Games for children of 3 years

The afternoons of the little ones can become so boring that they simply pass while they watch TV or use the video game console. But, they do not always have to be monotonous, because with a good dose of imagination, humor and some materials that we have available, the best games for children can be created at home.

From the age of 3, children begin to develop their imagination and fantasy. Hence, they seek to imitate everything they observe, so they learn new skills by copying the behavior of other older children and even adults. That is why, as parents, we must take advantage of this opportunity to support and care for our children while they acquire new experiences.

A clinical report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics points out the importance of children playing with their parents and other children, as it is an alternative that helps in the formation of the brain, the body and fostering prosperous interpersonal relationships. This research even affirms that the game invites to improve the capacities of organization, planning and regulation of emotions, in addition to strengthening mathematical skills, language and helping to cope with stress.

You don’t have to consider the most expensive plans or spend your money on amusement parks, luxurious parties or looking for entertainers to ensure that your little ones have fun and develop their cognitive, emotional or motor skills. Simply take advantage of board games, paintings or other materials available at home and even your own body to dance, run, jump and enjoy some time out of the ordinary.


Role playing games

Despite the fact that little ones are usually surrounded by innumerable toys, it is necessary to resort to certain activities for children that motivate them and encourage their long stay at home. Role-playing games are not only an excellent alternative to stimulate imagination and creativity, but while they dress up as doctors, police officers, firefighters, ship captains and others, they begin to discover the professions that the world offers. To achieve a certain wardrobe it is not necessary that you have costumes available in online stores and shopping malls, you could well reuse and recycle any material available at home to create a fun wardrobe together with the little ones.

treasure hunt

When looking for games for three-year-olds, the classic treasure hunt could not be missing, which basically consists of hiding an object and helping the little ones with some clues or tips so that they can find it. When dealing with such young children, it is best to prepare the dynamics inside the house or in some outdoor space, which allows them to be monitored at all times. To plan the activity you could create a story that reflects a pirate treasure, a king or fairies, as it serves as a stimulus and invites them to use their imagination. Even prepare a map and some mysterious clues depending on the theme, so that the game is complete and several children can play.


obstacle course

Contact with nature is a fundamental factor for the development of children. Despite the fact that they live in urban environments, it is appropriate that they foster this link, in order to promote their comprehensive development, exploration and experimentation capacity. For this reason, look for them to practice outdoor sports such as soccer, basketball or paddle tennis, but if you do not have the financial availability to find a coach and get good balls, just look for the best price-quality paddle tennis racketand other sports implements you can plan simple dynamics for children, such as circuits with obstacles. Challenge your little one to stretch their legs a bit while overcoming an amazing obstacle course; in which you can use natural elements such as stones, sand, tree trunks and others. Thanks to these activities, children manage to exercise their attention span, eye-hand coordination and concentration.

identify emotions

The games motivate children to discover their surroundings, but they also invite them to recognize themselves. Emotions are part of your personality and, therefore, it is essential to identify, manage and express them; And what better way than to do it while having fun. To achieve this, there are many alternatives, for example, ask the little ones to guess what the characters of their favorite cartoons feel or create some cards with faces that show joy, anger, sadness, amazement, among others. Another practical alternative is to take advantage of a mirror, stage an emotion with the child and draw it.



As they are young children, the ideal is to practice with simple puzzles and increase the difficulty with more numbers of pieces as they become more skilled. However, with the constant practice of these games, the development of their hand-eye coordination, frustration tolerance and strategic thinking abilities will be quickly fostered. Therefore, if the birthday or any special occasion is approaching in which the host is your little one, look for gifts for children of 3 years that invite them to start in the fascinating world of puzzles. Not surprisingly, there are innumerable alternatives in the market in wood or cardboard, with bright colors and in different sizes.

Little ones are always full of energy and curiosity, and they love to discover new things. Hence, when looking for toys for 3-year-olds, don’t go for an expensive or attractive game just for a moment, consider its practicality to be used in various spaces, whether at home, in the pool, in the park, etc. among others, and that it is also not only for individual enjoyment but also collective.

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