FunPark Diversion with large-scale playmobil

Taking the children to an amusement park is an activity that cannot be missing from the vacation itinerary of some families, but a new generation of children demands creative, educational spaces away from the noisy roller coasters. For this reason, Playmobil has designed a new entertainment experience in its FunPark theme parks.

Playmobil toys already have more than 45 years of history, that is, they have brought fun to several generations from an early age, especially today with its Playmobil 123 line, designed for the smallest of the family, since the figures have shapes rounded, bright colors and a manageable size for easy grip.

In this way, Playmobil figures and their different scenarios are present in many families, to recreate stories, make role plays and keep children’s creativity at its best. So, if yours is one of these families, you can’t miss the novelty of the Playmobil theme parks: the FunPark franchise.

A very different amusement park

Perhaps one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of an amusement park are roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and many mechanical attractions that surely cause nausea and dizziness in the most sensitive people. 

But, for fans of Playmobil toys, the FunPark amusement park has a totally different concept, as it consists of huge game rooms that represent the most classic scenarios of the German brand’s sets, all life-size, and in which children can feel like one more figure within the play space.

In these parks, parents will be able to get involved with their children in the different scenarios, and feel like a character in the story, where the creativity of the little ones will be the script to follow. 

One of the advantages of Playmobil theme parks is that there are no endless queues to use the attractions, since each family adapts its game to the space without waiting for another group of people to leave the room.

Likewise, in the different rooms all the Playmobil sets are within the reach of children, so that they can play for hours with the small figures, if they prefer.

In total, there are 4 FunParks distributed in different European countries and here we will tell you a little about each one of them, so that you can decide with your family if you want to include any of these in your next vacation destination. 

Germany: the Playmobil headquarters and the most emblematic FunPark

The city where the traditional Playmobil toys were born is Nuremberg in Germany, and only 15 km away is the town of Zirndorf, where the most representative FunPark of this brand was inaugurated in 1991.

There are almost 30 years of exhibitions, 90 thousand m 2 of surface and different attractions in which children can explore and have fun to the fullest. One of the most popular is the pirate ship, where the little ones can climb and imagine that they are sailing towards great adventures.

They will also be able to participate in the farm of domestic animals or go to the Wild West area to play at being cowboys, visit Noah’s Ark or the Tree House, all the scenarios on a real scale and that will surprise children and adults to play. with the eternal clicks, but in a giant version and outdoors. 

In case the day is rainy or very hot, there is also a covered space with hundreds of boxes and Playmobil toys, so that children can play with sets different from those they have at home. With this activity they will also be able to develop their social skills, because they will meet other children and they will be able to entertain themselves for a long time.

Fun and learning with Playmobil in France

A few kilometers from Paris there is a gigantic game room with 12 themed areas, where children’s fun is guaranteed because they can participate in the most colorful scenarios with firefighters, pirates, princesses and knights. 

In this FunPark, babies from 18 to 36 months also have their space to play, since there is an area with the best Playmobil 123 of 2022 (you can find some purchase options here), designed to offer greater safety with the figures of this line., which undoubtedly translates into peace of mind for parents who have children of different ages. So, if France is your next destination, you can’t help but consider going to this Playmobil theme park, because during the visit different animations and educational activities are carried out to involve children and adults.

Throughout the different attractions, the park’s mascot, Rico, accompanies the children in the dynamic activities in which they must dance, play games and have fun dances. 

Playmobil in Athens

In Greece, Playmobil also opened a FunPark in the city of Athens, where children from 1 to 10 years old can act out their favorite stories with the big stages and participate with their parents.

The most classic sets are found in this space, so children will not miss the opportunity to visit the farm or the pirate ship. In addition, parents can stop by the store and buy cute souvenirs for the family or purchase the latest Playmobil sets to bring more fun home.

A tour of the factory in Malta

To differentiate itself from the other FunPark theme parks and take advantage of the factory facilities, in Malta a guided tour is offered so that children over 5 years of age and their guardians can learn about the process of designing, manufacturing and assembling their favorite toys. This walk lasts 45 minutes and children will be able to see up close the second largest Playmobil factory in the world, and learn how all the figures with their accessories are made.

In this park, the most popular toys and scenarios of the brand are also found on a real scale, so that children give free rein to their imagination, representing the most entertaining stories and becoming the protagonists.

Online and affordable tickets

Visiting these parks is an economical alternative that is worth considering for all the fun it offers to children and fans of Playmobil toys. The value of the tickets may vary from one country to another, but they are affordable prices, which will not represent a large outlay of money. 

To purchase tickets you can go directly to the site if you plan to visit the German headquarters, and for other destinations you can check with your travel agency or buy them directly at the park ticket offices.

Remember to put sun protection on the children, a hat, plenty of water to stay hydrated and have a great time with your children in each attraction of the giant Playmobil sets.

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