Fisher Price Grow With Me 3 in 1 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model is evolutionary and adapts to the growth of the baby, since it can be used from the time the child is born until it reaches an approximate weight of 18 kilograms, thanks to the fact that it transforms from a comfortable rocking hammock to a fixed chair.

Main disadvantage:

Some users miss the possibility of folding this product to facilitate its transport and storage, since it cannot be folded after assembly without disassembling it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a swing-type hammock that adapts to the growth of the baby, has a secure fastening system and includes some games as a form of entertainment for the little one.

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Main Features Explained

design and comfort

If you are looking for the best baby hammocks on the market, we recommend the Fisher Price Crece Conmigo 3 in 1 model, because it is a suitable accessory so that you can carry out your daily activities at home without having to carry the baby all the time, thanks to It has a rocking chair type design, quite comfortable to put the child to bed during the first months of life, or where you can sit him down to play when he is older and can sit.

It is a model that can be used by both girls and boys, since the brand offers two alternative colors, one in green and the other in pink with quite striking figures and vivid tones, being very functional and modern, so you can choose the one you like best. In addition, this bouncer includes a detachable toy bar with dangling funny monkeys and some beads, which is very pleasant for children, so that they can pat it for entertainment while stimulating their senses. 

Its structure has been made with good quality plastic materials, which have been duly certified for use in babies, while the seat has been made with a waterproof, resistant and durable fabric.           

Regarding the comfort offered by this model, we can highlight that the seat has a very deep carrycot that has the function of soft vibration to cradle the baby in its first months, being a padded, soft and very comfortable seat for children, which is reclining to feed or to take a short nap. In addition, it can be easily removed for cleaning.

Likewise, the three-point anchoring system of this model should be highlighted, which provides greater security for the baby while he sleeps, although the manufacturer recommends that children should always be under the supervision of an adult.

Evolutionary and recumbent system

When we talk about baby hammocks, we generally look for those models that are evolutionary, that is, that grow with our baby, because it would be useless to pay a high cost for a chair that you can only use for a short time and then becomes a piece of junk with no use. 

In this sense, we must highlight that this Fisher Price model, in addition to having a fairly affordable price for most users, has an evolutionary system, which allows the chair to be adapted to the baby’s age, being recommended as a hammock during the child’s first months, from birth to around 9 months, thanks to the seat’s reclining system that unfolds backwards for baby’s comfort.

As the child grows, the hammock becomes a practical fixed chair, which can be used until it reaches an approximate weight of 18 kilograms, making it an accessory that will be used for a long time, since You can use it for your baby to rest, play and have fun. In addition, the included vibration and music functions will allow your baby to calm down in those moments when he is most restless, facilitating the work of parents.

This transformation is possible due to the folding legs that the chair has that are in contact with the ground, which can be adapted according to the desired function of the hammock, either as a rocker or in the case of the fixed chair.

On the other hand, we must mention that this Fisher Price model is a product that comes disassembled for assembly, although according to the opinions of many users, the process is quite simple and not very complicated. In addition, an instruction manual is included in different languages, including Spanish, which will prevent you from having any doubts regarding the process.

Dimensions and maintenance

Regarding the dimensions of this hammock, we can highlight that it is quite robust, since it measures 31.5 x 63 x 94.5 cm, which provides great stability to the structure, so there will be no danger that the chair can tip over with the baby’s movements. 

In addition to this, the chair weighs approximately 3.5 kilograms, facilitating its portability, since it can be moved from one place to another without much problem, even when it is not foldable for transfer. However, being easy to assemble, you can disassemble it if you want to take it on a trip and reassemble the structure when you arrive at your destination.

On the other hand, for better maintenance of this piece of furniture, and as a safety measure for your baby, it should be noted that this chair is not suitable for transporting children, so it is not recommended, for example, that it be raised using the toys as a handle or that the accessory moves with the little one sitting in the chair. Keep in mind that it is not a baby carrier for cars, so it will not be useful for trips in these vehicles, much less on planes. 

Regarding the washing of the fabric of the chair lining, we can highlight that since it is a thin padding, which is easily removed, you can wash it and dry it quickly in the dryer, to keep it clean all the time, so that it is safe. and healthy for your baby, because it will be free of bacteria and germs. 

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