clothing labels. In this way, it will be possible to choose the one that suits you best. Among your options, you may find three types of label: iron-on, sewing, and hook-and-loop.

The first one is the most modern, adhered to the clothes by means of the continuous heat of the iron for a few seconds. This is the one that causes less discomfort because it does not protrude much from the fabric of the clothing. The seam is the classic design, sewn on the sides. This is usually the cheapest option on the market, but the one with the fewest details. The velcro one is the most practical because of the possibility of being able to adhere it to things that are not clothes, if desired. However, this may have a somewhat higher price.

size and quantity

Not all of us have names of the same length, therefore what is ample size for many may be insufficient space for others. Due to this, it is necessary to look at the dimensions of the labels before making the purchase, since the objective is that the article shows all the letters of what you want to be read.

Remember that this can also change depending on the type of font and the font size you use, so you must be very careful to avoid inconveniences when receiving the labels. Choosing the thinnest and smallest font for writing will allow you to have a little more space without changing the dimensions of the label. This is handy when dealing with a long name.

If you want to identify every item of clothing in your wardrobe, then it’s smart to make a single purchase of multiple labels. Fortunately, there are multiple options that offer rolls of up to 100 labels, in some cases more, to last a long time.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove glue from labels on clothes?

Special chemicals that act on the fabric without damaging it command really high prices. Some homemade tips can become effective suggestions to help you remove those difficult glue stains, without spending so much money.

Vinegar works as a great solvent that won’t harm fabric. It will be enough to soak the area well with vinegar and then start scraping; You will see how it begins to come off easily. Another simple technique is to place newspaper or white paper on the area, iron on it with maximum heat for a few seconds, scrape it and you will see it come off very easily.

Q2: How to sew labels on clothes?

If you feel comfortable with the sewing machine, it will be enough to position the label where you want it to be, however, using temporary adhesive to center it where you want it is a great idea before sewing it on. Pinning the piece can also be an option. The most recommended form of sewing for sewing labels, both by hand and on a sewing machine, is the straight stitch backstitch. This stitch is ideal for hemming or edging to show a straight seam.

Q3: How to make clothing labels at home?

The two most popular methods are the use of stamps or transfer paper. For the use of stamps, a cloth tape and special ink to mark on it are necessary. There is a diversity of stamp models and various fonts, the important thing is not to overlook ironing this type of label before washing it for the first time.

If you are good at working with programs like Photoshop, Paint or Word, you can design your own template taking into account that the letters must be mirrored. Then comes printing it on transfer paper and ironing it on the fabric at a not so high temperature. When you peel off the paper, you will be able to see how your label turned out.

Q4: How to stick labels on clothes?

Position the textile adhesive in the desired place, place the transfer paper, baking paper or, failing that, a cloth, on top, and let the iron rest on the area without moving it for about 15 to 30 seconds. The ideal temperature is cotton and no steam. Too low a temperature will not stick the label and too high a temperature could burn it. After a few seconds of waiting, lift the paper or cloth and you will see the label fully adhered to your garment. In order not to run the risk of affecting adhesion, a waiting time of at least 48 hours is recommended to wash the garment.

Q5: How to remove iron-on labels from clothing?

The iron is the key instrument both for sticking the iron-on label on clothing and for peeling it off. Unlike sticking with a medium temperature, the indicated procedure to remove it is to pass a very hot iron on the fabric below the area where the label is stuck. If not fully effective, reheating the label over the top with the use of paper may help peel it off by gently pulling it off. It is advisable that you use a clamp to avoid burns on your fingers.

Q6: How to make clothing labels in Word?

The steps to make labels in Microsoft Word are really very simple. Opening a new document is the first step, you immediately click on tools and, from the options that are displayed, you must choose the correspondence one.

To your right, the envelopes and labels option will appear. Once there, choose the option to add a document, so you’ll be ready to write the text you want to appear on your label. From there, what remains is to print on the appropriate paper.

Q7: Why do clothing labels itch?

There are people with a higher sensory sensitivity than others. Very long, stiff or very rough fabric labels become unbearable because they cause itching or burning on the skin. Its shape and material can then be the generators of such discomfort. The most serious thing is to try to get rid of them. If you don’t cut them they can sting, but if you cut them they can sting and if you rip them you could damage your clothes by unstitching them. 

Q8: Which is better, iron-on or sewn-on clothing labels?

Due to the continuous complaints about itchiness or discomfort of the little ones due to the sewn or embroidered labels, the iron-on models can be considered the best option.

How to use clothing labels

Clothing tags are items that don’t seem to be much needed until they are really needed because an item of clothing has gone missing and whoever found it has no way of knowing whose it is and how to return it. This little item is

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