Dodot Sensitive Premature, the diaper your baby deserves

Dodot, a pioneer brand in Spain always in constant innovation, has created the #PequeñosLuchadores project, an initiative that highlights the brand’s commitment to the well-being of the baby. Thanks to this, it makes an important donation of XXS diapers designed for premature children who remain under special care in neonatal units.

The rate of premature births in Spain is one of the highest in the European Union, given that up to 28,000 premature births are registered each year. That is, one in 13 deliveries occurs before 37 weeks of gestation, according to data from the Association of Parents of Premature Children.

Likewise, according to the National Institute of Statistics, between 1996 and 2015 the number of pre-term births increased by 36%. Premature infants must remain admitted to the Neonatal Unit; since their systems and organs are immature, so they are more vulnerable to contracting diseases and are more sensitive to any external agent, such as noise or light.

Large preemies is a term used to refer to infants born below 32 weeks or those weighing less than 1,500 grams. If the birth occurs before the 28th week, then it is extreme prematurity.

Know the symptoms and possible causes of preterm labor

We speak of a premature birth when the mother is in the 37th week of pregnancy or before and presents symptoms that usually occur when the pregnancy has reached term; such as sporadic or constant cramps similar to those generated by the menstrual period. There may also be non-localized and mild pain in the back region, a sensation of pelvic pressure, as if the baby were pushing.

Likewise, the mother must be attentive to any alteration in the secretions of the vagina; similarly, if there are episodes of abdominal cramps, with or without diarrhea and loss of fluid from the vagina. All of these symptoms could be a sign that the labor process has begun.

For this reason, it is essential that the mother pay special attention to the signals that her body sends her and go immediately to the obstetrician doctor and request an examination of the cervix to verify if it is dilated or not. The specialist will determine what the situation is and in the case of a premature delivery, she must indicate the most appropriate treatment in order to accelerate the maturation of the fetus’s lungs. The idea is that the baby does not present serious health problems.

Some mothers put their pregnancy at risk when they engage in too much physical activity, such as running, lifting or carrying weights, constant traveling, or simply holding their children. Likewise, there are pathologies that cause premature births, such as hypertension and diabetes.

The premature baby and the diaper

According to Damián Dexeus, medical director of Women’s Carmona Dexeus, the first hours of a premature baby’s life are the most critical. If a brain hemorrhage does not occur within this time or in the first three days, there is a good chance that the child will do well. However, when it comes to a premature baby, everything is complicated, delicate, frustrating and can even become a very stressful situation for the parents.

The vast majority of these children remain in intensive care after birth and many are fed through a tube that goes from their nose to their stomach and given their small size, they remain in special care only dressed in a diaper; making it even more difficult for medical personnel to deal with them.

This is especially due to the fact that usually the diaper, which will be her only garment for several months, is extremely large for her small body; since many times the smallest size available on the market, reaches up to the armpits. Which is not only uncomfortable for the baby, but also painful and outrageous, for being a premature child.

In addition, the skin of the premature baby is extremely delicate and a diaper change that in other circumstances is something simple, in them could increase the risk of suffering an injury. They are children with specific needs, given their immaturity and size, and their fragility is much greater than when it comes to a full-term baby; so you need diapers adapted to these conditions.

For all this, manufacturers of disposable diapers such as Dodot have launched the #PequeñosLuchadores project, thanks to which it is possible to help these pre-term babies who are confined in the Neonatal Units.

Project #Little Fighters

As of January 2022, Dodot started the little fighters project, an initiative of this manufacturer for the benefit of these little ones and in their fighting spirit to get ahead. With this project, Dodot has donated 800,000 diapers to Spanish hospitals, offering its new range of diapers specially designed for premature babies.

This is the Dodot Sensitive Premature diaper, the best Dodot diaper of the moment with an XXS size, up to three times smaller than a model for a full-term newborn. It is a diaper designed for babies weighing less than or equal to 800 grams at birth, it is fragrance-free, has no elastics and is softer than other diapers.

It is a mini diaper that offers total absorption, both in the back and in the front, in order to favor the diaper change in any position that the child is in. For this reason, it is especially useful in cases of babies with complications related to their pre-term birth.

Dodot’s design and technology department invested more than 10,000 hours of research work and up to 100 interviews with personnel who exclusively care for neonates; which allowed them to create this perfect diaper for these little ones. In addition, thanks to this donation project and the initiative of Dodot, these XXS diapers are available to everyone in hospitals in Spain, in order to provide comprehensive care to these babies.

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