Chicco Polly2Star Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a fully adjustable highchair for babies, with an enveloping backrest and 4 inclination positions, as well as 8 height positions and 3 tray levels, indicated to offer total comfort to the baby.

Main disadvantage:

In order to prevent the baby from getting uncomfortable due to excess heat, this high chair should include a fabric cover to use in hot seasons, which insulates and prevents sweating.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a versatile and multifunctional baby high chair, since it can be used as a hammock from birth, as a high chair from 6 months and as a chair from 12 months onwards.

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Main Features Explained


The Chicco Polly2Start is a well-priced baby highchair with a fun design for children of all ages. In this case, its backrest has the painted image of a striking elephant with protruding ears to add an entertaining touch, but it is also available with a tiger design in yellow tones, a panda bear in gray tones, a chicken in orange tones and a cat in pink tones., so you can choose the one you like the most.

Also, it offers a totally evolutionary design, which grows along with the baby, so it can be adapted to immediate needs. In this sense, you can use it as a hammock from the first day of birth up to 6 months or up to 9 kg. Its use as a highchair is indicated from 6 to 36 months or when it reaches a weight of 15 kg. In addition, from 12 months onwards it can also be used as a chair.

The cover is made of latex, which is not only soft to the touch, but also repels moisture and food spills. It combines the colors red and gray, both in the structure and in the padding of the seat, which is an effective combination to attract the baby’s attention. Likewise, when it is used as a high chair, it has a wide adjustable tray in 3 positions, which includes transparent tray covers for better hygiene.


Another of the outstanding characteristics and for which it could be considered one of the best highchairs for babies is the versatility and functionality of its backrest, since it offers a wide variety of options to provide the baby with maximum comfort while eating. Among these features we can highlight the possibility of reclining in 4 positions, from sitting to the horizontal position, to promote relaxation after meals and during rest hours.

Another of the fundamental characteristics is the possibility of opening or closing its sides to provide a more welcoming place, especially in its first months of life, since it allows the baby to feel hugged and protected. In addition, this innovative wheel regulation system also adapts to the baby’s growth, since the backrest can be extended up to 8 cm more to provide ample space, with greater movement possibilities for children.

As a complement to the backrest, it also includes legrests with padded pads and adjustable in 3 positions, as well as a 4-position footrest that you can change according to the inclination of the backrest, which favors the baby’s good posture from its first months of life. until their early years, so you can avoid possible long-term back and spine injuries.


Regarding the dimensions and weight of this highchair, we can say that it is one of the most compact and lightest highchairs for babies according to the opinions of parents and experts, since if it is open it measures 54.8 x 91 cm in its lowest position. low and 110 x 83.5 cm high, while folded it measures 54.8 x 100 x 31 cm. Likewise, it weighs just 11.5 kg, making it easy to use, transport in the trunk of the car and store in any corner of the house, since it takes up little space.

It incorporates 4 unidirectional wheels with brakes on its legs, to be able to move it with total ease and park it on any surface, even with the baby inside it. In addition, when it is folded you can also move it freely, thanks to its 2 front wheels. Likewise, it is capable of maintaining the vertical position without running the risk of falling.

On the other hand, it offers the possibility of adjusting its height in 8 positions to adapt it to different types of table, which will allow the baby to share the mealtime with the whole family. However, it is important to remember that for the safety of the baby and the peace of mind of her parents, it is necessary to use the restraint system or seat belt to prevent falls.

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