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What is the best educational toy?

All children enjoy spending time playing and having fun, which is why parents, guardians and relatives must promote learning through games, for which educational toys are essential. Although most toys are classified according to the age of children, the most important thing is to choose products that develop social skills, physical and cognitive skills in little ones. If you need help in this regard, here we present a selection of the best educational toys of 2022 that will be a hit when giving a gift. 

1. Educa Borrás Lince Family Edition with App 400 Images

Precautions: For safety, this game is not suitable for children under 6 years of age. And adult supervision is advised for use.

Main Features: As part of the educational toys for 6-year-olds, the Lynx Family Edition includes more than 400 images to discover on the board and 18 tiles for a total of 6 players, although it can also be played alone.

The purpose of this game is to sharpen the eyes and develop the reflexes of the participants to get as many images as possible in the shortest possible time. This version includes an exclusive and free application to download on a tablet and make the game more interactive by viewing the images in pixelated, black and white or fragmented mode. 

Functionality: The game consists of gathering the largest number of tokens by discovering the images on the board before the other participants. The similarity of the images and their number increases the difficulty, so you need to pay close attention and activate your reflexes to find the figures faster. According to user reviews, this is an excellent gift for Christmas that can be enjoyed by the whole family and have a good time together.

Educational Value: Because it is a family game, the social skills of all participants are developed, as well as the reinforcement of visual skills, developing reflexes and attention. 

Maintenance: The game box serves as storage to keep the board parts and tokens in one place.

New Edition: There are several versions of this game such as the Traveler Edition, My First Lynx and Disney Edition.

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2. Nene Toys 4 in 1 Wooden Block Tower 

Precautions: It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age and adult supervision is recommended for its use. 

Main Characteristics: The Nene Toys Block Towers is a board game with four possibilities of use, to adapt to the different ages of the participants. This product stands out because the blocks are made of natural wood, with smooth edges, a well-polished surface and water-based paints that are non-toxic to children.

It is worth mentioning that this is one of our educational toys for 3-year-olds, recommended by the manufacturer up to 8 or 9 years of age, and that it is very entertaining to make the traditional tower of blocks and remove the pieces, preventing it from collapsing. or use it to make incredible constructions encouraging the imagination of the little ones. 

Functionality: One of the ways to play is to stack all the wooden pieces, roll the dice, remove the block of the same animal that came out on the dice and place it on top of the tower. Another way to use it is to make constructions or create the domino effect by dropping the pieces.

Educational Value: This toy encourages children’s fine motor skills, creativity and reasoning, hand-eye coordination, as well as color and animal recognition. 

Maintenance: The box where the pieces come serves as a storage space and the wooden blocks should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth so that they do not accumulate dust.

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3. Fansteck Magic Slate Doodle Water Mat

Precautions: It is a product suitable for babies from 12 months of age and does not have major warnings because it is a water-based game.

Main Features: The Fansteck water mat offers a 78 x 78 cm space where children can paint as much as they want without wasting paint or staining the floor or walls.

This is a water mat, also known as a magic board, made with quick-drying fabrics with different safety certifications that allow it to be classified as one of the educational toys for children from 1 year old and with no age limit, because even parents can have fun with it. the little ones making works of art over and over again. 

Functionality: The set includes the mat, two water-filled markers and a brush, plus a magic book, 4 drawing templates, the same number of stamps and a pencil case. All these accessories allow you to make the most of the usefulness of this game, ideal for babies from one year of age and that any child can enjoy to draw their pictures, so it is one of our interesting options to give away for first birthdays of the kids.

Educational Value: The rug has the letters of the alphabet around it so that children have an easier time identifying them, but the promotion of imagination and creativity represents the strength of this product as an educational toy for any age.

Maintenance: Only water is needed to use this rug and let it dry for a few minutes to reuse it, without worrying about stains or dirt. 

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4. VTech 80-155522 Genius Little App Educational Tablet Computer

Precautions: This toy is not suitable for children under 3 years of age, in addition to this there are no major warnings about the use of the product.

