Easter games

Easter is a date that children look forward to, since according to legend, a rabbit will come with baskets full of chocolate eggs and other surprises. It is also a day to be with family, so it is good to have several interesting games for all ages.

If you ran out of ideas during Easter and you don’t know what to do at Easter with the children, these ideas are for you. We have put together several fun activities to share and have a good time.

1. Easter mime

Among the Easter games for children, this is one of the most educational, as it teaches them to express thoughts with non-verbal language. In addition, it allows them to understand that sometimes it is necessary to stop and think calmly. The first thing we must do is draw the symbols of Easter on cardboard and cut them out to place them in a basket. Each participant must draw a drawing and take turns making a representation with her body so that the others can guess what it is. The child who guesses is the winner . If the one doing the mimics speaks, he is eliminated and must wait for a next round.

2. Let’s paint eggs!

Eggs are small and delicate objects, therefore it is advisable to work with boiled eggs if the children are young. The first step is to dye them colors, for which we will need 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of food coloring. White eggs are easier to stain, but brown ones work just as well. You can also use food coloring markers directly on the eggs and decorate with gold and silver cake icing as a substitute for glitter.

Older children and adults can work with empty eggs, for this you have to carefully open a hole at each end of the egg and take out all its contents, and then wash it well with tap water. Once it is dry, it can be used, but always delicately, since its structure is very fragile.

3. Aim for the basket!

Crafts are one of the most complete Easter activities for children, especially if they can later play with the objects they have created. In this case, it is about building an Easter basket with the help of adults. For this, you can decorate a basket that you have at home or make one with cardboard from scratch. The idea is that it has images alluding to Easter , such as bunny ears, carrots, images of colorful eggs, etc. On the other hand, it is necessary to make a ball with recycled paper and decorate it as if it were a large Easter egg. The game consists of scoring the egg in the basket at a certain distance, which can vary depending on the aim of the participants. Progressively, the basket must be moved away to increase the difficulty.

4. Candy Hunters

If your children are already tired of the same Montessori tabletop toy, this family game can be a good alternative to develop different skills while having fun. In many countries it is customary to hide sweets in different parts of the house so that children can find them. If you have guests over on Easter Sunday, everyone can participate, even adults. The goal is for everyone to search the entire house at the same time, so that the participant who collects the most candy wins the game. However, in the end all the sweets must be collected and divided equally for everyone. The important thing here is not to win, but to participate. 

5. Easter Collage

For this game, each child must have a drawing alluding to Easter. Big kids can draw a picture and little kids can use printed designs. The idea is to decorate with different materials, such as cotton, glitter, macaroni pieces, colored pencil scratches, among others. This not only allows you to practice fine motor skills, but also stimulates creativity and imagination. You will see that in the end each one will have made a small artistic work with many textures. This is an activity that takes several hours, so it is good to take breaks and use the time to talk about the true story of Easter .

6. Put the tail on the rabbit

This is the traditional put the tail on the donkey, but this time with an Easter bunny. You only need a card with a drawing of a large rabbit and the tail on another card. It is played by teams. With the help of an adhesive tape on the end of the rabbit’s tail, each child must try to put the tail in the correct place in the drawing. However, he has to do it blindfolded, so his teammates have to yell direction advice at him, while the kids from the opposing team try to disorient him. This is very convenient for practicing motor coordination, concentration, attention and reasoning.

7. Easter Gymkhana

Chocolate egg games are not only fun, they allow you to enjoy sweets at the end of the day. In this case, it is about planning a gymkhana for Easter Sunday, very convenient if there are many children at home, but we can also invite the neighbors. The challenges can include the previous games and incorporate many more. For example, a relay race to carry a chocolate egg on a spoon from one place to another. Also, you can organize a sack race jumping like Easter bunnies . Additionally, children can make up as bunnies before doing the competition.

And since we are talking about eggs, the blind man’s hen game cannot be missing from this gymkhana. A boy is randomly chosen to be the blind man’s hen, so he must be tightly blindfolded with a handkerchief. Next, it is rotated 5 or 10 times on its own axis so that it loses its orientation. At that moment he must try to catch one of his companions and without removing the blindfold, guess who it is and say his name out loud. The child who allows himself to be captured will be the next blind man’s hen.

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