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Baby Thermometers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

In every family and home a thermometer should not be missing, especially if there are babies, as this instrument tells us if there is any health problem manifested through the increase in body temperature. For a few years, the marketing of mercury thermometers in the European Union has been prohibited, therefore, you should purchase a digital and infrared instrument designed especially for children. These devices are responsible for taking the temperature much faster and with great precision, so that the child is not bothered. If you are thinking of buying one of these products, we have prepared this comparison, presenting you with digital thermometers such as the Chicco Basic Digibaby, a simple thermometer that allows 3 measurements: rectal, axillary and oral. On the other hand, there is theNuvita 1006, a nice dolphin with which the baby can play, while keeping you up to date on the temperature of the water in your bath.

Opinions on the best baby thermometers

There is no doubt about the usefulness of having a thermometer at home, especially when there are babies and young children. Thus, to help you make an intelligent purchase, we invite you to read our summary of the most outstanding products in this category, based on the experience of other users.

digital baby thermometer

Chicco Basic Digibaby

Keeping your child’s body temperature under control is something you should not ignore, especially in the face of any symptoms of illness or disease. For this reason, if you are one of the parents who prefer a digital baby thermometer, Chicco has this simple, light, compact model equipped with a comfortable plastic case that favors hygiene and portability; so you can take it in the diaper bag anywhere.

It is a 3-in-1 thermometer, since it allows taking the temperature in three parts of the body: oral, rectal and axillary; It also has an audible signal that tells you when the measurement has finished. Likewise, it is a device that has a digital screen that shows you the values ​​recorded in large digits, which favors its reading. In addition, it works with 1 included LR44 battery and has a low battery indicator.

If what you are looking for is a thermometer that is easy to handle, transport and that also gives you reliable measurements, this model could meet your expectations. Learn a little more about this device.


Value for money: It offers great features at an affordable cost, it also has the support of the Chicco brand.

Memory: The device is equipped with a memory that keeps the last measurement made.

Auto Power Off: To conserve battery life, the thermometer automatically turns off after a period of inactivity.



Rigid tip: A flexible tip that favors taking the temperature in rectal measurements is missing.

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Beurer 950.04

Beurer is a brand of German origin, whose history in the world of equipment aimed at personal health and well-being dates back a little over 100 years. Therefore, each of its products is characterized by having a high level of quality.

Sample of the aforementioned is this digital baby thermometer, with an original monkey design in yellow, white and brown; whose sensor offers a fast and accurate measurement of body temperature in a maximum range of 10 seconds. In addition, it incorporates a convenient front LCD screen with large digits, so you can monitor the data at a glance.

On the other hand, there is the auto-off mechanism added to the device, which helps save battery power, while the integrated audible alarm alerts immediately when normal temperature parameters exceed 37.8°.

Here, more details of this baby thermometer which has efficient operation.


Auto disconnection: You will not have to worry about turning off the thermometer after using it, since it has an auto disconnection system.

Alarm: You will be able to know when the body temperature has exceeded normal parameters, thanks to the audible alarm.

Measurement: With this device you will get a quick measurement, in a maximum time of 10 seconds.

Memory: Its memory system allows us to know the result of the last measurement, even when we turn off the device.


Backlight: A screen with a backlight is missing, but the numbers on the display are also easy to read.

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baby bath thermometer

Nuvite 1006


The colorful design of the thermometer, in the shape of a dolphin, is ideal for the baby to play with while enjoying the bath. However, the qualities of security and precision are other points to highlight.

This baby bath thermometer can illuminate its screen in two different colors (blue and red), to let you know at all times if the water temperature is in the optimal range or if it is too cold or hot. This is very practical so that you don’t have to read the numbers, since the device will interpret them for you.

On the other hand, its use does not end with bath time, since, being able to measure the temperature of the room and having a decorative appearance, you can always have it visible. 

This versatile thermometer has a lot to offer, so you should analyze its qualities in detail.



