Britax Römer DUALFIX Reviews

Main advantage:

This chair has multiple safety systems to protect the child at all times and especially in the event of impacts. In this sense, it incorporates ISOFIX connectors, a support leg, a 5-point harness and includes a space reducer for newborns that provides greater stability.

Main disadvantage:

The reclining system is not very efficient in the position to place newborn children, however, this improves from 15 kg when you can change the position of the seat.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Its surface is padded, thick and soft, as are its headrest and chest straps, so the child can feel more comfortable.

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Main Features Explained


The DUALFIX base is one of the most outstanding aspects of this product, since it makes it possible to turn the chair according to the most comfortable position for the baby. Also, it incorporates a practical anti-roll bar, which allows the child a good hold during the trip. In addition, it includes a cover that is quick and easy to remove, so you can wash it every time it gets dirty to maintain hygiene.

It includes a reducer for newborns, which is nothing more than an additional layer for the back of the seat, which prevents the baby from sliding in the seat due to the movement of the car, favoring a safer and more efficient retention, in this way, it will be firmly attached to the chair but not too tight.

The fastening straps that make up the harness have comfortable chest pads, which greatly reduce the pressure of adjustment, so the child will hardly notice that he is wearing straps. In the event of an impact, these types of straps are able to reduce the child’s forward movement without hurting him in any way, which is more confident according to the opinions of some parents.

As if that were not enough, the sides of the seat have a thick padded structure, indicated to provide greater softness to the child, but also increases protection in case of lateral blows or sudden movements while driving.


For effective use it is necessary to know that the headrest can be easily adjusted. In this case, there is a ring at the top, which when pulled allows you to increase or decrease the height of the headrest according to your needs and the size of the child.

Its harness has 5 anchor points for greater safety. Despite this, it is not complicated to operate or adjust, since in the lower front part of the chair it has an opening through which the strap that controls the others comes out, in this way, you only have to pull it with one hand to fit the child. 

On the other hand, this is one of the safest car seats of its kind, since it has been tested, designed and certified in accordance with the most demanding requirements of the European Regulation ECE R 44/04, which guarantees optimal conditions. of equipment manufactured to guarantee child safety. You can check the certification number on the orange sticker on the seat of this model.


It is important to highlight the use of the support leg, which provides greater stability to the chair and makes it an immobile structure within the sudden movement that can occur during an accident, thus avoiding its rotation due to external forces. This leg is commonly used for car seats of groups 0+ and 1, to which this model belongs. It is adjustable in height and must be placed according to the age and size of the child, taking into account the position of the chair.

To fix it to the car seat, it integrates the modern and efficient ISOFIX connectors, indicated to reduce errors during the installation of the seat. It is only necessary to push the rigid bars in their upper part against the rings of the bodywork, when clicking it will be correctly fixed for use. Therefore, this model does not have the most affordable price compared to other products, but it provides enough safety methods that many consider it to be the best car seat.

It is possible to rotate the seat 360° during its installation, in this way you will be able to place your baby in rear facing from birth until he reaches 15 kg, as specified by road safety regulations, later, you can place the seat facing forward until the baby reaches 18 kg, which is the maximum capacity of this model. On the other hand, it offers multiple recline positions, so you can provide the greatest comfort to your child, whether he is sleeping or awake.

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