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Sometimes it gets boring just watching the kids all day lying on the couch watching TV or playing video games, using the mobile or tablet. One way to encourage them to spend some time is to teach them the carnival games they can do at home to sharpen their aim, train their motor skills and speed. 

Being at home is no excuse not to have fun with the kids, and even if you have a small garden or live in an apartment, you can come up with fun ways to hang out with your kids. A very simple way is with easy-to-make games to simulate the attractions of the fairs in the comfort of your home.

Here we propose a series of activities that will go very well for them, especially if they enjoy doing crafts, because for many games they can create their own utensils with recyclable material, toys and other things that they surely have around. 

1. Fun fishing

In any store you can find fishing games. It is usually a toy for 3-year-olds (here you can find some options to choose from) which includes a couple of fishing rods with a magnetized hook and some toy fish with a metallic element to make it easier. catch them. If you already have one of these at home, you can use it and place a large basin or bucket with water distributing the fish. Also, you can make the toy with foam rubber, magnets, strings and some sticks that will be the fishing rods. The boy who catches the most fish wins. Or, also, you can make a variation of the game, listing the fish. Each number represents the number of candies or sweets the player earns by catching a fish. 

2. Target shooting with marbles

If you want to show your kids how marbles are played in a less traditional way, you can use them for target shooting. To start you must make a board with the lid of a shoe box. It is necessary to make several linear holes and place punctuation on them. 

The idea is that the players throw the marbles at the slightly tilted board and score points according to the hole in which the marble gets stuck. This carnival game will help the little ones to stimulate hand and eye coordination , as well as improve their motor skills. 

3. Homemade foosball

Another craft that you can do with your children is the foosball at home, using wooden clothespins, a shoe box and some skewer sticks. You just have to drill the box on each side to insert the sticks, paint the clips to form two soccer teams and make the holes at the ends that will be the arches. 

Here you can also use a marble to act as a soccer ball and start a friendly match. The one who scores the first goal wins. But they can also set their own rules. 

4. Hoops 

For children to improve their aim in this carnival game, you can reuse the plastic yogurt bottles and distribute them on a table or the floor, with a reasonable distance from each other. 

With paper plates, you can create the rings by cutting a circle in the center and painting them in various colors to increase their appeal. The purpose of the game is for children to hit the largest number of rings in the same bottle. Or you can also put different scores on each bottle so that players accumulate points, depending on the rings they hit. 

5. Knock down the cans

If among your children’s toys they have some air guns such as Nerf, they can prepare games of throwing cans, making a tower with these and setting a distance of 2 or 3 meters, depending on the speed that the bullets reach to knock down the cans.

If you don’t have a toy gun, you can use golf balls or tennis balls to make the shots and knock over the most cans. You can also make balls out of fabric, paper, or any material you have left over from around the house that can be shaped into a ball. The one who throws the most cans to the ground with the fewest throws wins. 

6. Eat apples

Although there can be fun candy eating games at real fairs, at home you can have healthier alternatives. One of them is eating apples, a game that you can play if you have a tree in the garden. 

The fun of this competition is that the whole family can participate. You just have to hang several apples on the tree at a height that children and adults can easily reach. The idea is that with their hands behind their backs they manage to eat the apple. Whoever eats the fruit the fastest wins.

7. Sack Race

The traditional sack race is for children to improve their motor coordination and speed. So you can use old covers that you have at home and give one to each child, draw a start line and a finish line, to give the shout of on your marks, set, go! The first to cross the finish line will be the winner.

8. Skeet Shooting

For this simple dynamic you will need plastic or polystyrene plates , those that we use at parties, and an airtight bag full of grains. They can be beans, popcorn, among others. The idea is that the bags have a weight inside.

Now you must line up 5 plates, each one with a number that can go from 10 to 50. These will be the points that the player will accumulate by hitting the bag on the plates. Ideally, do this game in the backyard or in a large space where kids can have room to put some distance between the throwing line and the targets. 

As you can see, there are many alternatives to not leaving the children on the sofa all afternoon, so prepare the materials, go out to the patio or clear the room to have a day of carnival games in your pajamas. Don’t forget to prepare popcorn, some fruit kabobs and other snacks so that the children truly feel like they are at a fair. 

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