Versatile: It is a two-in-one thermometer, since it also includes the function of an environmental thermometer.

Impermeability: Due to its waterproof design, steam does not fog the screen. You just have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to place the stamp correctly.

Easy reading: The device is capable of interpreting the information and activating light changes, to make its use a more intuitive process.

Floating: Because the toy is able to stay on the surface, you will not have to search for it during the bath to keep track of the information.



Color: The dolphin has a lighter tone than the one seen in the photos, but this does not affect its effectiveness.

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Infrared baby thermometer

Abody Infrared

Abody is a manufacturer with a recognized track record, whose products have achieved great positioning due to their efficient and intuitive operation. For this reason, it is not surprising that this infrared baby thermometer is one of the favorites of users. 

The casing has been made of medical-type ABS polymer, which is a highly resistant material, pleasant to the touch and quite light. In addition, the structure facilitates practical handling due to its ergonomic format with side buttons for adjusting the working modes, whether to calculate body or room temperature. 

Similarly, its fast-on infrared trigger provides a near-instantaneous and fairly accurate measurement, with an error margin of just 0.2°C. The LCD screen, meanwhile, has large digits and backlighting, so you won’t have any problems using the device at night.

This digital thermometer from the Abody house offers you an ergonomic and intuitive design, whose positive and negative aspects we present below.


Auto Power Off: The thermometer will automatically power off after detecting 15 seconds of inactivity, thus providing efficient power consumption.

Usage: This device is suitable for measuring body and ambient temperature.

Manufacture: Medical-type ABS polymer was used for its manufacture, which is free of toxic agents, hence its use is harmless to the body.

Display: Its backlit display offers quick reading day and night.


Batteries: Due to the fact that the equipment works with alkaline batteries, you will have to periodically make a small investment to acquire the spare parts.

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Baby laser thermometer

CocoBear Digital Infrared

CocoBear has a digital thermometer for you whose main advantage is that you don’t need physical contact to take the temperature, since it works with infrared sensors.

It is a comfortable device to use that has a size of 16 x 10.2 x 4.2 centimeters and a weight of just 231 grams, so you can easily hold it with one hand. It has a large, backlit display that can change color based on temperature range, as well as an audible alarm if it detects variations too high to be aware of.

Another advantage of CocoBear’s laser baby thermometer is that it can change its mode based on the type of measurement to be made: to the body, to a surface or to a room, so you can use it for more things than you imagine..

If you are looking for a non-contact thermometer, you can evaluate the pros and cons offered by the CocoBear model:


Modes: The different modes of use of the equipment will allow you to get more out of your investment.

Screen: Its screen has a backlight so you can see the readings in the dark if you need to.

Memory: The storage of the temperatures taken will allow you to keep a record to inform the doctor.

Certificate: It has its respective medical certificate to guarantee its safe use and operation.



Variation: Depending on which area of ​​the body you aim at, you can get variations in the temperature result.

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baby forehead thermometer

SIMBR Digital With Alarm

From the SIMBR brand we present you an option in baby thermometers that could catch your attention thanks to its modern and ergonomic design.

This equipment can be used with children and adults thanks to its capacity, in addition to not needing direct contact with the skin, so it is safer to keep sterilized. It displays readings on a high-contrast, backlit display that will tell you details like whether to be alert, if the patient has a fever, or battery life status.

On the other hand, this baby forehead thermometer guarantees an accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C, offering reliable results that, if you wish, will be stored in the device’s memory for follow-up and you will not have to worry about buying the batteries separately, as they are included with the purchase.

In case you have been interested in this model, below, you will find more details about its features:


Design: SIMBR equipment has a modern design and is lightweight for easy use with children.

Memory: You can store up to 32 temperature readings in case you need to review them later.

Alarm: It has an acoustic alarm in case of fever detection to notify you.

Power Off: If not used within 10 seconds, the thermometer will turn itself off to save power.



Instructions: The equipment’s instruction manual is not in Spanish, but it is quite intuitive even during its first uses.