Key Features: Today’s young children have very close contact with electronic devices, so many educational toys for 3-4 year olds are technology oriented, like this educational tablet from VTech.

With a very modern design, this device has a very easy-to-use interface, offering 80 activities in different educational areas to learn about letters, numbers, English, logic, and much more. To be more attractive, the screen of the tablet is full color, and you can slide to use the keyboard as if it were a laptop. All these qualities make this toy one of the children’s favorites in 2022, being an original option to give as a gift.

Functionality: The numerous activities of this toy are separated into the categories of language, mathematics, science, creativity, logic and mental challenges, in addition to other educational aspects and even the application of a translator to learn 60 words in English. The toy requires 3 AA batteries for proper operation, which are included for demonstration purposes. 

Educational Value: The cognitive development of children will be promoted with this device, allowing them to learn about different educational areas with entertaining and interactive activities, designed for children from 3 years old. 

Maintenance: Drops and bumps should be avoided on the tablet, as well as its direct contact with water, because it could damage its electronic components.

New Edition: This model can be chosen in two colors: black and pink.

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5. Goula Baby color for children from 2 years

Cautions: Adult supervision is advised for this toy to be used by children over 24 months.

Main Features: Thinking about buying educational toys for 2-year-olds can be a bit tricky if you want to hit the mark with a product that is useful, durable, and educational.

In this sense, Goula’s proposal deserves our attention because it consists of 6 colorful sheets of different figures in which the children must fit pivots identifying the basic colors.

The sheets are numbered from least to most difficult and are made of sturdy cardboard, while the colored pegs are made of wood and sized just right for the little hands of babies over 2 years old. 

Functionality: The illustrations of the colorful mosaics are placed on the game box as if it were the base to make it more manageable and there the children can attach the colored pivots to the corresponding strip. 

The striking colors attract the attention of the little ones who, with a couple of orientations, begin to attach the pivots in place, dominating the game. On these occasions it is important to promote language, names of colors, figures and animals. 

Educational Value: Children will learn the basic colors, as well as develop hand-eye coordination, also promoting fine motor skills and visual perception.

Maintenance: It is recommended to store all the pieces in the box after finishing playing, to avoid losing any.

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6. Yoptote 120 Pieces Magnetic Wooden Puzzles

Precautions: Its use is recommended for people over 3 years of age, as well as the direct supervision of an adult during the game.

Main Features: Yoptote’s magnetic board includes a magnetic board, as well as a black one to use chalk while retaining magnetism to adhere the puzzle pieces.

Although it classifies as one of the educational toys for 4-year-olds, many users claim that 3-year-olds start to enjoy the benefits of this game. First of all, it works to fish the magnetic pieces and put together a puzzle with the theme of the beach and marine animals. Then you can use your boards to draw, write and let your imagination run wild like an artist. On the other hand, it is a totally portable game because the wooden box works as a transport case, to store all the pieces and play anywhere with it. 

Functionality: The box is made of wood with smooth finishes to avoid any accident with rough edges. For its part, the magnetic pieces can be fished with the included rod and placed on the fridge or other magnetic surface, such as the same board that includes the game. In addition, children will be able to entertain themselves for a long time drawing with the set of chalks and the included marker.

Educational Value: Children will develop coordination and attention to catch the different figures, as well as their imagination and creativity, being indicated as a gift on any special occasion.  

Maintenance: The box serves as storage to keep all the pieces in one place, also allowing easy transport. 

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7. Fisher Price Mattel FGW66 Funny Face Phone

Precautions: It is a toy suitable for babies from 12 months onwards, but the direct supervision of an adult is recommended. 

Main Characteristics: The traditional Fisher Price funny face telephone has been one of the most popular educational toys for 1-year-olds for a few decades, which remains in force for its simplicity and the entertainment it provides to babies.

In young children, imitation games are very important for the development of their social skills, so with this toy, one of the cheapest in our selection, they can play at making calls, having fun with the sounds it makes. In addition, the movement of the eyes when they pull the phone to go around the house will also be entertaining. For this reason, the product is made of resistant plastic and with attractive colors to keep the attention of the little ones.

