Ergobaby Original Reviews

Main advantage:

The backpack can be used from the birth of the baby thanks to the cushion designed to maintain an ergonomic and natural posture for the correct development of the little one. In addition, its maximum capacity of 20 kg allows you to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Main disadvantage:

The backpack incorporates a thick layer of padding that increases its volume, especially when storing it, requiring more storage space. 

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a compact and versatile backpack that can be used in several positions to carry the baby in the most comfortable way, and its use time goes from newborn to 20 kg. 

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Main Features Explained

Ergonomics and positions

Ergonomic baby carriers are the most recommended by doctors and specialists to carry them properly, without affecting the baby’s development or the growth of the hips.

For this reason, Ergobaby Original has focused on offering an ergonomic product for families in which they can carry the baby in a natural position by allowing it to acquire the “M” position, the one indicated for the correct development of the hip.

Although it is a classic design, the advantages of this model in terms of ergonomics and comfort are evident in the opinions of users. Especially when we review the lumbar support that it incorporates to balance the load and offer stability when carrying the baby.

The use of padded straps and plastic clasps to hold the backpack, also favor comfort when using this product, without forgetting the different positions in which the baby can be carried.

From birth to approximately 4 months, the special cushion can be used to carry the baby forward facing the carrier. From six months it can be changed to the lateral and rear position, keeping the little one in the best position for the development of the hip 

Materials and care

To establish an efficient quality-price ratio in a product, it is necessary to know the materials used to manufacture it, and in the case of one of the best baby carriers on the market, we only expect high-strength and durable materials.

Thus, the Ergobaby Original is made with hypoallergenic and very soft textiles, to be in contact with the baby without causing allergies, while offering efficient ventilation so that the little one does not feel uncomfortable due to the heat. 

For their part, the straps and reinforcements in the seams offer good resistance to withstand daily use during the child’s first years of life, since this model has a maximum load capacity of 20 kg, therefore its materials and clothing are consistent to this requirement.

Regarding the maintenance and care of the backpack, it is an advantage that it can be machine washed without affecting the durability of the padding, and even if it does not accumulate strong odours, periodic washing is always recommended to keep it in the best conditions. 

For this reason, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and wash the backpack at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees, avoid using bleach or abrasive detergents and always let it air dry completely before using it again. 


The possibility of carrying your baby from birth maintaining an ergonomic posture and with the certainty that his body will develop normally is a peace of mind that has no comparison for parents who want to practice attachment parenting. 

Ergobaby understands this concept very well and that is why it has thought of the versatility of the backpack as a complement that will be present in the daily activities that you will carry out with the baby.

For this reason, a fairly large front zippered pocket has been incorporated in which you can store your keys, mobile phone, a pacifier and even money or a card to go out and do some quick shopping. 

Additionally, the backpack includes a hood with 50 UPF sun protection so you can go out on sunny days with the baby and provide greater protection. However, you should not forget to apply a little sunscreen to your body if you are going to be exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time.

On the other hand, we highlight that this model is available in neutral colors and unisex designs, so it can be purchased considering it as a family investment that will be passed on to the next baby in the family, regardless of gender, to give continuity to the use of the backpack after your baby grows up. 

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