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baby water thermometer


Knowing the exact temperature of both the water with which we are going to shower the baby and his room is a very important measure that will help you always keep him comfortable. For this reason, the acquisition of a baby water thermometer is recommended, being a good purchase option this model from the MINILAND BABY house.

It is a multifunction thermometer, which provides an exact measurement of water and the environment, but also serves as a clock, timer and bath toy for the little one. The structure has dimensions of 9 x 12 x 9 centimeters, weighs 109 grams and its design is in the shape of a nice bee.

For the manufacture of this model promoted as the best baby thermometer, a rubber-type polymer of medium rigidity and respectful of the environment was used, which gives it a pleasant soft touch, similar to the touch offered by rubber ducks. The equipment is completely waterproof and requires a pair of LR44 batteries for its operation.

This thermometer not only measures the temperature of the bathtub, but also serves as a clock, timer and bath toy, so you shouldn’t let it go unnoticed.


Dimensions: It has a compact and lightweight format of 9 x 12 x 9 centimeters and 109 grams of weight.

Manufacturing: Its body is made of robust rubber, duly certified and with a soft touch.

Design: Its casing is bee-shaped and the center incorporates a reading screen.

Batteries: The equipment was supplied with a pair of LR44 batteries for its power supply.


Reading: The reading time could be a bit delayed compared to other models.

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Other products

e-TakesCare Tucky

Remote technology has also been present in thermometers, which is why the market offers you this model that is widely accepted by parents. It is an adhesive thermometer that is conveniently placed in the child’s armpit, with which you can monitor body temperature from your mobile. You will only have to download an application in a reliable health host and monitor without distance limit, the medical condition of your child.

It is especially useful in cases of children with fever spikes or those suffering from convulsive states. Likewise, it is a thermometer that also works as a position monitor, so it alerts parents in case the baby is in danger of suffocation. On the other hand, you can adjust the alert temperature limit and you will also receive a pack of 5 double-sided hypoallergenic stickers.

It is a product that enjoys a good reputation on the web. For this reason, you might be interested in knowing more details about this thermometer.


Design: It offers a flexible, lightweight, hypoallergenic design that is easy to install in the child’s armpit.

Recharge: It is a model that is easily recharged through a micro USB port and provides a week of autonomy.

Continuous and alert taking: The thermometer takes and records the temperature continuously, without disturbing the baby and emits an alert on your mobile when it exceeds the established limit.



Adhesive tapes: A greater number of adhesive tapes to fix the patch is missing.

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How to choose the best baby thermometer

Not all thermometers for babies fulfill the same function, since some are aimed at measuring body heat, others for the temperature of the water in the bathtub or in the child’s room. Likewise, it is common to find multifunction models, which are usually the most favorable if you focus your purchase on practicality and economy. To help you, we have prepared a short guide to buying the best baby thermometer, in which we explain the main aspects to evaluate for a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

Format and use

Any comparison of thermometers for babies must evaluate two aspects of great importance in this type of product, being the case of the format and the use of the structure. The market offers you a wide range of these devices, thus offering various formats. In this sense, you can get thermometers with a linear, ergonomic structure and provided with a flexible bulb. There are also thematic models, whose casing recreates a child’s figure, so they can also be used as a toy during bath time.

Baby thermometers can become quite functional. For example, there are devices that have an adjustable working mode, so that with the same equipment you will be able to measure the body temperature and that of the environment, as well as others that have been provided to let you know the degrees of heat of the water, of the bottle, food or room. All this with the push of a button.

Manufacturing materials

The raw material for the manufacture of a baby thermometer can determine how much the equipment costs, being a specification that cannot go unnoticed, since it is a device that will be in direct contact with the delicate skin of the infant. So, when selecting the product, the important thing is to investigate a little about what kind of materials were used to make it.

Traditional temperature measurement equipment was made of glass and contains mercury inside, which can become highly polluting if the thermometer breaks, so its use was prohibited.