Functionality: The child will be able to pull the cord of the phone to make it roll with him while the eyes move up and down. You can also sit down to pick up or hang up the phone, turn the dial and have fun with the sounds that the toy makes.

Educational Value: The creativity of the little ones and their imagination from an early age are encouraged with this phone. On the other hand, sensory development and gross motor skills will also be stimulated in the first year of the baby’s life, while language and knowledge about numbers and colors can be developed when older. 

Maintenance: It is a plastic toy that can be cleaned with a soft cloth. 

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8. Lappazo 3D Whiteboard Drawing Tablet with LED Lights

Cautions: Adult supervision is recommended while using this product.

Main Features: Among the educational toys for 5-year-olds, the Lappazo tablet is one of the most recommended by users, because it encourages motor skills in children to draw pictures and write letters or numbers with the included templates.

This model consists of a magnetic board made of resistant plastic and that incorporates LED lights that will highlight the colors of the drawings made. Best of all, it’s completely reusable, meaning you just need to clean the board with the included sponge to continue drawing and creating art. As for the size, the tablet measures 20 x 26 cm, so it offers a good work space for children. 

Functionality: This new board incorporates LED lights that are activated with a button, so you can change the colors or activate the flashing function. On the other hand, the board is very versatile because it can be used as a night lamp, a photo frame or a message board and placed on the refrigerator. 

For its operation it needs 3 AAA batteries that must be purchased separately, but it is a good offer if you consider that the set includes four markers and the sponge to clean the surface for a competitive price.

Educational Value: This toy promotes children’s creative thinking, imagination, writing and drawing, making it a very complete and entertaining product for all children who enjoy drawing.

Maintenance: The board is cleaned with the sponge and this can be washed with soap and water before cleaning the surface again. 

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9. Symiu Montessori Toys Board Game Wooden Puzzles

Precautions: Its use is indicated for children over 3 years of age. 

Main Characteristics: Montessori toys are very important in the early years of the school stage because they promote learning through different educational areas.

In the case of this wooden puzzle board, there are several possibilities for educational games thanks to the colored and differently shaped pieces that can be attached to it. Additionally, the inclusion of a one-minute hourglass can add to the excitement of the game to encourage speed and competition in children.

The Symiu set is also made up of 18 cards with the possible combinations of the pieces, 12 interlocking shapes and a functional card holder that is placed on the board to display the chosen card.

Functionality: It is a puzzle with 18 cards that propose 36 options to play, in this way it is not repetitive for children. For its part, the one-minute clock brings excitement to the little ones by challenging them in that time to fulfill the mission of the game. 

Educational Value: Promotes games of classification and separation of elements by shape and color, also promoting hand-eye coordination and thinking skills, so it is a good alternative to buy this product online and have it delivered to your home so that the little ones in your family have fun and learn.

Maintenance: The wooden box serves as a storage case and to avoid losing the pieces.

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10. Science4you Robotics Betabot Scientific and Educational Stem Toy

Precautions: It should be kept away from children under 8 years of age due to all the small parts it includes.

Main Features: If you are looking for educational toys for 7-year-olds, this Science4you set can be very useful if you give the child the necessary precautionary instructions because the manufacturer recommends that it be used by people over 8 years of age. 

The Betabot is made up of 125 pieces and an activity book with all the experiments that can be carried out, teaching children the basic principles of electronics and robotics. The best of all is that the little ones will be able to make their own robot and see it work if they follow the instructions correctly, also developing their concentration.

Functionality: Science4You is a brand focused on making robotics available to children through fun sets like this one from Betabot, which must be fully assembled in order to see its functions. What we can anticipate is that the robot is capable of walking on its own and for this it will need two AA batteries that must be purchased separately.

Educational Value: Children will learn about electronics and robotics, simultaneously fostering their concentration, manual skills and attention to learn about science, math, technology, as well as engineering.

Maintenance: There are no major warnings about the care of this toy, just remember to store all the pieces in the box so that it can be reassembled. 

New Edition: Several models are offered for this product that may vary in functions and number of parts, such as: Alfabot 3 In 1, Deltabot, Rexbot and Scorpiobot.

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