Fear stories for children

Horror stories for children are not only funny, but they usually have a moral about the importance of differentiating between what is real and what is the product of the imagination. In addition, the characters in these stories give a lesson in courage to face the deepest fears.

Many children love scary stories, but it is important that adults review the stories beforehand. In this way, we can ensure that the content is according to the intellectual level of each child. In this opportunity, we have compiled 5 entertaining, fun and educational horror stories.

  1. the enchanted pillow

Among the short scary stories with a happy ending, this is one of the favorites of the little ones in the house and is appropriate for bedtime. It all begins with a boy named Manolo, but who affectionately called him Lolito. He lived in the country with his parents and an older sister. One night, Lolito couldn’t sleep, every time he closed his eyes he had a bad dream, so he started crying. In the middle of the night, the father ran to Lolito’s room. 

“What’s wrong, son?” asked his dad. 

-A nightmare, replied Lolito.

It’s over, it’s over, go back to sleep, said the father, stroking Lolito’s head. Then he went to his room. An hour later, Lolito started crying again. This time his older sister came quickly and asked him. 

-What do you have, little brother?

-I can’t sleep, I have nightmares, answered Lolito.

His sister gave him a Montessori toy (if you click here, you have several purchase options), sang him a lullaby and Lolito fell asleep. 

After a while, Lolito woke up again with a start and began to cry. Lolito’s mother woke up with her son’s crying and ran to her room.

“What’s the matter, my son?” asked the mother. 

-Nightmares don’t let me sleep, Mom, said Lolito. 

The mother looked at her son carefully.

-And how are you going to sleep well? You have the pillow on the side of nightmares! 

The mother turned Lolito’s pillow, placing it on the part of the beautiful dreams. And so it was that the boy laid his head on the pillow and fell asleep, dreaming of good things until the next day. From there, Lolito knew that his pillow was enchanted.

  1. Anna and the haunted house

If you are looking for horror stories that are funny and sobering at the same time, then this short story may interest you.

It was an afternoon in April and Ana, a 10-year-old girl, was in her room playing with a new doll. Her father called her from the living room to go shopping, but she didn’t want to go. Ana was so excited about her doll that she didn’t notice she was alone until the first clap of thunder. Ana jumped and hugged the doll. A storm had started. She thought about leaving the room, but it was already nightfall and she knew the lights in the house would be off. In a short time the old wall clock in the living room struck 8 chimes. Ana took her cell phone to call her mother but there was no signal, perhaps because of the intense rain. The light in the room flickered. Anne trembled with fear. She reached for the remote control and turned on the television. They were showing a horror movie about a haunted doll. Ana looked at the doll she was holding and dropped it on the bed. The light went out completely. Ana covered her head with the pillow and began to cry. She heard footsteps in the hall, as if someone was approaching. When she rang the handle, Ana screamed and her voice was confused with that of another person, there she knew that she was not alone. The door opened with a sharp bang.

– What’s wrong Anita? What do you have? asked the mother.

-Mom, I thought there was a ghost! Or that the house was haunted! Ana said crying.

-It’s us daughter, said the father.

-It was just your imagination, said the mother. 

  1. Juanito the troll

This is one of the best children’s stories with a moral. Legend has it that Juan Alberto González, the smartest boy in the class, had a serious problem: he did not like water. Therefore, he never wanted to take a bath or brush his teeth, even refusing to drink water. His grandfather warned him that he could become a troll, but Juanito made fun of him and told him that trolls don’t exist. It was because of this that little by little the boy became a stinking troll. One night, some trolls came to the window of his room to take him to live with them in the darkest part of the forest, so Juanito, terrified, got into the shower and washed off all the dirt. From that moment on, he decided to bathe daily and drink water several times a day. Today he lives happily with his parents and his 16 siblings.

  1. alone in the forest

Horror stories for children are very interesting, especially because they encourage the imagination and invite reflection. This is the story of Pablo, a boy who was not afraid of anything. He laughed at the scary movies he watched with his brothers. He got bored in the house of terror when he went with his parents. What’s more, he didn’t even get scared when he had nightmares. One day, the boy went to a school camp in a forest far away. As he was not afraid of anything he left the group and began to walk through the trees, but soon it got dark. In the middle of the forest, Pablo began to feel something strange. He felt that they were following him, that they were watching him from different parts, he heard noises and he shuddered. He was scared. Suddenly, he heard footsteps approaching. He gave a bloodcurdling scream and was slow to recognize his physical education teacher.

  1. A monster in the closet

This is one of the short stories that leave a message for life. Sebas was a disobedient boy who misbehaved at school. One afternoon, at dinner time, his mom made him his favorite food, chicken and potatoes. However, Sebas rudely told him that this time he didn’t want that, he just wanted to eat chocolate ice cream. The mother promised her that the next day she would give her what she wanted, but Sebas yelled at her no, he ran to her room and closed the door. That night he began to hear strange noises in his closet. In the middle of the night, he thought he saw shadows with large eyes and sharp teeth looking at him from the closet. He imagined that a horrible witch was touching the wood of the cupboard with her broom, wanting to get out of it. Many nights passed like this, and Sebas, unable to sleep, felt more and more exhausted. One night he decided to face his fears, He approached the closet and trembling opened the door. To his surprise he only saw his own reflection with a grumpy face, since there was a large mirror inside the closet. Sebas understood that there was no monster, but it was himself. The next day, he apologized to his mother, kissed her and promised to behave at school. Since then, Sebas was able to sleep peacefully. 

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