Choose the best value for money diapers of 2022 for your child

There is no doubt that disposable diapers provide quality of life not only for babies, but also for parents. However, since it is a product that will be in direct contact with the child’s skin for more than two years, it is essential to know how to choose the most suitable one.

It is expected that from birth until the child goes to the bathroom alone, approximately 4,860 diapers can be used. This figure is based on an estimated average of 8 diapers per day for the first 4 months and 5 diapers per day until the age of 2.5 years. As parents, we must be vigilant and make sure that the child is always kept dry and comfortable; For this reason, diaper change is as important as feeding.

Learn about the analysis carried out by the OCU in 2022

Diapers are a product of first necessity when you have a baby at home, they are used during the first 30 months of life and even a little more; according to the childhood development of each child. For this reason, it is essential that parents know how to choose the best diaper for their child, a diaper that has a comfortable design and that provides the best absorption; without neglecting the importance of cost, since it is a product of mass consumption.

In this sense, in order to provide parents with relevant information regarding the best brands and their products, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has released its new ranking of the best diapers for children 2022. For this ranking 14 brands dedicated to the manufacture of disposable diapers were analyzed, in a range that goes  from diapers for 9 months to 2 years; likewise, it was studied which is the most sold and which is the most used.

The results of this study were based on tests carried out in a reliable and accredited laboratory, as well as practical tests that were applied to parents with their children. The aspects to be evaluated were the following:

1. Rate of absorption against different amounts of synthetic urine, in day and night use.

2. Losses or escapes produced after the maximum absorption of the diaper.

3. Quality of the closures to put on and take off the diaper.

4. Chemical safety in search of dangerous substances, such as polycyclic aromatics or hydrocarbons.

Here are the surprising results of the study

According to the results presented by the OCU, the white brands (Eroski, Lidl, Deliplus and Carrefour) offer an average of 0.17 euros for each diaper; representing half of sales. While manufacturer brands can cost from 0.29 to 0.44 euros in the case of some Dodot diapers; this brand being the one with the largest market share.

An interesting aspect revealed in this recent study is that none of the brands analyzed presented harmful chemical substances in their diapers; which adds a plus of confidence for parents. Next, the analyzed brands and their score from best to worst.

1- Diapers Dodot Pants, has managed to position itself as the best Dodot diaper in this rigorous test, obtaining a score of 94/100. They turned out to be of very good quality, highlighting their design in panty format and their ease of removal. Its disadvantage is its high price, an average of 0.31 euros per unit.

2- Dodot Protection Plus Activity Extra Absorption diapers, is the diaper that occupies the second position, with a score of 94/100. Highlights its excellent leak-proof absorption, good fit and ease of putting on. Its downside is that it is the most expensive diaper in this study, 0.44 euros per diaper.

3- Diapers Dodot Protection Plus Activity, leads the number 3 position managing to be classified as a good quality diaper, with a score of 92/100 and a cost of 0.31 euros.

4- Dodot Baby Dry Extra Absorption Diapers is the next product on this list, with a score of 91/100 and a price of 0.27 euros per unit. It is categorized as very good quality.

5- Dodot Baby Dry Diapers is fifth in this OCU ranking, with a score of 91/100 and an average cost of 0.23 euros for each diaper.

6- Chicco Dryfit Advanced diapers, this product represents the recognized Chicco brand, its score is 82/100, its classification is of very good quality and its price is 0.39 euros per unit.

7- Huggies Ultra Comfort diapers, Huggies has also been present with a score of 75/100 and a price of 0.23 euros per diaper.

8- Deliplus Diapers obtains an average score of 74/100 in this study, since despite having a low price (0.15 euros per unit), its absorption level could be improved.

9- Chelino Fashion Love diapers, are good quality diapers that offer a price of 0.19 euros per unit and the score obtained is 73/100.

10- Moltex Bio Baby diapers are on sale for 0.32 euros per unit and in this study they achieved a score of 72/100.

11- Lidl Lupilu Maxi Diapers are good quality diapers (71/100), valued by parents for their ease of putting on and taking off, as well as for their low price of 0.15 euros. Its disadvantage is given that it does not have a rapid absorption.

12- Carrefour Baby Diaper Maxi, obtained a rating of 71/100 and its price is 0.15 euros for each diaper. Its disadvantage is that it leaks when it reaches its maximum absorption.

13- Eroski Inmotion diapers is a good quality private label diaper; however, in this rigorous analysis of 14 brands, it is ranked penultimate with a score of 69/100. The price of each unit is 0.26 euros.

14- Eroski Capa Aloe Vera diapers, these diapers offer an average quality with 60/100, which is why they occupy the last position in this selection made by the OCU. The cost of each diaper is 0.15 euros.

It should be noted that the first five places are occupied by Dodot diapers, a prestigious brand that has carved a niche for itself in homes in Spain and Portugal, given the high quality of its products.

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