Fisher Price Flying Bears Reviews

Main advantage: 

The incorporation of a remote control is a very flattering aspect, which will allow you to turn the equipment on and off from afar, as well as control the light, select the sounds and the rotation speed of the bears.

Main disadvantage: 

The fastening system could be improved, since not all cribs offer the expected stability, so you should analyze compatibility beforehand.

Verdict: 9.6/10 

This crib mobile has a functional design with which the child will have fun during the day and relax before falling asleep, while stimulating and developing their senses. 

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Main Features Explained

Operating and control modes

Mobiles for baby cribs are usually complementary elements of great help for the child’s distraction and learning. In this way, you can easily stimulate and develop her senses. Of course, for this it is important to select a model that incorporates several modes of operation, to achieve greater interactivity with the child.

For example, this Fisher Price Flying Bears mobile makes available to the infant a maximum of 30 minutes of varied musical sounds, animals and lullabies. You can also program it to project a starlight for the child’s room, thus creating a dim and adequate atmosphere so that he falls asleep more quickly. 

Finally, we have the three little bears with green, blue and purple clothes that hang from the base and in which the children will keep their attention fixed. This, apart from entertaining them, is convenient for them to learn to track objects visually.

Regarding the control of all these functions, you can easily program them through a remote control attached to the purchase. Its circular structure is compact, light and its handling completely intuitive. In addition, it is important to mention that for the power supply only two pairs of AA alkaline batteries are required, for a six-volt power supply.

Assembly and versatility of use 

If you review the main listings regarding baby items, you will find that Fisher Price is one of the leading brands in the market. In your shopping catalog we can find the best baby cribs, as well as a wide variety of mobiles. The latter are the ideal complement for both the crib and the stroller, as the little one will be able to interact with it directly. In this way, you will not only have fun but also progressively stimulate and develop your senses.

This Fisher Price Flying Bears mobile model has a functional design that is completely different from conventional models. In this sense, it will not only be useful to fix it on the baby’s crib to see the figurines rotate and the other modes offered, since the product has been designed to be versatile and provides both indoor and outdoor use. This is possible because its structure is easily disassembled.

Thus, you can place the lighting module on the bedside table in the child’s room to create a perfect atmosphere. Adding to this, there is the possibility of projecting musical sounds so that the baby rests comfortably. Likewise, you can use the hanging piece and fix it on your stroller by means of the built-in fastening mechanisms. This way, she can continue the fun even when you’re not lying in her crib.

Design and manufacturing

The experiences of use of the buyers is the best reference that we can have to measure the quality of a piece of equipment, this being the case of Fisher Price Flying Bears, which has been worthy of multiple positive opinions regarding its design, manufacturing raw material, detailed finishes and competitive price.

The mobile is made up of an ergonomic remote control, a support base to fix the product to the crib rail, a lighting and music module. You will also find the classic ceiling fan-type structure with three blades, from which the same number of teddy bears hang.

All these parts that make up the body of the mobile have been manufactured with ABS polymer, which is a material free of BPA or any other contaminating agent that may cause any condition in the child. Likewise, it offers a pleasant soft touch. These are quite convenient features, considering that it is a toy that will be in direct contact with the infant.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the series of precise cuts and joints present in each of the pieces, which result in a product with detailed finishes, which project a high level of quality and a pleasant aesthetic.

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