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Which is the best Harry Potter Funko?

Choosing the best Harry Potter vinyl figure is a very difficult decision, since all the characters are very loved by fans of the saga. For that reason, it is worth taking the time to see the qualities of each one and choose the one that you like the most, or that completes your collection.

1. Funko Pop Vinyl Harry Potter Collection 5858

Precautions: Manufacturers do not recommend its use by children under 3 years of age. From that age it is possible to use the product, but supervised by an adult.

Main Features: This vinyl figure is the original from Funko, so it can be a special gift for a Harry Potter fan. The magician comes with dimensions of 8.9 x 8.9 x 9.5 cm and only weighs 113 grams. Among the details that represent Harry are the magic wand, the Gryffindor uniform and, of course, his scar on his forehead. On the other hand, the box comes with windows so you can see the figure from the outside, along with the name of Harry Potter and images of him around.

Functionality: The first function of Funko figures is to serve as collector’s items for fans, and this model is no exception. However, if you want to take it out of the box, any child can play with it; there are no restrictions for it.

Educational value: This little product can help children expand their concepts of pop culture, magic, and much more. In turn, if used as a toy, imaginative and creative play will be promoted; key skills in child development.

Maintenance: In case you decide to keep it in the box, you will only need to pass a dry cloth over it to get rid of the dust. On the other hand, if it is already out of the box, try to treat it gently to maintain its characteristics, avoiding wearing down the paint.

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2. Funko Pop 5860 Hermione Granger Vinyl Figure

Precautions: It is not recommended that children under 3 years of age use the product. On top of that, if you want to keep the figure as a collector’s item, it’s a good idea to keep it out of the reach of little ones.

Key Features: Harry Potter isn’t the only talented wizard at Hogwarts, and for that reason, Hermione Granger also deserves a figure made in her honour. It is a product that is 9 cm high and weighs less than 100 grams so that it can be easily moved and stored. Made from 100% high-quality vinyl, this figure has details like the sorceress’s famous curls, her fringe, her Gryffindor uniform and her magic wand. Lastly, the box has windows and displays the character’s name and pictures.

Functionality: This Hermione Granger figure can function in various ways. Many people keep these types of figurines as decorations, while others keep them in their boxes for collector’s items. On the other hand, for children this product can be a new toy.

Educational value: Imaginative play is a necessary activity in child development and this figure promotes this type of fun. Children will be able to pretend they are wizards and learn spells. Using the product only as a collection also has benefits, as they will learn new concepts related to the world of Harry Potter.

Maintenance: The only thing necessary to keep the product in good condition is to get rid of the dust occasionally. Use a dry cloth for this, avoiding pressing the box too much so as not to damage it.

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3. Funko Pop Vinyl Harry Potter Collection Severus Snape 5862

Precautions: According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age, since it could deteriorate rapidly if it is used very roughly and, in addition, there may be small parts.

Main features: Severus Snape became one of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter saga, therefore this product could be a birthday present that will delight any fan of the wizarding world. The figure, with a height of 9 cm, is made of 100% vinyl; In addition to that, it comes in a box with information about the character and with windows to appreciate it without removing it from there. The costume, on the other hand, is highly detailed, with contrasting colors to catch the eye and complement Snape’s face, giving him a more movie-like look.

Functionality: The good thing about this product is that, depending on the person, it can work as a toy for children or as a decorative and collectible item for young people and adults.

Educational value: Harry Potter is a very famous literary saga, therefore, if children play with figures of this world, they may be interested in reading the books, and reading is a recommended activity for all ages. Additionally, playing with the figure promotes curiosity, creativity, ingenuity and imagination.

Maintenance: Keeping the product in good condition only depends on getting rid of dust regularly. If you want to store the figure as part of a collection, find a safe space to place the product.

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4. Funko Pop Ron Weasley Vinyl Figure 5859

Precautions: This product is recommended for children over 3 years old, however, if it is desired as a collector’s item, it is better to give the figure to young people or adults.

