Christmas Playmobil

What is the best Christmas Playmobil?

Christmas is one of the most important holidays around the world, as it commemorates the birth of the Child Jesus on December 25. During this time of the year, parents and family members traditionally give toys to the smallest of the house, to make them feel loved and to strengthen the family bond. In this sense, among the variety of games, the Playmobil figure sets stand out, but there are many options offered by the brand, so we have prepared a list with 10 of the best Christmas Playmobil.

1. Playmobil Christmas Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters

Precautions: This toy is indicated for children 4 years and older, since some of its parts are very small, so they could cause suffocation if accidentally ingested.

Key Features: Features 128 pieces, including an attractive bakery house with a white roof and 2 internal levels. In addition, it includes the figures of Santa Claus, 2 helper elves and 1 cat, which increases the possibilities of play. It also has hinged doors for added versatility and an instruction manual so kids can easily put the set together.

Functionality: What makes this model one of the most interesting Playmobil Christmas sets is the incorporation of 3 real cutters and 1 mould, suitable for making cookies with the help of parents. In addition, it has different play spaces inside the house, which increases functionality.

Educational value: Helps to foster the Christmas spirit of children, while encouraging them to spend more time in the company of parents, which strengthens family bonds.

Maintenance: The house has a robust design made of resistant plastic, so the maintenance of this set is very simple, you just have to put the pieces in warm water to remove dirt and then clean with a disused toothbrush.

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2. Playmobil Christmas Christmas Room 9495

Precautions: This set includes an electric Christmas tree that requires careful use to ensure its durability, so the manufacturer indicates that this toy is suitable for children who are at least 4 years old.

Main features: This playmobil can be used by children to recreate a game room on Christmas morning, so it can be a good idea to remember this special moment. It has the figures of a man, a woman and a baby, as well as multiple Christmas accessories, among which are a tree, an organizer, various gifts, a sofa, a play area for the baby, a manger, among others..

Functionality: The piece that corresponds to the tree has real working lights, so it is only necessary to insert 2 AAA batteries and it is ready to use. Likewise, both the figures of the parents and that of the baby have articulated structures, so that the child can place them in the position they want.

Educational Value: Helps foster family bonding through creative play. Also, through role-playing, the child can use the characters on the set to create stories based on her own family circle.

Maintenance: It is made of plastic and does not include stickers, so all parts can be in contact with water for greater durability. In this sense, it is possible to clean the parts with a mild soap and plenty of water.

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3. Playmobil Christmas Santa Claus House playset 5976

Precautions: Some of the details inside and outside the house can be very delicate, so it is necessary to use the set with due care. In this sense, it is a suitable game for children who are 4 years old and older.

Main features: This Santa Claus house measures 50 x 10 x 40 cm, making it a large stage to attract the attention of children. Also, the top of the house is covered with snow to give it a more Christmassy look. On the other hand, the package includes 128 pieces, including the figures of an elf in an orange suit, Santa Claus in his distinguished red suit, a gray cat and a snowman with a hat and a broom.

Functionality: The house has a two-sided design, with different play areas in the front and two platforms in the back; in this way, the child can move the characters through the structure.

Educational value: This set encourages symbolic play, since it includes figures so that the child can tell stories based on their personal experience, which also helps to develop the imagination.

Maintenance: It offers a large number of details in its structure, so for its maintenance it may be advisable to use an unused toothbrush with soft bristles, as well as a slightly damp cloth.

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4. Playmobil Advent Calendar Christmas Ball

Precautions: Some of the accessories included in this set may be very small, such is the case of the cups and plates on the table, which could be accidentally ingested. Therefore, it is an appropriate toy for children from 4 years old.

Main features: It is an original birthday present, as it represents a glass room, with pieces in blue, white and purple, allowing a winter scene reminiscent of Christmas to be recreated. It also includes 4 figures, including a violinist, a princess, a girl and a boy. In addition, among its accessories it has a decorated table, a Christmas tree and multiple gifts.

Functionality: It is important to note that the figures of the princess and the girl can rotate to simulate dancing, which increases the realism of the set and can provide a more interactive experience for the little ones in the house.

Educational value: This set offers a Christmas scene full of color and elegance, so it can inspire children to tell interesting stories. In addition, it includes 4 figures for role-playing.

Maintenance: None of the pieces have stickers, however, some have paper parts, so it is recommended to clean them dry with a soft brush or cloth.

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5. Playmobil Spirit Christmas Concert Toy 70396

Precautions: This toy is indicated for children over 6 years of age and the manufacturer recommends paying special attention to children under 3 years of age, because it has small parts that can cause suffocation if accidentally ingested. In addition, the figures are robust and have a hard texture, which could cause injuries.

Main features: If you are looking for an interesting offer among Playmobil brand toys, then this set from the animated series Spirit Riding Free can be a good option, since it allows the child to recreate a Christmas concert. In this sense, it includes the figure of Pru Granger in a beige suit, Lucky Prescott in a purple dress, the horse Spirit and the mare Chica Linda.

Functionality: The figures have a microphone and violin, so the child can pretend to sing and play music with the characters. For greater functionality, the structure of the horses and the figures are articulated; in this way, they can be placed in different positions.

Educational value: Helps develop creativity and imagination. In addition, the set has a musical theme, which can arouse children’s interest in artistic activities.

Maintenance: Both the horses and the figures of the girls can be washed with water, while the platform must be dry cleaned to favor the durability of all its pieces.

