Chicco Next2me Reviews

Main advantage:

The adjustment of this mini crib in 6 different height levels makes it very versatile to adapt to various types of bed, which is very useful for practicing co-sleeping, even when leaving home and taking it on your trips, thus guaranteeing a comfortable and comfortable space. safe for the baby. 

Main disadvantage:

Some users think that it is not easy to get appropriate sheets for this crib due to its small size. However, Chicco offers a special set for this model.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This mini crib is functional for co-sleeping, due to its adjustment at different heights, in addition to its fastening system to the bed for greater safety of your baby.

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Main Features Explained

Adaptation and assembly 

The versatility of mini cribs cannot be ignored, since more and more families are taking advantage of their benefits to practice co-sleeping, that is, sleeping with their newborn babies without affecting their space. 

In this sense, the Chicco Next2me model is positioned as one of the best mini cribs, according to users, because it has an adjustment of 6 height levels that range between 66 and 81 cm. In this way, the crib can be adapted to different types of beds, with varied heights and without complications, so that you can take advantage of it during the first 6 months of your baby’s life, since this is the time of use estimated by the manufacturer due to to its reduced dimensions. 

In this sense, it is important to know that the crib measures 66 x 94 cm when it is fully open with a viable height of 69 to 81 cm, and when folded it occupies only a space of 20 x 57 cm. Therefore, it should be noted that the design of this product is also suitable as a travel cot, so if you like to go on vacation, the arrival of your baby will not be a limitation, on the contrary, it will add a new member to the adventure, and that is why you must ensure a comfortable space for him and what better than his mini-cradle to which he is already accustomed. 

Regarding the resistance of this product, it is necessary to ratify that its use is oriented for babies up to 6 months of age or that reach a maximum weight of 9 kg, since that is what the structure of the mini-cradle supports.

Regarding the assembly and storage of this product, you should know that it does not have major complications, since you do not need tools for assembly. In addition, it includes a travel bag, to store it comfortably or move it, remembering that its structure is light. 

Support and comfort

Before looking at the price of this mini crib, we recommend you review its fastening system, because, according to the opinions of many users, it is a simple but efficient mechanism. 

The Chicco Next2me incorporates two straps that help fix its base to all types of beds, including those with drawers, since its legs retract to be at the top, while the lower straps are attached directly to the bed frame, thus guaranteeing their irremovability.

In this way, the mini crib is attached to the bed, so that it is easier for you to have access to the baby at night, feed him and change his diaper, practicing co-sleeping with total safety during these first months of life, not to mention that the practice of breastfeeding will be favored by sleeping close to your baby.

On the contrary, if you want to further limit the baby’s space, you can keep the crib secured to your bed, but you can even close the folding side with one hand so that the newborn is protected, thanks to the zipper that greatly facilitates this process.. 

About this hinged side, it is worth mentioning, that it is also a mesh window that offers efficient air circulation for babies, as well as visibility for little ones to see around if they wake up abruptly, especially if you are using it. separated from the bed. 

Like any mother, you are probably wondering if your baby is going to sleep comfortably in this crib, and the answer is yes, because Chicco has incorporated a soft mattress to maximize comfort and good rest for the little one. In addition, he offers an additional set of duvet, bottom sheets, pillowcase and duvet, totally matching the colors of the mini-cot and that you can buy separately. 


Having a crib like the Chicco Next2me offers many advantages, especially for new parents who have that latent fear about the night care of the baby. 

First of all, the possibility of sleeping next to your baby in complete safety, without the risk of suffocation or crushing, gives you priceless peace of mind. In addition, the closeness with the little one during the hours of rest will allow you to attend to him better when he wakes up hungry or needs a diaper change. 

However, this model has some particular characteristics that increase its benefits, such as the wheels of the structure and the inclination of the base. The first considerably facilitates the transfer of the crib from one room to another, so you can carry out your daily activities without neglecting or losing sight of the baby while he sleeps, because you can take the crib to the different rooms of the house wherever you are. 

For its part, the possibility of tilting the base up to 4 positions will help the baby in case of suffering from reflux, thus improving his digestion, or if the little one suffers from a cold, you can adjust the position to favor his breathing, if he is very congested. 

Similarly, the mini crib offers a space solution for those small families who live in small apartments and do not allow themselves to have a room for the new member of the family. Among other things, you can take advantage of the different colors in which this product is offered to choose the one you like best and combine the area of ​​your room that you will share with the baby with those tones. 

Thus, you will be able to achieve a delicate space with matching accessories, set to receive the baby with great joy and meet the needs of your little one.

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