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Our picks for the best christening gifts

Baptism is a very important sacrament for the Catholic Church since it is the foundation of Christian life, through baptism we are freed from original sin and reborn as children of God, brothers in Christ and incorporated into the church, which is why It is a very special act in the life of Christian families. Therefore, if you have been invited to a baptism and you have no idea what to give the little one who will be baptized, here we present a list of ten original gifts that you can take that day.

With 20 fingers Personalized birth basket

For newborns at their baptism you can give them this Con20deditos basket, for including 100% handmade products, among which is a body, a thermal bag and a cloud-shaped cushion, all personalized with textile vinyl with the baby’s name and placed inside the gift-wrapped basket.

The basket stands out for its fine finishes and has dimensions of 25 cm x 19 cm x 12 cm. The body is 100% cotton, very comfortable for the baby and easy to put on thanks to its fastening buttons in the diaper area.


The thermal bag is filled with wheat seeds that work as a thermal agent and also includes aromatic herbs that give the cushion relaxing properties, recommended to relieve colic and gas, as well as to help the baby fall asleep; In addition, since it is not electric, it is safe to use in the child’s crib.

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Fisher-Price Gym Grow With Me

If you are looking for a more interactive option to give as a gift on this day, here we recommend the multifunctional Gym Grows With Me from Fisher-Price, a convertible gym that is divided into three stages of play to be used from the birth of the child, adapting to its growth.

With this gym the child can play lying down, sitting or standing up and comes with a padded blanket that is easy to wash. It also includes lights, different sounds and musical tones as well as different activities and toys to discover, such as animals and balls of various colors, making it a very striking and fun toy, as well as educational.


This toy works with 3 AAA batteries that can be easily purchased. For its part, the two integrated musical options have a duration of up to 20 minutes, which allows the baby to be entertained without crying during this time. In addition, it is a good complement to help the little one to develop their motor skills, balance and coordination.

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Tender Moments Diaper Cake

A fun and functional gift idea for a baby at his christening party is the diaper cake with a music drum design offered by Tender Moments, where the protagonists are the diapers that come delicately rolled and fastened with rubber bands to give them that fun shape. of music drums.

The cake contains a set of 47 size 3 Dodot diapers for children weighing between 4 and 10 kg and a cute 25 cm teddy bear, in addition the diapers are very useful for the baby in this first stage after birth and a little help for parents.


Its elegant and finely decorated presentation with bows and delicate ribbons make this gift a great success for the christening celebration, in addition, it comes wrapped in cellophane paper to protect the shape of the cake, being a good gift option for newborn babies..

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Edoton Girl’s Shoes

If the christening of the princess of the house is approaching, this accessory could be an excellent alternative to complement her dress on this special occasion. These are shoes designed by Edoton to match with a charming headband, all decorated with subtle flowers and selectable in various colors and sizes.

The shoes are made of light, breathable and flexible materials, suitable for the girl’s delicate feet. They also have a non-slip sole and are easy to put on and take off. The headband, for its part, offers a soft fit on the head and provides a touch of tenderness and romance.


It is a set of shoes with a headband beautifully decorated in flowers and recommended for special occasions, whether it is a baptism, princess costume or any celebration. Also, the manufacturer offers the option to choose the color of your choice and the most suitable size for the girl.

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Chicco Natural Sensation

Chicco’s Natural Sensation Starter Kit is an exciting gift that will leave baby’s skin soft and scented, as well as shiny, silky hair. These products are hypoallergenic since they do not contain parabens or other irritating substances such as alcohol or soap.

The shampoo is made with natural products such as chamomile and aloe vera that moisturize the hair with the delicate touch that the baby needs and without irritating the eyes. As for the body cream, it is made with shea butter and vitamin E to protect the skin with effects that last up to 24 hours.


The cream is quickly absorbed into the baby’s skin and can be used daily, helping to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses throughout the day. For its part, the scented water has a delicate fragrance to keep the baby fresh while preserving its natural smell.

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The Baby Book: Scrapbook

Among the cheapest gifts for the day of the baptism we find the Baby’s Book: Kate Cody’s Memory Album, a good option to show the affection that you have for that new member of the family because through the photographs you can preserve the most important moments of the baby’s life and it is a gift that parents will highly appreciate if they receive it at the child’s baptism.

The album cover design features images of baby outfits and cute little crossed feet that add an elegant touch to the presentation.


The album cover is made of hard cardboard that offers greater resistance and durability, it also has 48 pages in total with fun songs and free spaces for photographs, so this album will be a special way to preserve the special memories of the little one.

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Curia engraver Children’s cutlery

This 4-piece stainless steel set includes a knife, fork, soup spoon and dessert spoon. This is a gift that children will be able to keep for a long time and they will eat in style using their personalized cutlery.

The engraving is very delicate and comes on the front with a decorative image of animals in relief and the baby’s name. The date of birth or baptism is engraved on the back, being a very practical and useful gift for the little one in the house, so it will be a hit on this special occasion.


These cutlery comes in a stylish colorful gift box that will catch the eye of those attending the christening when you place it on the gift table. In addition, its durability and resistance because it is made of stainless steel makes these cutlery long-lasting utensils and can be washed in the dishwasher.

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ammoon Carousel Music Box

Musical boxes have been, for centuries, a good gift option. For this reason, if you have been invited to a baptism and you do not have much budget to spend, the carousel-shaped music box that Ammoon brings is a good idea to get out of trouble.

This music box made of good quality synthetic resin with fine finishes works through a rotating drum that is activated by a lower key that is played gently to make the melody sound. In addition, it includes three elegant horses that rotate to the beat of the music, so it will be a good helper for the baby to fall asleep peacefully and relaxed.


The box has a beautiful design delicately carved with roses around the body of the carousel and golden details that highlight its elegance. In addition, it does not take up much space due to its dimensions of 8 cm x 8 cm x 15.3 cm and the spring motor allows the melody to last up to 20 minutes.

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Fisher Price Flying Bears Mobile

Among the interactive toys that you can give your baby, we recommend the Fisher Price flying bears mobile, a good gift for this 2022 that has star-shaped lights that are projected on the ceiling, relaxing music and three options of nature sounds.

The mobile comes with three bears that rotate to distract the baby and works for up to 30 minutes between songs, whispers and natural sounds, and can also be activated with a remote control designed to hang on the doorknob without having to enter the room.. It is necessary to mention that for its operation it needs 4 AA batteries that are not included.


This mobile stands out for its functionality since it adapts to the growth of the baby, when it is newborn it is used as a crib mobile with automatic movements, it can also be used as a portable mobile to place it in the stroller and then it becomes a projector musical table to use as a night lamp.

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Bubzi Co Photo Frame and Footprints

It’s inevitable that babies grow up fast, but memories of those times when they were really little can be kept. To achieve this and, at the same time, create a decorative object, this photo and footprint frame is a great gift idea.

The set contains a photo frame and a portion of white clay that is very easy to mold, in which parents will mold the footprints of babies by pressing their hands or feet.

In this way, they will be permanently marked in relief. The clay to be used, due to its characteristics, can provide a good level of detail in relation to fingerprint lines and features, so the result of the project is very realistic.


This frame with photos and footprints can be one of the decorative objects that are kept for a lifetime, due to its meaning and beautiful design. In addition, the frame has good finishes and its cost is not high, so you do not have to spend too much money if you choose it as a gift.

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