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6. Playmobil Christmas Playset 5588

Precautions: The appropriate age to play with this set is 4 years and older, as many of its pieces have a delicate structure that requires a certain level of care during play. Also, it is recommended to use under the supervision of an adult for greater safety.

Main characteristics: It is an original Playmobil brand set, which can be used for children to play; and even, to decorate a room during the Christmas season, since it is a representation of the birth of the Child Jesus. In addition, it includes multiple animals and people, including the figures of José and María.

Functionality: It has a real functioning electric torch, capable of lighting the set in the dark. Similarly, it is necessary to mention that the structures of the animals and characters have articulated parts, so they can be placed in different positions.

Educational value: This set can encourage children’s interest in the story of Jesus. Also, it represents a fantastic scene that can inspire your imagination and creativity to tell your own stories.

Maintenance: For the maintenance of this set you can use a disused toothbrush, previously moistened with a little liquid dishwashing soap. Then, you should rub each piece carefully and rinse with a damp cloth.

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7. Playmobil Advent Calendar Multicolor Christmas Workshop 9264

Precautions: It is best for children to play in the presence of an adult to protect their physical integrity. Similarly, the toy box indicates that the recommended age range to use this set is 4 to 10 years.

Main features: This set can be a good idea if you want to buy a toy online to give as a Christmas gift, since it is inspired by the popular Santa Claus toy workshop. In this sense, it consists of 106 pieces, including the figures of 3 elves with pink, yellow and green suits, as well as the figure of Santa Claus himself, in his characteristic red clothing. Also includes a reindeer with a sleigh and multiple mini toys.

Functionality: The package has a surface with two illustrated scenarios, a snow-covered forest and Santa’s workshop, in this way, the child has more possibilities to play. In addition, it includes a real electric lantern that can illuminate the play space.

Educational value: It is made up of a large number of accessories so that children can share with other family members and friends. In addition, it can help develop the imagination through the creation of stories.

Maintenance: The structure with illustrated scenarios is made of hard cardboard and the lamp has an internal electrical circuit, so they should not be in contact with water for greater durability. In this sense, it is recommended to clean with a dry cloth to remove dirt.

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8. Playmobil Santa Claus Sleigh with Reindeer Toy

Precautions: To assemble the sleigh with the reindeer, the help of the parents may be necessary, since some of the pieces may have a slightly delicate structure. On the other hand, the manufacturer’s recommendation indicates that the appropriate age to play with this set is from 4 years.

Main features: This is one of the cheapest Christmas Playmobil sets today, as it includes few pieces. However, it allows you to recreate the famous Santa Claus sleigh. In this sense, it includes the figures of two brown reindeer, a bag with toys and letters, a gift, the sleigh and the figure of Santa Claus.

Functionality: It is a set for children to play with, but it can also be an attractive object in the Christmas decoration of the house. It is important to note that the figures in the set have an articulated body to place the characters in different positions and the reindeer harness can be removed to play with them individually.

Educational value: It can help develop the creativity of both children and adults, inviting them to share with the family during the game.

Maintenance: The figures can be in contact with water to facilitate cleaning. On the other hand, to remove the dirt from the other parts, it is advisable to use a soft brush.

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9. Playmobil Advent Calendar Christmas in the Forest 9391

Precautions: The indicated age to play with this set is 1 and a half years and older, since the pieces have rounded edges for greater safety. Similarly, it is important that an adult is nearby while the children play, since it includes some very small accessories.

Main features: If you are looking for an attractive Christmas toy to give to the little ones in the house this 2022, then this model with 28 pieces can be a great alternative, since among its figures are Santa Claus and 3 children. In addition, it consists of multiple accessories, including 9 animals to recreate a Christmas forest. Also, it has a gift bag, a tree and Santa’s sleigh.

Functionality: It has an instruction manual so that the child can assemble the basic stage with the help of the parents. Similarly, the pieces can be rearranged according to the child’s imagination for greater versatility.

Educational value: This is a role-playing game that can encourage children’s creativity, either when playing individually or in a group. In addition, it helps develop motor skills in the little ones.

Maintenance: This set is made entirely of plastic, so the pieces can be immersed in a container of warm water for 10 minutes to disinfect and remove dirt. Afterwards, it is only necessary to dry with a clean cloth before handing it over to the children again.

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10. Playmobil My First Nativity Scene Toy 70047

Precautions: It is a toy indicated for children from 18 months, since it does not have objects that can be ingested. In addition, the edges of the pieces are rounded, so they are safe to the touch. However, it is best to have an adult present during the game.

Main Features: Offers 6 character figures, including Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the 3 Wise Men, as well as various animals. In this way, the child can recreate the popular scene in which Jesus is born. In addition, it has multiple accessories, such as gifts and farm objects.

Functionality: This model is an appropriate set to renew your old crib for a new one or simply to give to the little ones in the house at Christmas. Similarly, the pieces can be organized according to the imagination and creativity of children. In this way, they can tell more stories using the same characters.

Educational value: It is suitable for children to learn the story of Jesus from a very young age. In addition, it favors the stimulation of the senses and helps to develop hand-eye coordination.

Maintenance: All parts can be in direct contact with water, so you can use a container full of water and a disused brush with a mild soap to remove dirt. In this sense, it is important to remember that all accessories must be clean in case the child puts them in the mouth.

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