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Main advantage:

This bottle warmer stands out mainly for offering up to 12 heating programs, as well as the function that quickly defrosts the baby’s food. It is also a device compatible not only with Chicco bottles, but also with other similar models and even with jars.

Main disadvantage:

In cases of traveling with the baby, the adapter for the car cigarette lighter is missing. However, this detail does not detract from its efficiency and high quality.

Verdict: 9.9/10

According to the opinions of many buyers, it is a practical, functional product with a good value for money; so it is considered a recommended purchase.

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Main Features Explained

heat and defrost

One of the things that is on the order of the day when we have a baby at home is to prepare and heat the bottles. For this reason, technology is always on our side and in its quest to make our lives easier, it has created bottle warmers.

Today we present the Chicco Digital bottle warmer, a modern model equipped with advanced technology, which is why it is considered by many to be the best bottle warmer of the moment. It offers you up to 12 specific programs that can be easily selected on its control panel. Thanks to this technology, the appliance gradually and quickly heats breast milk, formula milk and any other baby food.

Compared to the microwave that produces variations in the temperature of the food, which could burn the baby, this device is reliable and safe; since heating gradually provides a more uniform heat. Likewise, it preserves the nutritional properties of milk unchanged, especially vitamin B, a fundamental element for growth.

On the other hand, thanks to the defrost function, your child will be able to feed on breast milk even if you are not at home. To do this, the caregiver will only have to take the bottle with the stored breast milk out of the refrigerator and heat it quickly and easily.


This Chicco bottle warmer is a practical and functional device, specially designed for all parents who have to deal with the daily feeding of a baby. It is a model that offers easy handling, even for first-time parents, since it has a digital screen and an intuitive menu that allows you to select the best option according to your needs.

Thanks to its control panel and its simple handling, you can program the heating of the bottle in advance. To do this, it offers a timer and an acoustic signal, which tells you the time in which the device has the food ready for your baby. According to the manufacturer, to heat 150 ml of milk to a temperature of 20°C, you only need 3 minutes and 50 seconds. In addition, it is capable of maintaining the temperature of the food for one hour.

Likewise, in order to avoid any accident, this model has the automatic shutdown function, which provides a plus of security and confidence, since it prevents the device from overheating. For this reason, you will not have to worry if it stays on, in case you forget when you leave the house, and you will not have to supervise the heating process either, since it does not need supervision.

Design and compatibility

It is a bottle warmer designed for domestic use and for its operation, it needs an electrical voltage of 220 volts. It is an easily manageable product, since it has dimensions that favor portability, which is why it offers you a weight of only 558 grams and measures 42 x 48 x 12 cm. You can easily put it on the counter or on any stable piece of furniture and close to a power outlet. In addition, its appearance and avant-garde design make it an attractive product for any kitchen.

On the other hand, it is a versatile product, since in addition to heating milk, it also gives you the option of easily heating any other food such as jars or creams. Therefore, it is a bottle warmer that provides compatibility with all Chicco bottle models and also with bottles of other brands; Likewise, it easily admits heating jars.

To improve the experience of heating food for your child, this device has a functional support that firmly holds both the bottles and the jars, which ensures their stability and prevents them from tipping over. You can use it from the birth of the baby and until the child is bottle-fed; however, it is also useful for heating any other type of liquid food or food with a creamy consistency such as porridge.

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