Challenges to do at home

Spending time at home with children does not necessarily have to be boring, it just takes better planning of the day. For this reason, it is never a bad idea to have a list of activities that, in addition to entertaining the little ones, always teach them something new, with the help of an adult.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep kids away from technology. In their desperation, many parents seek to buy an educational toy (here you will find some options to choose from) or come up with a thousand and one ways to motivate them to play in different ways and learn new things. However, spending a little more time with the kids and having a list of fun challenges is often enough to encourage them to get off the couch and laugh along with you.

20 fun tests and challenges to do as a family

Did you like the idea? Then take note of these 20 activities, which you can do with your child.

1. How many jokes can you tell in 30 seconds?

Making up jokes helps with creativity, remembering them helps with memory, and saying as many as possible in a short time sharpens the mind. This is a very educational challenge for children that will make everyone laugh.

2. The path from 1 to 50

On a sheet of paper, write the numbers from 1 to 50 in a random way and have your child draw a line joining the numbers in order. This, in addition to being fun, will help with fine motor skills.

3. The beaten egg

Before eating, break two eggs and place each one in a bowl. Challenge your child to see who can last the longest while beating the egg, without making any messes and without stopping.

4. Frozen!

This is one of the best known challenges for elementary school children and is even played in schools. To complete the challenge it is necessary to dance until the music stops, at which point you will be frozen until it starts again.

5. Make a dessert!

Motivating your child to be interested in the kitchen is possible if the obligations become fun games. For that reason, make it a point to make a dessert with your little one and challenge him during the process to perform different steps of the recipe.

6. Twists and straights!

If you have a garden or a place with a padded floor, then this challenge is possible. Go around in one place five times and then try to walk in a straight line. Whoever gets the furthest before falling will win.

7. Shoot It Down

Use empty cans, empty plastic bottles, or even used toilet paper rolls. Take some small ball and roll it to knock down the target, like bowling. This will help with hand-eye coordination.

8. Paper pull-ups

There are many challenges for children at home who use toilet paper. In this case, it is about using a roll as if it were a soccer ball and doing pull-ups. Whoever lasts the longest without dropping it wins!

9. Don’t pour!

Cut a long strip of toilet paper and place it on a table. Put small rewards in a straight line.

On the opposite end to you, place a glass of water and begin to gently pull the paper, preventing the water from spilling and undoing it. The participant will win the reward closest to his last position.

10. What does it taste like?

A great tool if your child is a picky eater is to play “What does it taste like?”, since you will have to blindfold him and, through a game, you will motivate him to try different foods to try to find out what he is eating.

11. What does it smell like?

This is a variant of the previous game that is very good for stimulating the senses. To play, you must use different aromas such as perfumes, creams, foods, etc.

12. The air band

Among the daring challenges that you can do is “The air band”, because it is about inventing an instrument and playing it as if it were real. Moving the body, the hands and giving a great lie concert.

13. Create your instrument

Another version of the previous game can be to search for materials at home to make an instrument. For example, filling plastic bottles with rice to create maracas or playing drums with spoons and pots.

14. Fruits, vegetables and crazy things

You can get easy challenges and have the same maximum fun. In this case, sit down with your child and between the two of you invent a crazy recipe with various ingredients that usually do not go together. For example, an apple with cream cheese, carrot and chocolate. Dare to taste the result!

15. Kneeling Globe

Do you think you can go around your house with a balloon between your knees? And will you be able to beat your son? Do this challenge and find out who is more agile. Whoever drops it first or whoever reaches the finish line last loses!

16. Maximum aim

Place a bottle or a small box in the hallway and, from a distance, throw a ball that can fall into it. Of course, the objective should not be very big, otherwise, it would not be considered a challenge due to its low difficulty.

17. The water bottle

This challenge is very famous, not only for being fun, but also for its level of difficulty. It consists of taking a half-full bottle, throwing it and trying to make it land on its feet again. This is sure to guarantee lots of laughs.

18. The lame leg

Hop on one foot while spinning and try not to fall. You may miss due to lack of balance or it may be the laugh attack that does not let you win.

19. Blow a paper ball!

Grab a straw and have a few wads of paper handy. Put one of them inside the straw and blow as hard as you can. Whoever can go the furthest wins, so take a deep breath to get started.

20. Paint a picture without a brush

For this challenge they will have to use their imagination . You can use fingers, cotton, feet and whatever, except a brush. There are no winners here, just fun to the max.

In addition to these ideas, surely you can invent many more to entertain your little one and have fun with him. Remember that spending time with your child is beneficial for both of you and that they are memories that will always remain with your little one, with teachings and laughter.

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