Chicco Trio Sprint Reviews

Main advantage: 

Your comfort was also taken into account in the manufacture of this product and for this reason, this pushchair comes with handlebars that can be moved 360° to adapt to the grip you want to give it.

Main disadvantage: 

The instructions have not been entirely clear, according to the report of some buyers, so learning how to mount and deploy the first few times can be somewhat complicated.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The versatility, comfort, ease of use and the praise that this model has received make it one of the most outstanding baby strollers on the market.

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Main Features Explained


Versatility is one of the best qualities of this baby stroller, according to the opinions of the people who have purchased it. Babies a few months old do not have the same needs as small children who have already reached a year of life, so the great advantage of this product is that it can adapt to the growth of children. As the Chicco brand puts it, this is a 3-in-1 stroller and travel system consisting of a carrycot, stroller and car seat.

The model can be adjusted in different positions so that you can use it from the first months of the child. This can go sitting, if it is already bigger, or lying down, if it is smaller. When using the stroller, the child will go in the stroller with his back to you, however, before that, he will always be facing you so that you can see him at all times. In addition to this, when you need to go places where you cannot roll the stroller, the carrycot can be separated from the structure of the stroller, so you can carry your baby from one side to the other without the need for wheels.

The reducer to go in the car will also allow you to fit your child safely in the back of the car when you want to go for a walk with the family. In this way, your little one will be comfortable on the chassis of the stroller, in your arms or in the family car. Regardless of which stroller system product you wish to use, it can be used by the child from birth. The carrycot will support up to 10 kilos, the stroller has a maximum capacity of 15 kg and the car seat can carry children up to 13 kilograms, that is, approximately 3 years old.

comfort of use

The comfort of a child stroller system should be equitable for parents and children. There’s no point in your little one feeling like they’re traveling in a cloud of comfort if you have sore wrists, back and arms. To begin with, the product must be light, because you will add the weight of your baby to it and, if the stroller is very robust, you will have to make a great effort to move it. 

The Chicco Trio Sprint model weighs 9 kg. To these are also added the dimensions, since, if the product is very large, then the assembly, disassembly and storage process can take a long time. In this case, the size of this stroller system is 54 x 104 x 87 cm, while when folded it has these measurements: 39 x 95 x 32 cm.

The handlebars of this model are one of the best features, as they will give you a good grip to be able to achieve comfort. These small pieces stand out for having 360° mobility so you can maneuver the cart with ease and confidence. Additionally, they have a design with small protruding bars to prevent slipping. The handlebars can also be folded down for when you need to store the stroller. 

For your little one, comfort comes in the form of a wide mattress, of the correct thickness and reclining in 4 positions so that they can sit, lie down or whatever is most comfortable for them. All the parts in contact with the baby are soft so that their skin is always protected. The hood, meanwhile, will keep the child covered from the sun’s rays. To complete the comfort, this Chicco model gives you the opportunity to use a warm and comfortable leg cover that can be adapted to both the carrycot and the stroller.

Protection and security

Children not only deserve to be comfortable everywhere, but also to have the protection they need to avoid accidents. That will not only give them security, it will also offer you peace of mind. Having this confidence should be a priority when purchasing any product for children, regardless of whether this increases the final price a bit, because the best baby stroller is the one capable of giving your child a ride without the risk of bumps or falls.. Fortunately, this product offers this in many ways.

Many times you can go out with your child and encounter a sudden rain, however, with this product you will be able to continue your walk, because when it comes to protecting your little one from the rain or strong winds, this Chicco model gives you the opportunity to use a practical removable raincoat included in the purchase. On the other hand, another detail that makes the product safer is a removable front bar that will prevent your child from falling forward due to a sudden movement or crossing. In addition, this bar is padded to prevent accidental bumps.

The adaptability of this product to the child’s body, using its reducer for example, means that the child is in a safe position at all times, from birth. Newborns and babies in their first months of life will enjoy a three-point retention system for greater protection. 

It has a padded leg spreader to avoid irritating your skin and two shoulder harnesses that will keep you in a proper position. This is especially important, because, in addition to preventing him from moving from one side to another, it also prevents a bad position from deforming his muscles, affecting his motor skills, since very young children are very delicate in this regard.

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