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What is the best painting game for children?

Painting games are a reliable and fun alternative with which your little one will surely have unparalleled moments of fun and relaxation. Coloring stimulates your creativity and concentration so that you can improve every day at different stages of cognitive and motor development. Not only this, coloring games for kids allow you to share invaluable time with them, being able to help them color. In addition to that, it is important to know that painting can provide benefits such as increased self-esteem and balanced thinking.

1. GirlZone Gifts for Girls Coloring Book

Precautions: It is made for girls from 4 to 11 years old. This book of sheets of paper must be careful not to have contact with water, as well as you must supervise that your little one does not use too much force when coloring. Otherwise, the material of the book may be broken.

Main features: It can be carried anywhere, since it weighs only 522 g and can be easily carried in a backpack or by hand due to its practical measurements of 25 x 24 cm. In addition, it has more than 100 paper illustrations that vary between unicorns, mermaids, cupcakes, etc.

Functionality: If you don’t know what to give your little girl for her birthday, this coloring book will be your new great ally, as it will captivate your little girl’s attention through its beautiful images. And the best part is that you can easily get it online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Educational value: The Zen drawings on the pages of this book are a good idea to develop your little girl’s creativity and relaxation. Even the book helps the girl to know the colors and learn her names in a practical way.

Maintenance: It is known how delicate the paper sheets of a coloring book are, for this reason, it is best that your little one takes care not to exert too much force with the crayons to avoid damaging it. Likewise, do not allow the girl to eat near the book, to avoid splashes or food stains.

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2. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Safari

Cautions: This book is intended for children 3 to 7 years of age. In addition, it incorporates a water-based marker that, although it can be erased, we advise you to watch your child so that they do not stain their clothes, the table or the walls with it.

Main characteristics: Its practical measurements of 15 x 25 cm allow its transport and storage to be extremely easy, without the need to take up much space at home. Another advantage is its structure, as this gives it great resistance to the use that is often given to it.

Functionality: It is a cheap book that you can give to your grandchildren, nephews or children at any time of the year. In addition, the operation of the pen is practical, because you can recharge it if it wears out.

Educational Value: Interesting safari-inspired images invite your little one to engage in creativity. He must look for hidden animals in the 4 scenes of him, for example, elephants, birds, crocodiles, etc. This is an effective and special way to promote fine motor skills, as well as the concentration skills that are so important for the development of the little one.

Maintenance: Keeping the book in good condition is a very simple task. You just have to try not to have contact with food grease, dust and dirt in general. Similarly, you should prevent the child from using permanent color markers, because they damage the sheets.

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3. Sentosphere 3900672 Aquarellum Fairy Junior

Precautions: According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this coloring game for children can be used perfectly from the age of 7. On the other hand, it is important that when painting your little one be careful not to spill the paint on the table, thus avoiding having to clean the surface.

Main features: This is a game with 4 drawings inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Each sheet has the vellum printing technique, which allows the colors to adhere very well to the surfaces and appear as the brush is passed.

Functionality: If you have a little girl at home and you want her to further develop her imagination and artistic expression, this could be the right gift to give her for Christmas or her birthday. In addition, it has a great decorative character, to be able to place it on the walls of your daughter’s room.

Educational value: With the free mixing of colors that the product offers, the girl will be able to discover the origin of different shades, while exercising her imagination and concentration. Also, this game is a great way to promote her motor and cognitive abilities.

Maintenance: To enjoy a long useful life of each of the elements of the set, it is advisable to wash the brush with water and let it dry before storing it. In addition, you should teach the girl or help her to close the paints correctly, so they will not dry out and will last much longer.

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4. PUZ Toy Gifts Children 2-4 Years Aqua Mágica Doodle

Cautions: This is a painting game for children between the ages of 2 and 4. Also, although the markers open clockwise so that babies do not open them, it is best to keep an eye on them when they are in use. In this way, they will not damage them and they will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

Main features: The special design of this product makes it completely reusable, since each drawing disappears between 5 and 10 minutes. Requiring no ink or chemicals, just water crayons, little ones won’t dirty floors or clothes.

Functionality: If you don’t know what to give this 2022 to the little ones in the house, this non-toxic fabric mat can be useful. This is because it is suitable for several children, since it is wide. In addition, the package includes a coloring book, so all your children can enjoy this product.

Educational value: It is not only a game where the child can learn to differentiate colors, since it also serves to develop their imagination and artistic expression. Also, if several children use it, they will learn to socialize and share their belongings.

Maintenance: Taking care of this game is very simple, you just have to protect it from moisture and prevent children from using it with permanent ink markers. Likewise, it is important that an adult supervises its use, so that the little ones do not wrinkle or break it while playing.

New edition: This new edition brings advice and new coloring ideas based on marine spaces, farms, forests and dinosaurs that can inspire children to love our planet much more.

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5. Crayola 04-0202 Coloring Picture Set

Cautions: Please note that this original Crayola brand game was designed for girls ages 3-8, as younger children typically do not have the fine motor skills developed to color in these types of books. In addition, the product includes a series of stickers that could be put in the mouth by little ones, so the product must be used under your care.

Key Features: There are a number of reasons why this book is worth buying, not the least of which are the 48 coloring sheets and its 22 x 25 cm size. In this way, it will last a long time for your daughter and she will be able to transport it from one place to another with ease.

