Do you want to take a bath with your baby? Do it safely and fun

Bath time should be made relaxing and fun for your baby, either in their own tub or with you. On this last point there is great controversy, since many people believe that it is not good to remain naked in front of our children. However, you should keep in mind that babies are not sensitive to discovering their sexuality, at least not until after 4 years. Also, this can be a great time to connect with your little one, so don’t let him go by what people are saying.

In general, it is recommended that the first month of life be cleaned in its own place, since it is smaller and more delicate, it is better to keep it in its own bathtub. However, once that first month has passed, you can decide to bathe with your baby whenever you want.

It is important that in order for this moment to be special, you follow some tips aimed at improving the infant’s safety and facilitating the process, so that it is enjoyable for both of you.

A Gradual Process

When taking baths in the shower with your baby, you must be careful and make contact with the water gradual, so that the child does not get scared and can feel comfortable with the experience. Also, keep in mind that the water jet should not have a very strong pressure and that it should not have direct contact with the child’s head or face.

Water temperature

The baby’s skin is very sensitive and fragile, so you must be careful with it. For this reason, it is necessary that in addition to having the specific bath products for him, you also have to keep in mind the temperature of the water. This aspect can make the child enjoy or not this special moment for you.

In general, it is recommended that the water be between 34 to 37 ºC, being able to measure the temperature of the bathtub with a thermometer and that of the shower using your arm or elbow.

Leave the coldest baths for when the child is older, since these help his muscles to harden and develop better.

hold it tight

It does not matter if you shower or use a bathtub, the important thing is that you remember to hold it well and at all times. Keep it close to your body, hugging it protectively so it can’t slip off. Likewise, when soaping it, take it from one armpit and carry out the process carefully, then rinse the soap, always holding it tightly to avoid accidents.

In the bathtub, make sure to keep his head elevated, where the water does not reach, since it can get into his ears and cause problems or he could swallow water.

Beware of possible slips

Slips in the shower can be a real hazard, made even worse if they happen while you’re holding your little one. That is why it is best to minimize the risk of slipping. For this you can place a non-slip mat on the floor of the shower or bathtub. These are specially designed to prevent accidents in the shower.

In addition, you can choose to wear a shirt during the bath, in this way you can be sure of your grip on the baby, giving you security to, over time, carry out the process without the use of clothing.

Help yourself to a chair

If you can’t trust yourself too much while standing and you’re afraid that something might go wrong, you can help yourself from a chair. Put a chair in the shower to sit with your baby in your arms and enjoy the contact.

Similarly, if you have a bathtub, the process is much easier, since you can sit directly, holding your baby on your chest and keeping your knees close to protect him from any fall.

In addition, in the market you can find different offers of special chairs for this type of use. They are plastic chairs that include safety suction cups so you can be safe during the bath. You can find some baby chair and baby bath alternatives in this list.

You must bear in mind that bathing with your child should be a pleasant experience and the decision is entirely yours. If you notice that the process gives you a lot of anxiety and fear, it is best to leave it for when the child is much older. or enjoy your baths from outside.

bathroom with company

You can make the decision with your partner to take a bath together with the baby, as it could be a unique family moment. In this way, not only you will have the responsibility of taking care of it, but another person will be found who can very well make sure that everything goes well. In addition, it is another pair of hands available in case they are needed.

Alternate between shower and bathtub

The use of the shower can encourage the child to feel comfortable with the process of water falling from above from a very young age, making this something familiar when growing up. However, as babies get older they start to want to play with water during bath time, so a tub bath from time to time is also good.

Also, try to bathe him in his own bathtub sometimes, so he can play freely, this will make him a happy baby.

Keep a towel handy

Baths with you can be a bit longer and more fun, which means that the child will leave the place soaking wet. The best thing is that you have a towel at hand to cover it when they get out of the water, in this way you avoid it being cold or water dripping everywhere.

On the other hand, having a towel nearby is important in case soap can get in the infant’s eyes. This can happen on some occasions and you should not lose your temper, you just have to rinse it well and dry it gently with the towel.

enjoy your son

Parenthood should be a beautiful and joyful process, so you should not hesitate to enjoy every part of your child’s childhood and bathing together can be a good memory to treasure.

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