Main Features: The first thing that stands out when you see this vinyl figure of the famous Ron Weasley is his bright orange hair. This detail characterizes the character easily, so it is a look that gives him realism so that everyone can recognize Ron. This 3.5-inch product is the standard size for collectible figures, and being light in weight, it’s easy to carry around and find a place for it. For its part, the packaging is made with an illustrated box with images of Ron and his name; it is also possible to see the figure from the outside. The character is complete with his Gryffindor uniform and his faulty wand, including the piece of duct tape.

Functionality: This product is versatile, as it can be functional as a collectible figure of the saga but it is also possible to use the item as a toy for young children.

Educational value: The educational value of this figure is to promote imaginative play, encouraging children to assume different roles and use their creativity. Also, it could make the little ones interested in reading the books.

Maintenance: It is not necessary to give it a specific maintenance to keep the figure in good condition; just using a cloth to remove dust is enough.

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5. Pop! Movies Bobblehead Harry Potter Quidditch 5902

Precautions: It is not recommended that children under 3 years of age use this product, as it may bring small parts.

Main features: The scar, the glasses, the broom and the snitch are the accessories that detail this beautiful figure of Harry Potter and make it one of the most complete on the market. This version of the product shows the wizard in his red Quidditch uniform ready to take flight and win the match. As for technical details, the figure is made of vinyl and measures 10 centimeters, a little more than the usual dimensions. On the other hand, the box in which the product is packed has plastic windows to see it from the outside, and also shows images next to its name.

Functionality: This product works equally well as a toy or as a collector’s item. Therefore, it is a versatile article that adapts to the age of the person who wishes to use the figure.

Educational value: When playing, children can develop their creativity and imagination with this product. In addition, they will learn new concepts and words related to the world of the book and the objects present with the figure.

Maintenance: To keep the item in good condition, it is only necessary to dust the product from time to time.

New Edition: This purchase can be a good Christmas gift for those who already have a Harry Potter figure and want the Quidditch edition, to collect various models of this great wizard.

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6. Funko Pop Vinyl Harry Potter S5 Hedwig 35510

Cautions: Children 3 years and older can use this figure. On the other hand, it is not recommended that the little ones play with it due to the risk of suffocation.

Main features: Pets are very important and Hedwig was the best friend of the great wizard Harry Potter, for that reason, a true fan will find this online offer very difficult to refuse. The box with windows comes with images of the owl and its name, while inside is the figure with dimensions of 6.4 x 6.4 x 9.5 cm and a weight of approximately 104 grams. This model is made of vinyl to be sturdy and has lots of details like shadows on the wings to give it a better look. For its part, the black of the eyes, beak and hooves stands out beautifully against the white of the body.

Functionality: This product has been manufactured with the idea of ​​serving as a new collection figure, however, the little ones can also use Hedwig as a toy that accompanies the wizard Harry Potter. In addition, it is possible to have it as a decorative object somewhere in the home or at work.

Educational value: Children who play with this figure can more easily develop cognitive skills such as imagination, creativity and ingenuity. In addition to that, it will also be possible to learn about these animals and have more knowledge about new concepts regarding them and the world of Harry Potter.

Maintenance: If it is used as a toy, in addition to dusting it from time to time, it is necessary to have clean hands when playing with it. This product is completely white, therefore it can get dirty very easily.

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7. Funko Pop Albus Dumbledore Vinyl Figure 5863

Precautions: Manufacturers do not recommend that children under 3 years of age use this product, as there is a risk of suffocation.

Key Features: 2022 could be a year of magical gifts for Harry Potter fans who appreciate the wisdom of seasoned wizards. In this case, this box with transparent windows will allow you to visualize the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, in great detail. The figure, which stands approximately 9 centimeters tall, is made of 100% vinyl and shows the important figure dressed in his burgundy cape and a matching hat marked with gold stars. In addition to that, among the details are his glasses and his long white beard; the latter with undulation marks to give greater realism. 

Functionality: This eye-catching vinyl figure is an ideal product for people who want to have a collector’s item in their homes about the famous saga, however, it can also serve as a toy for the smallest fans.

