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If we want our little ones to acquire a taste for traditional games, cards are one of those alternatives to consider. In addition, they are part of the ideal board games to integrate the whole family either inside the home or on an outdoor outing.


Getting the little ones away from technological screens could be difficult. However, the infinity of activities to enjoy in groups are diverse and their benefits are not left aside. Spanish card games favor mental speed in children, as well as their concentration and attention; They are even activities that encourage interpersonal relationships.

What types of cards to use? 

Children could play with poker decks or children’s playing cards featuring their favorite characters. But, if among the toys for children of 3 years old (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from) of age or older you do not have this type of cards, the little ones could also have fun with the classic deck of Spanish cards that differs in the world for the richness of its designs, with medieval inspiration, since in them you can see cards that have spades, coins, cups, and clubs. Which, refer to the different social classes of the time, such as the nobility, merchants, clergy and serfs.

Now, in addition to using them as the main element to do magic, they allow the execution of countless games, among which we can mention:


To play the broom it is important that children have good numerical skills, since the purpose of this game is to reach the maximum score by forming combinations that add up to 15 between one of the three cards in the hand and the uncovered ones left on the table.. Each time one of the players reaches that number, he will place the group of cards face down next to him and the turn will pass to the player on his right. Once everyone has played the three cards in their hand, a new distribution of three cards will be made to each player and so on until the deck is finished.


Quick response is the premise of this game, as your goal is to complete four cards of the same suit and avoid adding letters that complete the word donkey. To do this, according to the number of players, the cards are dealt and the group to be formed is defined, for example, four number 1 cards; for which they must go past the card they discard from their hand. The first to form the group of equal cards must say donkey and place his hand in the center of the table, whoever places it last will write down a letter in each game.


Among the card games for children, the liar requires a minimum of three participants, as well as that they run out of cards to win the game. At the beginning, the cards are dealt and the first player must place any number of cards on the table, be it a single, a pair, a trio or others and will have to affirm, with lies or not, to the next partner the cards that he threw. say, two jacks. His partner will decide if it is true or not, if he believes it he can continue with the play and throw more cards, but if he doubts it, he uncovers them and if what his opponent affirmed is correct, he keeps the cards, now if the one who affirmed it lied, you will receive the discarded cards again.

the five

Given the need to learn how to play cinquillo, the first thing to take into account is that whoever has the 5 gold will start the game by placing it on the table and the person on his left will continue placing the 4 gold, the 6 or else any other five. Subsequently, the other participants must also put a card higher or lower than the number already exposed, if any of the little ones does not have any option, he must try his luck and draw a card. The first player to get rid of all the cards is the winner.

Seven and a half

One of the players will have to assume the role of banker, who will have to deal the cards. The rest of the players must make a bet and from there, they will ask for or reject the cards dealt by the bank considering the sum of points that comes close to or exceeds their bet.

Each feather flock together

All the cards in the deck are placed face down on the table and each child will have to pick up two cards to form pairs, such as two kings or two aces, if they do not get pairs, they will give the turn to the next partner. The child who manages to get the most pairs of cards wins the game. Among the card games for two little ones, each sheep with its partner is a good alternative, but for more fun the whole family could play it. 


The square

Like the previous game in the square, all the cards are also used, but it is played in pairs and one of its members will have to collect four equal cards. To achieve this group, the players must rotate the discarded card and when one of the children obtains the four equal cards, he must make a signal to his partner and he must say square. Now, if the opposing team discovers the key, they can say short frame, if it is accurate they win, but if it is the opposite, they continue the game.

There are many alternatives that could be considered to motivate children to free themselves from the world of technology. Whether it’s a soccer game for the boys, a manicure for the girls, a handy nail dryer for regular polish, or playing some of the best card games, they all make for the perfect excuse for family fun..

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