Currently, manufacturers opt for rigid or soft rubber-like polymer, depending on the product model. In this sense, what you will have to worry about verifying is that said case has a soft touch, as well as that its manufacture is free of contaminating agents such as BPA.

power supply

Some thermometers require the incorporation of batteries to carry out their operation, so, before finalizing the purchase of the model that caught your attention, it would be important that you investigate a little about this feature.

Remember that the equipment can be good and cheap, but if its power supply runs out very quickly, then it will not be a good option. Keep in mind that by renewing the batteries frequently, you are spending extra money and time, by having to go to the store to buy them or wait for the shipment to arrive, in case you make the purchase on a website. For these reasons, you will need to double check the shelf life offered by such add-ons. The batteries mostly attached by manufacturers are lithium-metal, alkaline or LR44.


The subject of reading offered by baby thermometers covers several aspects such as the screen, which is the means by which we are going to visualize the degrees of heat. Therefore, it is important that this area offers large digits and, if possible, feedback, so that you can make a quick reading at all times.

Regarding the measurement units, it is recommended that you purchase a model that incorporates a selection mode between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on your taste and need.

We cannot fail to corroborate the speed of reading the device, which varies from 5 to 30 seconds. In the same way, inquire about the precision provided in each of the measurements, since there are many devices that show a margin of error of up to 0.5 degrees.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, ultrasonic or digital baby thermometer?

There are some differences between the two technologies, but both devices are capable of offering a fairly accurate measurement of the baby’s temperature. Ultrasonic thermometers are devices that do not require direct contact with the child, and can be used to measure the heat of food, bottles and even bath water. For their part, digital thermometers work by means of a sensor and bulb, which limit their use only to register body heat through three routes, such as the oral, axillary and/or anal.

Q2: How to change a baby thermometer from body to environment?

These types of changes with respect to the temperature measurement provided by the device will depend on the type of thermometer purchased, since not all of them have been provided with the same working modes. So the first thing you should do is take the instruction manual and read it carefully, which will allow you to document the correct way to change the type of measurement from body to ambient mode or vice versa.

The process is usually quite simple and quick to execute, it is only necessary to press the button indicated in the structure.

Q3: Is the sticker baby thermometer reliable?

The stickers to measure the temperature of infants have begun to take over the pharmaceutical market, which every day expands the range of options for the well-being of the little ones in the house. This product has several presentations, as well as the endorsement of the European Community EN71. Regarding the accuracy in each of the measurements, unfortunately it is not positioned among the most reliable, since it has a margin of error of approximately 0.5 degrees.

Q4: How does a baby finger thermometer work?

This type of thermometer offers a fast measurement and a proactively intuitive method of use. You will only have to take the small structure that makes up the device and place it in the indicated area of ​​the thumb. In this way, in a period of approximately 15 seconds, the infrared sensor incorporated in the device will project the body temperature on the upper screen. This can be expressed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Q5: How to use a digital thermometer on babies?

To use a digital thermometer in babies correctly, the first thing you should do is disinfect the bulb of the device with alcohol. Then, you can proceed to turn on the equipment, verifying that its screen is at 0 and, therefore, a previous measurement does not appear projected on it.

The last step is to select between the mouth, armpit or rectum to take the temperature. In the first case, you need to place the bulb under the infant’s tongue and try to keep his mouth closed. For its part, when placing the thermometer under the armpit, you will only need the child to be with the area uncovered. Finally, if you want to measure the body heat of the little one through his rectum, you will have to apply petroleum jelly to the bulb and introduce it to a depth of two centimeters. Whichever option is used, you will have to wait for the alert beep to remove the thermometer.

Q6: What is the most accurate baby thermometer?

Currently, the thermometer that offers greater accuracy is the digital type, which has a thermistor responsible for measuring the child’s body heat in a time that can vary from 15 to 30 seconds. This is a small device made of semiconductor material, which detects the temperature according to the resistivity variants found.

It is important to mention that these thermometers, apart from being reliable, also have other advantages such as being made of environmentally friendly polymer and being able to be used orally, rectally or under the armpit.

