Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller Reviews

Main advantage: 

The shape of the wheels and the suspension system are responsible for offering you rides on any terrain with the same ease as always, without so many bumps and with better stability. This is its most outstanding feature.

Main disadvantage: 

Considering some opinions, the cost is its great point against, because, despite all its positive qualities, the price is very high compared to other models of various brands.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The ability to adapt the product to your tastes and to provide you with a solution at every moment of your life when it comes to moving your baby makes this pushchair one of the most outstanding models on the market.

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Main Features Explained


The Bugaboo brand considers this great model as one of the best baby strollers in its product portfolio and one of the reasons behind this is because it is a multifunctional model that stands out for being able to adapt correctly to the different stages of the child and also to the different shapes you need to get more comfort.

It is possible to use this practical stroller from when your baby is newborn, since the base comes with an innovative system called “click and go” that will allow the adjustment of any brand carrycot to the base to carry the little ones. All that is needed is to spend a few minutes making the adjustment. As your child grows, you can also attach the stroller or car seat to the base and even choose its position, so that the child faces you or faces the street, if he prefers. This alternative of adjusting the stroller to your child’s growth will make your child more comfortable and safe, while you can be calmer.

The adaptability is not only limited to the needs of your child, since also the comfort that you can feel when carrying this stroller has been taken into account in the manufacture. This is due to the modular design of this product. The Bugaboo Fox gives you the ease of combining and customizing the model with handlebar covers or different rims so that the car can handle different terrains without any problem. The brand offers other types of complements and accessories so that, in addition to everything mentioned above, you can also attach bags to carry your child’s things, as well as adjust the structure to scooters. This last accessory can be used for an older child to sit on it and be comfortable in their own space.


The technical parts of the structure of baby strollers are also important, although few people really take the time to check these details before buying them. At first glance, this model looks small, so as not to take up so much space, however, it is possible to fold it super compactly and stand it up with dimensions of 66 x 54 x 19 cm. This is one of the most outstanding aspects of this product: its rapid reduction in size to facilitate transport and storage.

Both the chair and the carrycot are made of 600D polyester canvas, a resistant material that is also recycled. The hood, meanwhile, has greater hardness and resistance, as it is made with a mixture of the same material as the chair and a 750D polyester that is also recycled and has an excellent Teflon piqué finish. 

These small differences contribute to the extra protection of the hood, since, in addition to blocking the sun, it also offers a UPF 50 + safety layer against its rays. As if this were not enough, this piece is also waterproof, which means that neither the rain nor the sun will bother your little one. The seat, hood and carrycot covers are completely machine washable, which will save you time and effort when it comes to cleaning.

As for the capacity of this baby stroller, this model, despite having a maximum weight of 9.9 kilograms, manages to carry up to 22 kilograms without problems. Therefore, your little one will be able to use the stroller until approximately 5 years of age. In addition to that, the cart comes with a practical shopping basket at the bottom so you can carry all your essential items or those of your little one up to 10 kilograms in weight.

walking comfort

Something quite noticeable about the Bugaboo Fox model is the difference in size that exists between its wheels. This may look jarring from afar, however this difference in dimensions serves a purpose: to provide a better ride experience. The front wheels, which are the smallest, have a diameter of 8.5” each, while the rear wheels, which are the largest, have dimensions that reach 12” in diameter. The size of the wheels and their position combined with the central axis suspension system allows the cart to move adequately on asphalt, sand, snow and different terrains, with greater stability and cushioning. This means that the unevenness or potholes that may be on the ground will not be felt as much.

The ease of handling gives you incredible comfort when walking, since, as it does not get stuck frequently and is light, it is possible to steer and turn it with one hand, without problems. The handlebar, in addition to offering a comfortable grip, can also be adjusted in height to adapt to the position you need it to have more control. The stability of the product gives the sensation of directed driving that characterizes Bugaboo brand creations and this will be noticeable in open spaces and also on narrower paths, which are often a challenge with large baby strollers.

The comfort will not only be noticeable when walking, but also when interacting with your child, since the stroller maintains a raised position of 59 cm, which means that your child is always close to you. This little detail not only enhances the experience of talking to or cuddling with your little one during the ride, but also makes it easier to get them out of the seat or back into it.

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