Feber Ferrari Reviews

Main advantage: 

The best thing about this great tricycle is the fact that it can adapt correctly to the development of the little one at various stages of growth. Thus, 1-year-old children will enjoy it as much as older ones.

Main disadvantage: 

The push handle is not entirely rigid, therefore it is imperative to treat it gently to prevent damage. Being flimsy, it is less advisable to give it frequent use.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This tricycle is an incredible gift for the little ones in the house, as it is quite easy to use, regardless of age, and provides the safety and comfort that children and parents need.

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Main Features Explained


Nobody is too small to be able to move from one place to another, because the little ones have very important things to do, like play. In addition to that, no child should be left with the desire to drive in all the style of Formula 1. For that reason, Feber brings what could be considered the best baby trike for those who love Ferraris, as the bright red design with the yellow horse logo is exactly the same as any professional Ferrari.

This design is complemented by the colors gray and black, which make it possible for the details to stand out in the best way, along with the brand name at the bottom of the product. Beyond having a unique and attractive appearance, the brand has also paid special attention to giving children the best possible safety, while allowing them to have fun. For this reason, this product has padded seat belts for the child’s comfort, with side bands to maintain the position of the little ones.

Additionally, it does not matter if you are the one who moves the cart, because the inclusion of a steering wheel and a gear lever will make any child believe that he is the great driver and will make him feel happy with his new toy.


The most prominent opinions on any product for children will always praise the fact that it can adapt to their growth, since little ones grow so fast that many times it is necessary to acquire more products that go at their own pace. This happens in the baby tricycle market and, fortunately, one of the great advantages of this model is the fact that it has the quality of being evolutionary.

Any child from 1 year to 4 years old will be able to use the tricycle, since the structure is made to adjust to the needs of each age. The little ones can enjoy the trike by placing their feet on the foldable footrest, meanwhile, parents can adjust the push handle in 3 positions, to adapt the product to their height. For its part, the padded seat, adjustable in two positions, will keep children comfortable, while the plastic bands will prevent them from moving.

As they grow older and more independent, you can remove various accessories from the product so it can be used as a fully self-contained trike. Hide the footrest so your child can use the pedals and remove the steering wheel so they’re more comfortable driving the handlebars. You can also remove the push handle if you wish, although this is not necessary.


For a reasonable price, you can buy this tricycle, with a modern structure that adapts to your needs and also to those of children. As for its size, the tricycle has dimensions of 113.3 cm x 48.5 cm x 94/ 96.3/ 99.7 cm, these last measurements depend on the height at which you decide to adjust the handle. Finding a space for it in your home will not be difficult and its weight will make it easy to handle, without making an excessive effort when rolling it.

The three included wheels are made of the best quality hard plastic, together with a central rubber band that will give them better resistance and grip. It is possible to lock them to prevent the child from moving alone, offering you more security. The rear part has a small basket between the two rear wheels where you can carry your essential items if you go out with your baby or his favorite toys, which is a very practical usable space.

Although it is recommended that only children 4 years of age or younger use the product, this trike is made to support up to 25 kilograms of maximum capacity, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so if you have an older child who wishes to use the his little brother’s tricycle, no problem.

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