Chicco Cuddle&Bubble Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a bathtub with changing table, which includes the accessories you need for your baby’s bath, such as a jug, organizer and a removable sponge container. In addition, it is adjustable in height and has a non-slip treatment, which improves the comfort of the child.

Main disadvantage:

If you decide to buy this product, you should take into consideration its large dimensions, since it needs adequate space for storage.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Chicco Cuddle&Bubble is a comfortable 2-in-1 bathtub, which incorporates a changing mat and accessories that allow you to maintain your baby’s hygiene during the first months of his life.

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Main Features Explained


This baby bathtub is designed to be used as a bathing tool as well as a changing mat, with dimensions of 82 x 65 x 107 cm when open. In addition, it has a very soft removable insert to accommodate the baby comfortably when the diaper is being changed, which provides maximum comfort. 

Additionally, this bathtub has the possibility of adjusting its height in 3 different positions for the comfort of parents while they are bathing the baby, or to change their clothes. The adjustment is intuitive, thanks to some buttons that incorporate the structure of the bathtub for quick closing.

Another detail that the design of this Chicco bathtub has is its ergonomic seat, which can be used in 2 different positions so that the baby is comfortable while you bathe him. In this way, he can be semi-lying down, which is perfect for when he is newborn, or sitting up for when he is over 6 months old. Due to these characteristics, this model has been cataloged by many users as the best baby bathtub, since their opinions are very positive.

In addition, this model is unisex and can be used without distinction by both girls and boys, since its gray color is quite attractive and matches the decoration of any environment. Although you can also choose this bathtub in silver or blue. 


The Chicco Cuddle & Bubble is one of the most purchased baby bathtubs on virtual sites like Amazon, because it is made of good quality, durable and resistant materials. Thus, this product combines plastic and aluminum parts as a whole, as well as soft parts with soft padding.

It is important to note that this bathtub changing mat must be used in babies aged between 0 and 12 months, as long as they do not exceed 11 kilograms in weight, to avoid any risk of the bathtub breaking due to improper use.

On the other hand, you should know that this bathtub can be folded for storage and comes with wheels for movement, so you will not have to worry about keeping it across the room or in the bathroom, being possible to find a small space to store it.

As for its cleaning and maintenance, there is no need to get too complicated, since this bathtub can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, without the need to use solvents or bleach, it is recommended to dry the metal parts with a dry cloth to avoid problems of oxidation and, in the case of the reducer, you only need to wash it with cold water and that’s it.

Accessories and mounting

Probably, the price of this Chicco model is a bit high for parents with tight budgets, but it is important to consider all the benefits that a bathtub with these characteristics provides for the comfort of the baby’s bath.

In this sense, we want to highlight in this model the incorporation of a drain, which facilitates the emptying of water, a suitable coupling to adapt the shower head, an emptying tube and a practical headrest.

And to facilitate the work of bathing the baby, this model includes a practical water jug ​​and a support to place the sponge. Also, you will notice that in the lower part it has a very useful space to store toys, towels or other personal hygiene products necessary for your little one’s shower.

As for the assembly, you should not worry because Chicco includes with the purchase a fairly intuitive instruction manual with defined images of how the bathtub and changing table should be assembled, explaining in detail the use of each piece.

Finally, it should be noted that you should be careful when bathing your baby and be close to him at all times, as there is a risk of drowning in very young children.

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