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What is the best dollhouse?

A dollhouse is one of the most desired toys for young children; there they will be able to give a home to their toys and create different stories where their imagination develops properly. Choosing the right one only depends on what you want and, fortunately, there are very good quality options on the market.

1. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Wooden Dollhouse

Precautions: Younger children should not be near it without supervision, as it is a large structure, they could knock it over and hit themselves with it. It is a product recommended for children from 36 months, approximately.

Main Features: This colorful wooden house stands out for its large size, as it is 136 centimeters high and comes with 4 floors ready for all children to have fun. The different rooms can be explored by 30 cm tall dolls. The weight is 23.5 kilograms and the house is easy to assemble; By following the instructions you can be assembled in no time.

Functionality: For more entertainment, the house has an elevator that connects the second and third floors, while the garage doors stand out because they can be opened. The structure has a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and other rooms to visit. In addition, as the purchase, 24 accessories are included; therefore it is possible to equip as soon as it reaches your hands. It is ideal as a birthday present for any child who enjoys playing with dolls.

Educational value: Playing with a dollhouse like this develops children’s creativity as they create stories with their characters. You can also improve their sense of space and logic by arranging the accessories in the right place.

Maintenance: This house is made of wood, therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a cool and dry place to avoid the proliferation of mold due to humidity. It is also recommended to keep it out of direct sunlight.

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2. Hape Large Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture HAP-E3401

Precautions: Although the manufacturers recommend the use of this house for children 3 years and older, it is necessary to emphasize that the pieces are quite small and this could cause accidents. Parental supervision is necessary to avoid problems.

Main features: This wooden dollhouse stands out for its original minimalist and open style, which will allow children to see the space from all angles. The structure has 6 rooms and various accessories to furnish each area, including pet houses in the garden. It has dimensions of 73.5 cm high and 23.64 cm wide, and weighs approximately 6.4 kg.

Functionality: The first step to be able to use it is the assembly and, in this case, the purchase comes with all the necessary screws and the Allen key. Assembly takes little time and effort. When it is ready, children can play with the dolls, making them climb the mobile stairs to take them to each room. The door opens to give greater realism and, in addition to this, the roof can be inverted so that, instead of the solar panels, a completely snowy roof is seen.

Educational value: Children’s creativity can be developed when playing with their new dollhouse, and furthermore, if parents inform them about the ecological origin of the toy, it could also make children aware of environmental care. In addition to this, the spatial sense is also developed.

Maintenance: It is recommended to keep in a cool and dry place to avoid damage to the wood.

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3. Leomark Mansion Wooden Dollhouse

Precautions: The product is considered suitable for children 3 years and older and it is necessary for an adult to be the one to insert the batteries and close the places where they are located. This will prevent children from trying to play with them.

Main features: For homes with limited space, having this house is a good idea, as its dimensions of 59 x 33 x 90 cm make it easy to store. The purchase comes with furniture for each room and with 4 dolls to play from the first moment. There are 3 floors of fun painted with pastel shades in which the color pink stands out.

Functionality: This house stands out for its electronic components. It is necessary to insert 9 batteries to enjoy all its functions, such as the LED lights that illuminate each level of the house. With the remote control you can control the lights, both in color and in effect and, in addition to all this, the house comes with an illuminated Christmas tree to decorate the toy’s room.

Educational value: In addition to developing creativity and exalting imagination, this house can be a good method to learn about primary colors and also to improve spatial sense.

Maintenance: It is necessary to change the batteries from time to time and, in addition, to give basic maintenance to the wood. That is, keep it away from direct sunlight and in a place without humidity.

New Edition: This toy is a special Christmas edition, for that reason, it includes the illuminated tree.

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4. Boppi Wooden Dollhouse for Girls

Precautions: It is recommended that only children 3 years and older play with this dollhouse. In addition to this, the paper that simulates the garden and the pool can break, so delicate treatment is recommended to avoid it.