Q7: Where to throw the baby thermometer?

When throwing away your thermometer, you should take some precautions. So if it is a mercury instrument that fell on the ground and broke, you will have to be very careful when picking it up. Avoid direct contact with hands and place it in a respectively closed non-metallic container. Then, take it to a clean point in your community so that the relevant companies take care of this waste, which, by the way, is highly polluting. Regarding the models that work with batteries, you should remove these components and, in the same way, find out about the places where they are recycled.

Q8: Why doesn’t my baby thermometer go down?

If your mercury thermometer doesn’t go down, you’re probably shaking it too lightly. For their part, digital thermometers may sometimes be outside the temperature range, requiring you to press the off button and turn it on again. If both indications do not work, then you will be in the presence of an internal failure.

Q9: When to change the baby thermometer?

Thermometers are devices that generally have a long lifespan. Of course, if we respect the regulations for use recommended by the manufacturer when using them. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a digital, ultrasonic, water or ambient thermometer, if you notice that the measurements start to be inaccurate, you should consider changing the device, since it is possible that there is something wrong with the sensor., the battery area or the bulb.

On the other hand, there are the traditional thermometers, with which you must be even more careful. Remember that his body is made of glass and if he fell to the ground abruptly, it would be the end of his function.

Q10: At what temperature does a digital baby thermometer show a fever?

The temperature that indicates a fever alert on a digital thermometer is 37.8 ºC or 100 ºF at the oral level. For its part, when you perform the rectal measurement, the fever will be considered from 38 ºC or 100 ºF and in the armpit it corresponds to 37.2 ºC or 99 ºF.

How to use a baby thermometer

Baby thermometers are a measuring instrument that cannot be missing in any home, since we do not know when we may need them. The models are varied, as is the technology with which they have been provided, generally offering a fairly intuitive operation. If you want to know more about them, you should continue reading the next section, in which we tell you step by step how to use a baby thermometer.

Take the thermometer out of the package

Once you have the purchase package in your hands, you must open it in order to extract the thermometer. In this way, you will be able to verify the good condition of the structure, being necessary to make sure that it does not have any kind of scratch or crack. Likewise, it verifies if the batteries necessary for its operation have been incorporated. If so, you can press the power button to verify that the device is operational. Finally, check that the manufacturer has attached the respective instruction manual.

Read the instruction manual

Without a doubt, the use of a baby thermometer may seem like a fairly simple and even intuitive task for any parent, but it never hurts to read the instruction manual attached to the purchase. In this sense, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the operation of the device, learn about aspects such as the measurement time it provides at the body, water or environment level, the type of reading in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit, the cleaning and storage method, among others..

Disinfect the thermometer

If your thermometer has a bulb, you will have to disinfect it with alcohol to eliminate any bacteria that is in it. Remember that this type of instrument will be in direct contact with the child’s mouth or anal area, which are quite prone to picking up some type of infection.

On the other hand, devices with a compact structure that are placed in the bathtub to measure the water or in the child’s room require another type of cleaning that you can do with a cloth and neutral detergent, being careful to dry them correctly after each use. The same case occurs with ultrasonic equipment.

turn on the device

All thermometers that rely on an alkaline or lithium battery for power will need to be turned on by a button built into their body. So you must take the thermometer, identify the switch and press it until the screen lights up.

measure the temperature

If you have a digital thermometer, you will need to place it under your tongue, in your armpit, or in your anal region. Then, you will have to wait to hear the respective beep at the end of the measurement, in order to display the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

If the thermometer is a sticker, you just have to place it on your forehead and wait for it to mark the measurement. On the other hand, the devices arranged for the bath water or the room temperature simply mark the current measurement on the screen.

Infrared thermometers for babies: harmless or dangerous?

With the banning of mercury thermometers in Europe, new technologies have allowed the development of instruments to measure body temperature, but they still generate some distrust in people. Many people believe that the accuracy of mercury

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