Design your own playground using your creativity and recycling tires

Children, from birth, learn and develop through play, which means that they spend most of their time playing. However, circumstances and factors may arise where boredom is the order of the day if they spend time at home, so it is necessary to take them out for a walk.

One way you can keep boredom at bay is by having your own playground that can distract and amuse your child. If you don’t have the budget or the space to get a traditional one, don’t worry, you can create your own park without too much effort and with little expense, making it a great idea.

Characteristics of a good playground

Playgrounds are usually areas where children can play freely and imagine themselves in epic adventures. Undoubtedly, there is a traditional format within these attractions such as the presence of slides, swings and other main elements.

However, you can take only the characteristics of these places to form your own adventure scenario. Some of the characteristics that the best playgrounds should have are:

  • Includes places to climb. This allows the child to exercise without noticing it, since it is fun.
  • Landslides. We all like to be able to give in to gravity from time to time.
  • Space to run and places to jump. Space can be decisive in their adventures, so you should try to make the area as large as possible.
  • Places to hide. These places to hide are from the other important places in the parks, as long as they do not put the well-being of any infant at risk.

home entertainment

Although you may not be able to have a whole playground equipment at home, what you can do is create a training area that can encourage their development following the same characteristics of traditional playgrounds.

Games like the airplane can be a lot of fun and encourage your little one’s balance and stamina. In addition, it can be found in the classic municipal playgrounds.

On the other hand, you can create slides from the stairs with a few boxes, making fun the order of the day. Also, you can create a bowling alley using juice containers or containers and use the aisle for them to knock them over with a ball.

Also, having some climbing gear like nets or a rock-climbing wall is a great way to provide entertainment and fitness training all in one place. Remember to secure the place depending on the height of the fall, to guarantee the safety of your child.

outdoor games

If your house has a garden, you can create games for your child outside, where he can play much more comfortably and happily. Take advantage of any of the elements you have at hand to achieve your goal.

One of the materials or objects that you can use for your playground project are tires. Many people do not know what to do with them once they complete their useful life cycle in cars, so with this idea you can achieve it without problems.


Instead of using wood to create the seats of the swings you can incorporate a tire. This element can give the seat more comfort and give it a second useful life. In addition, you can paint them the color you like, making designs and shapes to improve their aesthetics.

With strong harnesses you can hang them from the strong branch of a tree or from a structure strong enough to withstand the weight and movement of this entertainment.


If you have a big tire you can venture to create a sandbox. You can also do it with normal tires, with the difference that there will be little room to play.

All you have to do is place the tire where you want the sandbox to be. It is recommended that you include a cover on one of the sides, to prevent the sand from escaping. Then add the sand and voila. Your child will be able to have his own sandbox where he can play without you having to spend a lot of money.


By cutting a tire in half you can get the base for a recycled rocker. You just have to add a table as seats and a support on each side so that the children can hold on while they play.

You can add the details and colors that you like and invite your child to help you. However, you must remember that this type of seesaw is for small children, so the older ones will need other entertainment.


Having a climbing structure with tires can be relatively easy if you have the necessary base to put it on. With the use of some tubes and a few tires you can create a very fun climbing game.

Give him as many levels as he needs, as long as you take precautions about possible falls or accidents. Remember that with children nothing can be left lightly.


Placing the tires on the ground, next to each other so that the children can go through them as obstacles, is a way to exercise them and keep them entertained. You can also give it different shapes and join other elements to make it a magical place to play.

Security and supervision

Whether you decide to use some of the ideas we presented above or you prefer to purchase a prefabricated structure, you should always consider safety as a primary issue. Check that the whole place is safe, without objects that could hurt or hiding places that could be a problem.

On the other hand, you should also be careful with the paint you use, make sure it is dust-free and that it cannot cause allergies or poisoning.

In addition, from time to time it is necessary that you supervise the entire park, so that you can check that nothing is out of place and that the resistance of the materials is maintained.

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