Main features: With an online purchase it is possible to make happy any little one who wants a beautiful pastel-colored dollhouse and also offer them a suitable place to put their dolls. This toy with a height of 117 cm and a width of 75 cm gives plenty of space to play, and is made up of 5 rooms distributed over 3 floors.

Although made of MDF, the graphic vinyl cover provides a pool, balcony and detailed walls. Likewise, to offer greater realism, the offer includes 15 additional pieces to have furniture in all rooms.  

Functionality: To start the assembly, you only need to follow 9 steps explained in a simple way in the product instructions. When finished, you can now furnish the house with the included accessories and start playing with the dolls. For its part, the ladder allows the connection of the 2nd and 3rd floors to move the dolls and let them out through the balcony.

Educational value: Children will be able to create stories and develop their imagination just by playing with this house. On the other hand, the variety of colors could be great for little ones to learn their names.

Maintenance: Excessive maintenance is not necessary, just take care of the wood from deterioration by leaving the house in a dry place and without much sun. A cloth will be able to get rid of the dust, in case it accumulates.

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5. Melissa & Doug Multi-Story Wooden Dollhouse

Precautions: The manufacturers recommend that the house be used by children 5 years and older, however, with supervision it could be used by younger children, since the pieces are not so small.

Key Features: If you value quality, this toy from the acclaimed Melissa & Doug brand may be exactly what your little one needs. Made of wood and finished to a very good quality, this dollhouse stands out for its beautiful minimalist design with a contrasting color scheme and precise details to add realism. Among the 19 pieces of furniture included you will find, for example, a kitchen with an extractor hood and a sink with a mirror.

Functionality: The structure is small to be able to easily find space anywhere and, additionally, it is easy to assemble. As the rooms are spacious, children will be able to play freely by raising and lowering their dolls on the mobile stairs, as well as making them visit the rooms through the five operative doors; including two balconies.

Educational value: Playing with a dollhouse when growing up has many benefits. For example, this stimulates creativity in children, motivates communication and socialization if played with friends, develops spatial sense and, in addition, will make the little ones have fun for hours while they learn.

 Maintenance: To keep the house in good condition, it is necessary to clean it from time to time, removing the dust with a dry cloth. It is also advisable to leave it in a cool place that is not humid, so that the wood remains in good condition for longer.

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6. Hape Family Mansion Playhouse E3405

Precautions: It is recommended that only children 3 years and older play with this toy. Certain parts are small, so constant supervision is recommended to prevent accidents.

Main features: This is one of the most complete dollhouses on the market, therefore, for this 2022, it could be a good purchase. The 80.2 x 29 x 72.5 cm structure made of wood comes with 3 floors and 6 varied rooms such as the parents’ bedroom, the children’s bedroom, the bathroom, a garage and even the image of a garden and pool; all of them are equipped with the correct furniture. As if this were not enough, the house has a balcony and comes with the dolls included in the purchase.

Functionality: Kids might love this house for the different functions it has. For example, it is possible to turn on the lights to illuminate each room. In addition to that, the dolls will be able to ring the bell at the entrance before opening the door, which also works like a real one. If the kids have toy cars, they can be stored in the garage, as it comes with a fully functional lift gate.

Educational value: The colors, tone and different textures will help children develop sight, hearing and touch. In addition to that, playing with dolls stimulates imagination, creativity and arouses curiosity.

Maintenance: In addition to taking into account what is needed to keep the wood in good condition, it is necessary not to pull too hard on the rope to open the garage door.

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7. CubicFun Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture

Precautions: Due to the level of difficulty of assembling the puzzle, approximately 160 pieces, and the materials used in the manufacture of this product, it is recommended for use from 8 years of age.

Main features: This dollhouse measures 31.5 centimeters and has a floral design, both inside and outside, where pastel colors that vary between yellow, green and pink are combined. Dolls and furniture are included in the purchase to play as soon as this toy arrives at your house; Furniture includes a fun, working rocking horse and details like dinner and a bottle of wine.

