Deuter Kid Comfort II Reviews

Main advantage:

The backpack is suitable for children up to 18 kg, providing them with a comfortable seat to travel comfortably as well as a pad to support their chin or rest their head when they are tired. Additionally, due to its design, the carrier can maintain the balance of the load, distributing the weight correctly.

Main disadvantage:

Because it is a hiking backpack and is from a recognized brand, its price is high. However, users recommend it for all its features and benefits.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a high-performance backpack for family hiking that prioritizes the comfort of the child and the comfort of the carrier, by distributing the load efficiently.

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Main Features Explained

Structure and resistance

Like trekking backpacks, a baby carrier for hiking must have a robust and light structure, capable of remaining stable and resisting the weight of the child. 

For this reason, Deuter has specialized for decades in the manufacture of highly resistant and comfortable baby carriers, so that parents can share their passion for hiking with their children. From there comes the Kid Comfort II model, which has a strong and light aluminum frame with a wide platform to provide greater stability.

For its part, the seat is covered with a breathable fabric and a soft material to provide comfort to the child. The rest of the fabrics and padding around the backpack maintain good ventilation so that the baby and the carrier do not feel excessive heat or sweat.

Regarding the resistance of this model, it is important to note that it can support 22 kg, of which 18 kg must be from the baby and the rest can be from the additional things that are carried during the walk. 

The important thing to note is that it is a backpack designed for babies who can now sit up, as its format adapts to the child’s posture and movements, so that they feel comfortable during the walk.

Design and security 

When it comes to the best baby carriers for hiking, the Deuter brand is among the most prominent in user opinions because its Kid Comfort II model was the first to have the European TÜV and GS safety certification since 1996. 

Since then, Deuter has been dedicated to improving its models to continue to evolve in this category and offer one of the safest designs on the market. In this sense, the backpack has a harness with 5 fastening points so that the baby stays seated and well secured, without the risk of falling out of the backpack during the journey. 

Similarly, the carrier also has a very secure fastening system through the height-adjustable padded straps that are joined with a third chest strap, also padded, which provides comfort and stability when carrying the backpack. 

This belt, in addition to safety, helps to distribute the weight between the shoulders, the lower back and the back to cushion the weight during trekking. On the other hand, and with all-terrain parents in mind, this backpack incorporates reflective details of the 3M brand to increase visibility at night.

Accessories and storage

Going trekking with children is not the same as going for a walk where you only take a couple of fruits, water, a bottle and a diaper change, in short, few things you could need on a mid-day outing. And it is that hiking can be for a whole day, a weekend and even several days, therefore you will need to carry more things, in addition to providing the baby with a comfortable seat for the road.

Considering this need, the Deuter Kid Comfort II backpack offers a capacity of 4 kg for storage and numerous pockets in which you can store the most necessary things for the walk with the baby, distributed in specific places for easy access. Among them we can mention the zippered pocket on the padded belt, a large compartment under the seat also with zipper, mesh side pockets and even a space to place your baby’s favorite cuddly toy, or you can use the one that is included with the purchase. of the backpack. 

It is worth noting that this model has stirrups so that children can place their feet and avoid the fatigue of hanging them. Likewise, it incorporates an upper pad, designed to place the chin or rest the head to rest more during the tour, which is also removable and washable. 

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