Functionality: The girl can have a lot of fun coloring the images in this book, since they are classic Disney characters, for example, Cinderella and her Fairy. In this way, you can do other tasks while the girl concentrates on painting.

Educational value: This coloring game motivates the girl to choose the shades freely, thus developing her imagination to the fullest. Also, it promotes her creativity and increases interest in arts or crafts.

Maintenance: This is a simple task, you just have to prevent the book from coming into contact with water, since it is made of paper.

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6. Design Finger Painting 2 years

Precautions: Since it is a finger painting game, it is recommended that you are taking care of the child when using it, so that they do not put the paint in their mouth. Also, according to the manufacturer, the product is designed for children 2 years and older.

Main features: The 8 sheets with drawings of animals and the 4 pots of paint will be all your little one needs to color the figures freely. Plus, the paints are water-based, so they’re easy to clean off your child’s clothing, table, or skin.

Functionality: If you needed a creative gift for your child’s birthday, do not forget to check out this product, since its beautiful drawings can be painted with the child’s fingers. That is, you will not have to use brushes, markers or colored pencils.

Educational value: The coloring pictures are various, including a house, an airplane, a bird, etc. Likewise, these are simple drawings, with few details, so that younger children can develop their motor skills more easily.

Maintenance: Preserving the good condition of the coloring book is easy, you simply have to keep it away from agents that can dirty or wet it. In the same way, it is important that the paint cans are well closed to prevent them from spilling when they are stored or moved.

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7. Peppa Pig Disney Children Cefatoys 21804

Precautions: The set includes small accessories that may be dangerous for children, so please keep an eye on your child when using it. In addition to this, this product is recommended for children 3 years and older.

Main features: This coloring game includes 35 drawings of Peppa Pig and her friends, more than 100 stickers, colored pencils, crayons, etc. Therefore, the child will have various tools to learn to color according to her imagination.

Functionality: If you want to support the creative and artistic talent of your little one, this block is a good way to do it. This is a great pastime where your little one will spend a lot of time coloring some of their favorite TV characters.

Educational value: This coloring pad is quite complete, so your child can use whatever accessory they want to bring the drawings to life. This way he will develop creativity and learn to distinguish colors.

Maintenance: If you want your little one not to lose the colored pencils and other accessories that come with this pad, you must teach him to put each piece in its place after use. Also, the child should not stain his leaves with drinks or food, as this would greatly increase the durability of the product.

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8. Sentosphère AC Color with Glitter Princesses

Precautions: This coloring game is based on glitter, which can be harmful to children’s eyes, so it must be used with your care. In addition, the product must be kept away from direct heat sources for greater safety. On the other hand, it is only recommended for children over 5 years of age.

Main characteristics: The product has practical dimensions of 30 x 20 cm, making it very easy to transport anywhere. In addition, it includes 6 bottles of glitter of different colors, so that the girl can color to her liking.

Functionality: The product does not require crayons to color, but the girl must lift the stickers little by little and spread the glitter to color 2 beautiful images of princesses.

Educational value: With this product your daughter will learn a bit of crafts, since she will have to spread the glitter with her own fingers until she gives color to the princesses. In addition to this, it is another way of coloring, which will help a lot to develop the precision and concentration of the little one.

Maintenance: Keeping this game always in good condition is not a complicated task. You just have to prevent the girl from bending or breaking it. In the same way, it is important that your daughter removes the stickers only when she is going to spread the glitter, otherwise the sheets could lose their adhesive qualities.

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9. Pop It Up Dinosaur Craft & Activity Set

Precautions: Since it includes a wide variety of stickers, it is recommended that an adult supervise its use, so that children do not break them while playing. In addition, we mention that it is recommended for children over 5 years of age.

Main features: This is a set with 5 sheets of stickers, 10 markers of various colors and 48 coloring sheets. In this way, the product is complete enough for the child to paint daily if he wants.

Functionality: Since it has a folding case of comfortable dimensions, 21 x 14 x 4 cm, this product is very easy to transport, becoming a good travel companion. The child can even carry it in her backpack to Grandma’s house.

Educational value: The child will learn about different types of dinosaurs with this game, being able to color them according to their preferences. This helps in the development of exploration and creativity of the child. In addition, there are labyrinths with different paths, so that the child can lead the dinosaur to its young. This will help you develop your concentration.

Maintenance: It is actually very easy to take care of this beautiful game, because you just have to prevent the child from submerging it in water or dirtying it with food and drinks. Also, the markers should be closed very well so that their ink does not dry out.

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10. Games Jones 464220 Toy Story 4

Cautions: This coloring game is designed for children ages 4 and up.

Main features: This is a coloring set with 8 drawings from the animated film Toy Story 4 and 6 colored pencils. It also comes with various stickers, so that the little one can place them wherever he wants. As if that were not enough, this is a good offer to give away, that is, you will not spend too much money buying the book.

Functionality: If you don’t know which coloring game to buy online, this may be the most suitable, since it provides not only the sheets, but also the accessories so that the child can start painting from day one. Your little one will only have to color each Toy Story drawing, for example, the famous Buzz Lightyear.

Educational value: That your little one can color their favorite characters helps a lot with respect to cognitive abilities and concentration. You can even develop a little more fine motor skills, by trying to be precise and stay within the black borders in the images.

Maintenance: In order for your little one to complete each of the drawings, it is important to take care of the 6 pencils, sharpening them very carefully. You can do this yourself, but it is also good that you teach the child to use the pencil sharpener properly.

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