Children’s Stories

Traditional children’s stories are often the first step in introducing children to reading, but they are also important for language development during the first years of life, as they improve concentration, attention and listening skills, which are essential for learn to speak and write.

There are many children’s stories, but this time we want to mention 10 short stories that are already part of the culture in many countries around the world. The idea is that you know what these children’s stories are about, so that you can more easily decide which one is the most suitable for the little ones in the house.

1. Pinocchio

This one of the short children’s stories preferred by children. It’s a story about the importance of doing the right thing. Because of disobedience, many inconveniences happen to Pinocchio; he grows his nose and turns into a donkey due to a dark spell. However, when he becomes a good puppet again, the Blue Fairy rewards him by turning him into a real boy. In this way, Geppetto and Pinocchio live happily ever after. In short, it is a good option if you are looking for stories for children aged three and up. 

2. The three little pigs

Among the stories with values ​​for the little ones in the house, The Three Little Pigs is one of the most popular. The story begins when the mother pig encourages her children to leave the mother’s house and build their own homes, since they are already grown up. The first little pigs build houses out of straw and sticks because they are lazy, while the third little pig, who is very hardworking, builds a house out of bricks despite being more difficult. Thus, when the wolf comes, he huffs and puffs, knocking down the two houses of the first ones for being weak. For this reason, the two brothers take refuge in their sister’s brick house, which is very strong and the wolf cannot destroy it. The English story was originally written by Paola Artmann. 

3. The ugly duckling

If you are looking for toys for children aged 3 years (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from) and older, this story may interest you. It is part of the classic children’s stories, but should be confused with Juan the duck, which is mainly a song. Instead, this is one of the most uplifting short stories for children. It all starts when the ugly duckling runs away tired of being made fun of on the farm, because he is different. One day, he sees some swans swimming in the lake and seeing his own reflection in the water, the ugly duckling discovers that he is not really a duck, but a young and beautiful swan, so he decides to swim towards his real family. 

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is one of the best-known scary stories, since it is about a princess and her stepmother. One day, out of envy for her, the queen orders the hunter to take Snow White to the forest and leave her alone with the wild beasts, however, the hunter lets her run away from her. Thus, Snow White meets the seven dwarfs in a small cabin. But the queen, learning that the young woman is alive, transforms into an old lady and gives a poisoned apple to the princess, who naively takes a bite, thus falling into a deep sleep forever. The dwarfs cry and place her in a glass urn, but it is here that the prince arrives and gives Snow White a kiss of love, restoring her life. 

5. Little Red Riding Hood

Another classic story for children is Little Red Riding Hood. It is the story of a girl whose mother orders her to bring some cookies to her grandmother’s house and warns her that she should not talk to outsiders. However, in the middle of the forest, Little Red Riding Hood tells the wolf that she is going to see her grandmother. When she arrives at the old woman’s house, Little Red Riding Hood finds her very changed, but she soon discovers that she is the wolf disguised as her grandmother, thus learning that she should never talk to outsiders.

6. The Emperor’s New Clothes

This is one of the most educational short stories for children. It is the story of an important emperor who wants to have the best suit, so some cheating tailors promise him that they can make one visible only to the intelligent, but that the ignorant will be unable to see it. The emperor wants to know who is ignorant in his kingdom and pays a lot of money for the supposed costume. Neither he nor anyone else can see the suit, but no one tells the truth so as not to appear ignorant. For this reason, the emperor goes out into the street without clothes and everyone pretends that he is wearing a wonderful suit, except for one child who claims aloud, “The emperor is naked!”

7. Hansel and Gretel

It is one of the popular stories that the little ones in the house like. It tells the story of two children named Hansel and Gretel, who are abandoned by their evil stepmother in the middle of the forest because there is no money at home to feed them. There a witch tries to turn them into gingerbread men, but with cunning the children manage to escape taking some jewels that the witch had. It is important to mention that this is one of the most outstanding children’s stories with drawings, since many illustrations have been made on the original text, being very attractive for children. 

8. The Frog Prince

It is one of the traditional tales of the Brothers Grimm. It is about a princess who makes a deal with a frog: she promises him that if she retrieves his golden ball that has fallen into the pond, she will share his pillow and her plate. However, upon receiving the prized ball from her, the princess soon gets fed up and kicks the frog out of her bed. The frog tells her that if she gives him a kiss from her, he releases her from her deal. In doing so, the princess sees the frog turn into a handsome prince, so they eventually get married and live happily ever after.

9. The Golden Goose

Among the children’s short stories we must mention The Golden Goose. It is the story of a woodcutter and his three sons. On their way to chop wood, the two older sons pass without paying attention to a thirsty and hungry man who asks for food, however, the youngest son, nicknamed Clumsy, shares his food with the man. As a reward, Clumsy gets a golden-feathered goose that takes him on fun adventures. Thanks to this, this work is among the best stories for elementary school children.

10. The Shoemaker and the Elves

It is another of the classic children’s stories that children enjoy a lot. It tells the story of an old shoemaker who, together with his wife, is having a bad economic time. However, one night he leaves a roll of leather on the table and the next day he finds some nice shoes that he immediately sells for a good price. 

After repeating the same action several times, the shoemaker discovers that some elves are working all night to turn the leather into colorful shoes, so he and his wife decide to leave a gift for the little helpers. Thus, the goblins feel satisfied and free to go and collaborate in another house. For this reason. The Shoemaker and the Elves is one of the children’s stories to read before bed.

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