Functionality: Among the most interesting models, this is one of the houses that stands out the most on the market, since the assembly consists of putting together a 3D puzzle until the structure takes shape. After this, it is now possible to play with the dolls by making them visit the 4 rooms distributed on the 3 floors. The furniture can also be assembled to enjoy more puzzles.

Educational value: In addition to the creativity and communication development that doll play commonly offers, the fact that this house must be assembled like a puzzle allows children to develop their logical and problem-solving skills.

Maintenance: It is necessary to keep this house away from water and also treat it delicately, as it is a structure made of paper and foam that could easily deteriorate if it is mistreated or exposed to humid environments.

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8. Homcom Doll House with Furniture Furniture

Precautions: The manufacturers of this dollhouse recommend that only children 3 years of age and older use it, to avoid accidents with younger children.

Main features: With dimensions of 60 x 30 x 80 cm, this house is not excessively large and can be placed in a room without taking up much space. Made of pine wood and MDF, the structure has 4 floors and 5 rooms with the color pink as a base and details in other shades. In addition to that, the house comes with 13 pieces of furniture to equip each area. To complement, the walls have illustrations that help set the mood and make the areas of the home more realistic.

Functionality: The floors are connected to each other by stairs so that the children take the dolls up and down through the house. In addition, the walls have holes for the windows and the top floor has a balcony. Also, the lower floor is a garage where two toy cars can easily be stored to complement the game. The plants are 18 cm high, therefore it will be easy for children to manipulate all the things found in the house.

Educational value: Children will develop their spatial sense while arranging all the furniture, and by playing with the dolls, skills such as creativity, curiosity and ingenuity will be stimulated from the first moment.

Maintenance: It is advisable to wipe the house with a dry cloth from time to time, to prevent dust accumulation and keep the structure away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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9. Teamson Kids dollhouse TD-12901A

Precautions: Children under 3 years of age should not use this dollhouse, as they may have accidents. On the other hand, due to the space of the rooms, older children will be able to play comfortably.

Main features: This beautiful white house with gray details is a very nice model, because in addition to the 4 common rooms of a home, it comes with a stable to store the toy horse included in the purchase. The toy also comes with 14 different accessories, including the furniture of the house, food for the horse and tools for the garden. The structure measures 35.5″ tall and 41″ wide, and the rooms are large enough for Barbie-type dolls to play with.

Functionality: The house has a small porch to receive guests to play, meanwhile, the two floors are linked by a ladder for the dolls to go up and down. On the way out, the fences can be arranged to give the horse room or to create a small extra room for tools; that are easy to organize. For more realism, the barn doors are functional; that way, the horse will be able to get out.

Educational value: Children will not only get to work their creativity and imagination while playing with their dolls, but they will also be able to learn about life on the farm, horses and their care. Therefore, the house comes with quite an integral educational value.

Maintenance: It is advisable to keep small parts well, as these can be easily lost. In addition, it is necessary to give basic care to the wood.

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10. Star Dollhouse with Family and Furniture

Precautions: This product is recommended for children from 3 years of age and can be used until approximately 10 years of age.

Main characteristics: Among the cheapest options on the market is this model, a beautiful house with luxurious spaces that has 5 rooms and is made of wood. The house brings with it several pieces of furniture, to equip each of the areas and, in addition, it comes with 6 soft dolls to be the family and play with it. The furniture is handmade and comes with a simple design and good finishes. On the other hand, the dimensions, according to the manufacturer, are 62 x 27 x 70 cm and the total weight is almost 8 kg.

Functionality: The height of each floor is approximately 18 centimeters so that children can play comfortably. In addition to that, the assembly is quite simple so you can assemble the house in no time. Meanwhile, the walls feature holes to serve as windows. On the other hand, the included dolls can go out on the balcony and make use of the furniture, as it is suitable for their size.

Educational value: With this dollhouse, children can have fun while developing important cognitive skills such as creativity, effective communication in group games, spatial sense and even expand their vocabulary by including various concepts in their games.

Maintenance: Passing a dry cloth in the rooms and on the outside occasionally is enough to keep the house in good condition.

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