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Urinals – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When our children are growing up, there is a very important stage to which we must pay as much attention as possible, and that is when sphincter control begins and finally begins to leave the diaper. For this reason, it is so necessary to have a good baby potty that makes you feel comfortable, that is firm, does not leak any liquid and if it incorporates extras, much better, because in this way, it will be easier for you to get used to the idea of go to the toilet There are numerous options on the market, there are some that include patterns or shapes from an animated series, and even music. Thus, doing a search, we can highlight the Fisher Price Cuá Cuá 3 in 1 modelwhich has a nice duckling shape that provides a comfortable environment for our child, as well as being used in three different ways. On the other hand, we have the BabyBjörn 055113 with a high backrest and armrests for the comfort of our little one, which has a traditional and compact design so as not to take up much space.



Opinions on the best urinals

The process of sphincter control is totally different in each child and can start as early as two years of age, however many pediatricians and experts agree that the child should not be pressured if he is not yet ready to completely leave the diaper. The accompaniment that parents carry out with the child is very important so that he increases his self-confidence and can efficiently control her physiological needs. For this reason, having one of the best potties of 2022 is a smart decision to offer your child the necessary tools during this process, which is why we present you 5 products that stand out in this category for their design, functionality and good rating among the users.

Fisher Price Quack Quack 3 in 1

If your child is in the transition between the diaper and the toilet, and you are looking for the best potty, we recommend you check out this Fisher Price model, a children’s potty that can be used in three different ways, the traditional one, as a seat for the cup of the toilet and as a stool to reach the sink.

As for the design, this potty is shaped like a duck, so it will create a pleasant environment that invites your child to use it. On the other hand, this model emits four melodies that reinforce the achievements of your little one and motivates him, for which it is necessary to use three AA batteries.

In addition, it also stands out for having a comfortable and high backrest that rises in the same way as the toilet so that you get used to it faster, as well as for including a splash guard.

When looking for the best potty of the moment, we found this Fisher Price model that is recommended by numerous customers for its three-in-one function that has helped them make the process of leaving the diaper on their babies easier.


Design: For your baby’s comfort, the seat has a high backrest and a duck design that will make him feel comfortable.

Melodies: It has four melodies that reinforce each of your children’s achievements when using the potty.

Seat: It can be used as a bench to reach the toilet bowl and the seat part can be removed so that the child can use the toilet like everyone else at home, in this way, your little one will advance further in his transition.

Anti-splash: The urinal incorporates an anti-splash protector that works not only when it is used as a bedpan, but also as a toilet seat.


Price: You should know that this product is the most expensive in our summary. However, its design and functionality support the investment.

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BabyBjörn 055113

This BabyBjörn model stands out among the best potties of 2022, as it has an ergonomic design that offers comfort to your child when he is leaving diapers. This product has a high backrest and armrests so that your child feels safe when sitting.

We also highlight that it is made of Bisphenol A-free plastic, so it is non-toxic when in contact with your little one. In addition, this model is easy to clean because it has a smooth surface without corners, preventing dirt from accumulating in certain areas.

On the other hand, the potty is available in seven vibrant colors that are turquoise, white, gray, pink, plain, green and green/yellow, so you can choose the one that your little one prefers. Another important aspect is that it incorporates rubber edges at the bottom so that your baby does not fall when using it.

BabyBjörn has a wide range of products for child development, which is why many users believe that it is the best brand of potties on the market, as it manufactures products free of toxic elements for babies. This model stands out in this category, whose pros and cons we point out below.


Safety: The lower part of this potty incorporates rubber bands that give the child stability and safety when he sits.

Backrest: The design of the potty is in the form of an armchair with a high backrest and armrests for more comfort for the little one.

Colours: This model is available in turquoise, pink, lilac, green, grey, green/yellow and white, totally unisex and very attractive tones.


Spills: One user comments that the splash guard works very well for girls, but not quite for boys.

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Jane 040306C01

As a concerned parent, you are surely looking for the best potty, so we can recommend you check out this Jané model that incorporates a music chip that is activated when you press the button that the model incorporates, and it can also be removed to change the batteries.

On the other hand, it is made of polycarbonate plastic that makes it resistant to support the weight of the child. Also, this model has a tank that can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

This potty also stands out for having a design that mimics the normal toilet, and is available in a nice combination of warm tones such as blue, turquoise and light green. Another favorable point is that the potty is suitable for use by children from 12 months to 4 years of age.

Before deciding which potty to buy, we recommend you take a look at the positive and negative aspects of this Jané model, which stands out for its beautiful combination of colors, in addition to other benefits that we summarize in the following section.


Materials: The entire structure of the urinal is made of resistant polycarbonate plastic to offer greater resistance.

Musical: Includes a musical device to make going to the bathroom more fun.

Tank: The potty tank can be removed to make cleaning easier.


Unstable: Several users comment that the center of gravity is in the front, so it tips over when the child is too big or too small.

Small: Other clients express that the tank is small, allowing liquid leaks in some cases.

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When we have to think about our budget without sacrificing the functionality of the product, we must look for the best price-quality urinal, which is why we include this Ikea model, since it is made of innocuous plastic, which, as its manufacturer indicates, is the same as it is used to make diapers, baby bottles and food containers, and its price is affordable.

This potty also has a base with non-slip material that gives it support to the ground and does not allow it to tip over when our child sits. Likewise, its design is designed to make it easier for us when cleaning it, because the tank is removed to empty it and then rinse it with soap and water. Another point that stands out about this model is its colours, since they combine white with apple green, which makes it an excellent piece of decoration for our toilet.

This is one of the cheapest products in this roundup, but it has several benefits that make it a smart investment for our children to become potty trained and diaper-free for good. We tell you below.


Non- slip: This potty has a base covered with non-slip material that gives stability to the little one, preventing falls.

Safe plastic: The potty is made of safe plastic, a suitable material for children, because with it the bottles are made, among other utensils.

Hygiene: The urinal tank can be removed to empty it and then wash it with soap and water, maintaining good hygiene.


Size: Some users point out that the potty is suitable for 24-month-olds, because when they are younger it is too big for them.

Extra: This model does not incorporate music or cover.

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Wishtime Potty 2 in 1

If you are still looking for cheap urinals, this portable model from Whistime may be the right choice because it is a 2-in-1 product that can be used as a bedpan or as a toilet seat.

On the other hand, this model is made of ABS plastic free of Bisphenol A, so it is safe for your child to use. It also has a detachable design, so your little one can use it at home and you can even take it on a vacation to the beach and continue its transition without complications.

In addition, its cleaning is very simple because you only have to lift the two tabs to remove the tank and empty it. Another outstanding aspect of this urinal is that you can place bags where the tank goes and thus you will only collect the content and you can throw it away, ideal for car trips.

So that you can decide between the options that we present in this summary, you should also review the positive and negative aspects of this model, as it stands out for being a cheap and functional option.


2 in 1: It is a model that can be used as a bedpan or as an auxiliary seat for the toilet.

Assembly: This model is designed so that you can easily assemble and disassemble its parts.

Bags: The urinal can be used with bags, so cleaning will be much easier.


Delicate: Several users comment that care must be taken when disassembling it, since its materials can break.

Toilet: Another client expresses that you have to see the model of toilet you have because the potty as an auxiliary seat does not fit in all the bowls.

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