Development of a 7 month old baby

The baby, at 7 months, begins a stage of even more interesting discoveries, since he will be able to change his posture more easily and understand the words that his loved ones express to him. Her development is accelerated in certain areas and her interaction with the environment will also undergo noticeable changes. 

For parents, the fact that the baby has already reached the age of 7 months means entering the world of baby food, cereals and the adaptation of home spaces, in order to make them safe for the little one. For his part, the development of the 7-month-old baby is so remarkable that it will mark a before and after in the interaction he has with his parents, the environment and his own perception of the world.

If you wonder what a 7-month-old baby does, we invite you to continue reading, so that you can better understand the universe of new experiences that your little one is about to live.

Size and weight

Although it is not a fixed rule, the weight of a 7-month-old baby is usually around 8 kilos, in the case of boys, and exceeds 7.5 kilograms, in the case of girls. In this way, he has managed to double his birth weight and become stronger in the process. Regarding the measurements of the 7-month-old baby, it is common for boys to reach 70 cm in length and girls to exceed 67 cm. At this point, due to his ability to move and the strength he has acquired, a baby scale that allows him to remain seated, just as he does in a car seat, will be the most suitable to control his weight, since it allows Avoid any accident during the process. 


Currently, a 6-month-old baby does not usually consume some foods that are associated with allergic reactions. However, at 7 months, it is very likely that the doctor has suggested that you introduce more green leafy vegetables, red meats, lean meats and other easily digestible fruits into the baby’s diet. In this way, it contributes to the development of a healthy baby that can meet its nutrient requirements through a varied and complete diet.

It is still too early to offer him fish and records should continue to be kept every time more food is added to his diet , observing any symptom that could alert him to poor assimilation by his body. 

sleep habits

It is very likely that the crisis of 7 months in many babies is related to sleep disorders. This is because the baby usually has certain rituals to fall asleep, which are linked to her food and care needs, where the parents or the people in charge of her are always included. At this point, each family will set the guidelines that they consider correct to help the baby develop new habits that help him create independence and allow the whole family to rest at night. You can resort to techniques such as co-sleeping, for example, so that affective bonds are not strained and the long-awaited dream is achieved, without falling into a vicious circle that could become difficult to break. 

skills and abilities

At this stage, the seven-month-old baby has strengthened his lower body muscles to such a degree that he is able to make his first significant movements. It is time for you to watch him more carefully and never leave him on the bed unattended. She will make such movements by crawling, at first, but with a little practice she will be able to crawl and acquire a speed that could surprise you. In summary, we can say that a baby at 7 months already has the strength to undertake his first excursions to investigate the world around him and this will be fascinating.

If your baby does not support himself on his knees, do not worry, each little one experiences different positions to move . Some will do it with their hands and feet on the ground only, while others will prefer to roll on his back.

On the other hand, it is a very common activity that he can pass objects from one hand to another and that he understands the meaning of many words, so he will react with those that are more interesting, for example, milk or walk.

In relation to language, he still cannot communicate fluently, but it is very important that you talk to him all the time , since his brain, through memory, is registering words and assimilating them, to reproduce them at the least expected moment.


Games and toys favor the stimulation of the 7-month-old baby, so we recommend that you take advantage of his great curiosity to invite him to develop his motor coordination . You can sit him on a soft mat, surrounded by some colorful objects. He will try to move to the one that is most interesting to him. Toys that can be chewed or are made of sturdy materials are best.

Songs and rhymes, on the other hand, are ways to add new vocabulary and teach your baby music. Remember that the voice of parents and loved ones are the ones you like the most. So put your shyness aside and enjoy singing. You will have the best audience in the world!


If you notice that your baby begins to salivate abundantly, that he inserts his fingers in his mouth insistently and chews them, it is very likely that his gums are swollen and he wants to relieve his discomfort. You can keep teethers of different textures on hand, which will help you gently scratch your gums without hurting yourself. Just remember that they should be as clean as possible.

On the other hand, it is important that your baby plays outdoors at certain times, not only to be in contact with nature, but also to promote the generation of vitamin D, which he will need to form his entire bone structure in a healthy way. Use sunscreen, a comfortable blanket and take him to the garden or the park, leaving some areas of his body exposed.

There are many more aspects that we could mention in relation to the baby at the age of 7 months, but we have summarized the most relevant. We hope this article has been useful to you. It only remains for us to say that we hope you enjoy this beautiful and special stage of your little one’s development.

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