Chicco Seat Up 012 Reviews


Main advantage:

The most remarkable thing about this Chicco model is its ability to recline, suitable for little ones in their first months of life. In addition, it has the ISOFIX system and universal Top Tether, which secure the little one in any car model.

Main disadvantage:

Initially its installation could be difficult for some users. But, following the manufacturer’s instructions and with constant practice, the coupling time is reduced.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is an approved seat that comforts and secures the child during car rides, since it has the possibility of adapting to their size and weight.

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Main Features Explained



When starting out in the selection of a car seat for your little one, you should not let the impression of the first opinions and even the price guide you in the purchase. First of all, you will have to take some time to choose the chair that meets your needs and that meets the safety criteria. In this sense, Chicco car seats have provided a high level of protection and safety for years in any situation.

In this case, it is recognized that Chicco Seat Up 012 complies with the ECE R44/04 safety regulation, which guarantees the ability of the product to comply with the essential requirements established in the European safety regulation ECE R44. Likewise, it is a model that, among many benefits, has a reversible design. In other words, it is a seat that could be used both in the forward-facing direction of the car and in reverse, as long as the child’s weight and height allow it.

According to statistics, this last alternative has turned out to be a useful option to keep infant mortality rates low, because by taking this measure in the car during the first years of life, the child will remain five times safer than doing it Looking forward.


The Chicco brand has set itself the goal of accompanying parents in the unique and unrepeatable moments that they will experience with their babies. For this reason, it has been characterized by offering a very complete selection of the best car seats so that the family can simplify the way of traveling by car, both in the daily routine and on long trips.

An essential point is to check, through the installation instructions, that the seat is compatible with the car; especially if the seat has particular shapes that could impede its stability. This model, for its part, incorporates the Isofix and Top tether system to achieve its correct installation.

Hence, it is a seat suitable for all car models, as it has three-point anchorage connectors, typical of this universal system. In addition, if you plan to change from one car to another continuously, this model is comfortable to transport and easy to install. 

To continue facilitating the task of parents, this chair also has a cover that can be easily removed for cleaning, because due to daily use, accidents and spills, it is essential to wash it frequently.


Versatility and comfort

Equipping yourself with a child seat that has been studied and developed to protect them guarantees a safe trip. But, it is also important to select car seats that comfort the little one while he is not in the arms of his parents. Chicco Seat Up 012 is not only made with good quality materials, which offer a high level of comfort to the baby during his stay in the vehicle, but also grows with the little one from birth to around 6, 7 years old. of age or 25 kg of weight.

This model is reclining in 4 positions, making it a convenient feature for the first years of the child’s life. Its backrest can be reclined in position 4 for groups 0, that is, a newborn; and in positions 3, 2 and 1 for children who can already use the chair in Group 1 and 2 mode.

This is a very effective alternative for children, regardless of their age, to rest in the car and arrive at their destination with energy. Finally, this chair has a fully adjustable headrest and harness, which allow its height to be adjusted simultaneously with the growth of the child, thus ensuring that the chair adapts to its height and weight.


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