Educational value: When used as a toy, children will have the opportunity to use their imagination and maximize their creativity as they assume the role of the headmaster of Hogwarts. In turn, this will open their minds to new concepts and, by playing in a group, they will also be able to practice their language skills.

Maintenance: To keep the figure in good condition, you only need to clean it from time to time with a cloth to remove dust. You should do the same with the box.

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8. Funko Pop Vinyl Harry Potter S5 Dobby 35512

Precautions: It is not recommended that children under 3 years of age use this product.

Main features: Dobby, the house elf who helped the most famous trio of friends at Hogwarts, is one of the most interesting characters in the saga and also deserves to be on your shelf. This figure with dimensions of 6.4 x 6.4 x 9.5 cm and weighing less than 100 grams is made of vinyl; It also comes in a white box with transparent windows that shows images of Dobby next to his name. As for his design, the elf is shown with the iconic robe that accompanied him during all the movies while one of his hands makes the magical snap of him. The highlights of this figure are Dobby’s large ears and black eyes that stand out against the pale skin.

Functionality: This small figure is suitable for two activities. The first one is to be a collector’s item to keep in your home, while the second is to function as a toy for younger children.

Educational value: Playing with figures is a healthy and easy way to develop cognitive skills such as creativity, ingenuity and imagination. In addition to that, if you play in a group, communication will also improve quickly and easily.

Maintenance: To keep this product in good condition, you only need to dust frequently. In addition to that, it is recommended to keep it in a cool and dry place so that the box does not deteriorate.

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9. Funko Pop Vinyl Figure Professor Sybill Trelawney 42192

Precautions: It is not recommended that this figure be used by very young children, only by those over 3 years of age.

Main features: Although this character is not the best known in the saga, one of the most detailed vinyl figures in the entire Harry Potter collection is that of Professor Sybill Trelawney. Big fans will enjoy admiring every little aspect that characterizes this teacher, totally out of the ordinary; the colorful headband on her forehead complements her tousled curly blonde hair, silver jewelery adorns her neck and fingers, while her hand holds a crystal ball ready to predict the future of whoever asks, plus her famous glasses.

The dimensions of the vinyl figure are 6.4 x 6.4 x 9.5 cm and it weighs approximately 113 grams. In addition to that, this product could be considered cheap, since it has an affordable price so that more fans can buy it and complete the collection.

Functionality: This product has been manufactured to function as a collector’s item, however, it can also be used as a toy for children who wish to have fun with it.

Educational value: By playing with this vinyl figure, the little ones will be able to develop and improve skills such as imagination and creativity. Also, their curiosity about these characters will be piqued and this might encourage them to read the books; learning new concepts and words as you do so.

Maintenance: Just by passing a dry cloth from time to time and keeping the box in a dry place you can keep the product in good condition.

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10. Funko Pop Vinyl Figure Minerva McGonagall 42830

Precautions: Funko does not recommend the use of this product for children under 3 years of age, as there is a risk of suffocation thanks to the small parts it could have.

Main Characteristics: Hogwarts, apart from having many enemies, is also full of very wise and powerful wizards. That is the case of Minerva McGonagall, the sorceress who could transform into a cat. This Funko Pop model shows the renowned magician in her iconic green and black outfit, including the pointed hat with feathers that characterized her in the movies. In terms of dimensions, the figure measures 9 centimeters and weighs approximately 136 grams. Lastly, this vinyl product comes packaged in a white box that displays images of the teacher, next to her name.

Functionality: This figure can be used as a decorative item for any home, if desired, but will also serve as a toy for younger children. The use depends on the owner, but the important thing is that, in both ways, it will be fully functional.

Educational value: Playing with this figure, as if it were a doll, children can have fun while improving their imaginative and creative capacity. Along with this, they will also be able to familiarize themselves with new concepts and, by playing in a group, they will develop their language skills more quickly.

Maintenance: To keep this product in good condition, you only need to wipe it with a dry cloth to remove dust, and you must do the same with the box. Also, keep the box away from damp places to avoid deterioration.

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